Micro Trap – RoxyRica Caps with 500 T Troops

Micro trap game of war health trap

A strange new phenomenon, “micro trap”, has created a buzz around the Game of War community.

500 T troops and stops solo’s in their tracks. Yes, that trillion.  It seems so small now doesn’t it? I believe I have over 100 KTT troops which is 1,000 x 1,000,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000,000. Its just an insane number.  A moment ago I was training troops and counted 29 zeroes out each time. Soon, we will need more room in the training field to fit in all the zeroes to train.

However, one player, RoxyRica is going the opposite direction.  She’s shrinking her army down.

Micro Trap RoxyRica Game of War

Building the Micro Trap

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As you shed players lower tiers they continue to gain stats as you unravel them, making them tougher to kill.  She’s taken this to the extreme and started with the best troops in game. Come and get some! She would like to thank (N Q ) Emaaaad for giving her the advice of dumping all her troops and going with just the good ones.

Be extra careful with low tier troops. I equate them to young, inexperienced soldiers guarding the gate while the gladiators are away in the pubs enjoying themselves.  Meanwhile, outlander gladiators come raid your stronghold, wiping out the boys with no issue until they meet your own gladiators.

This new theory is, remove the boys from the gate and place the gladiators or T14 there to greet them first and foremost.

Its a breathe of fresh air to finally get some new or at least classic strategy again in Game of War. Kudos to (N Q) for rediscovering this tactic.  As more content is dropped, keep a close eye on what stats are being thrown out at us. This will give rise to new ways of thinking about the game.  ENJOY!

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