Missile Attack Strategy

missile attack strategy

How does a 375k troop march defeat 2.375M?  Missile Attack Strategy that’s how!

Missile Attack strategy
Missile Attack strategy

What is Missile Attack Strategy?

When I first wrote about Missile Attack Strategy in January 2015, the above screen shot was considered epic!  Now pretty much everyone knows what Missile Attack Strategy means.  It is to maximize the stats of one troop type or “missile” and fire it at your enemies for devastating results.  With core crafting it has never been easier to create gear that can boost a single troop type’s Attack and Defense Debuff.  See Crafting Core Equipment Part 1.  Well Internet and Game of War…You’re Welcome!

Just how much boost is possible with the “missile”?

Missile Attack Infantry
Missile Attack Infantry

Yes, that is nearly 1400% infantry boost!  An additional 450% Attack boost and nearly 1000% troop health.

Wow, we’ve come along way since January 2015!  A Zeus Infantry Missile is more than 4,000% Attack boost now!  A Missile Attack Rally using Zeus has zeroed 80 billion players.

My alliance quickly started production on our missiles after noticing the results of this trend.  Here is an example of our own infantry missile:

Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile Circa January 2015

You don’t have to be the Emperor to craft similar missiles.

Zeus Missile Attack Strategy
Zeus Missile Attack Rally

In this Zeus stats page, notice how high the Infantry Attack is.  Since discovering Missile Attack Strategy in January 2015 mostly by XxKuranxX who is now retired, Game of War has released Secret Core Recipes that function in similar ways.  Each time Machine Zone (Mz), developers of Game of War, releases a new Core set it usually either for Wonder fights or a Missile Attack Rally set of some troop type!  Here we obviously have an Infantry Missile Attack Rally Core Set.

Now add this Infantry attack to Troop Attack of the set and you get quite an impressive punch!

Missile Attack Strategy
Zeus Missile Attack Rally Troop Attack

Combining the two, Infantry Attack % and Troop Attack % we have a combined Attack of 4200%!  Incredible power! Zeus, the Almighty Smiter!  Now, this is just part of the story!  What? There’s more?!  Yes!  Since, May 2015, Mz has introduced Debuffs, specifically Defense Debuffs.

What are Defense Debuffs?

Furthermore, defense Debuffs work to reduce the defense of the enemy army.  Also, by lowering the defense of the opposing army you effectively increase the amount of damage or Troop Attack percentage done to that stronghold or army.  Lets take a look at Zeus for example.

Zeus Stat3
Zeus Defense Debuff

Incredible!  1300% Defense Debuff.  This will require the enemy stronghold to have high defense or get completely obliterated by a Zeus Rally Attack!  So what kind of gems are we talking about here?

Zeus Acc
Zeus Gems

In this example it appears (MGd) InZane has chosen:

Pot-of-Gold, Voyagers, Gem of Power, and Heartbreakers.

Zeus Set
Zeus in Presets

Have you had great success using the “Missile Attack Strategy”?

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20 thoughts on “Missile Attack Strategy”

  1. Kingdom 104 was led by dRs and no one was safe any day of the week. B|T took them down and allowed peace in between all KE and KVK KE.

    @WD and their very deep pockets and need for control of the kingdom their way or no way has taken away the peace and is now at Battle with BT.

    The fighting in between the events kept a lot of players from quitting as FarmVille was a bit too much. As of the time I write this the last KE was Dec 27th. The weekly KE events were much better as this is a Game of War.

    1. This may be a tactic being used by MZ. Starve us of kill events so we fight each other. K94 hasn’t had a kill event for about the same amount of time but we have our kingdom enemies to fight. There is really just one alliance that we fight as they burn everyone else. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Could you please post the full battle report of troops sent for the missile attack strategy? Did you send all st4 infantry and st3 infantry meat?

  3. When crafting do you use attack & defence pieces for the same troop type or do you use range attack combined with cav defence as this is the troop ranged is weak against?

    1. Excellent question. If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting to use a ranged missile core with cavalry defense as ranged is weak against cavalry. However, cavalry defense stat provides defense to your cavalry and if using all ranged in the March that stat is worthless. However, cavalry defense debuff would be useful as that decreases cavalry defense. Cavalry Attack Debuff or Troop Attack Debuff in general would be helpful also. Also note that the rock, paper, scissors battle mechanics is extremely difficult to overcome and should be given deference. This means a full ranged core March will NOT do well versus an equal troop number of cavalry wearing only moderately good gear. Troop type is boss in Game of War. Our missiles are mainly used to burn strongholds that have all 3 troop types. The cores allow one to kill more troops than lose causing the stronghold to burn. However, using cores in a wonder battle is becoming more difficult as opponents discover what type they are made for and counter quickly with the appropriate troop type. I’ve wandered away from your initial question but I hope I was helpful. Thanks for your question!

  4. I have a theory to discuss outside of comments. As I’m still learning how the troop mechanics work, I was hoping that I might pick your brain. Sorry for being vague but would rather keep some tactics a secret if possible.

    Thx in advance!

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