More Anvil Fun!

Game of War needs a spiritual core, or Altar reboot.

Another kvk kill event over the weekend and once again I caught some big fish with my sh 14.


I nearly won this battle against tier 4. Had I a few thousand more troops or a bit better gear I think I could have pulled it off.

Here is the breakdown:


In the end I won the event!


I’ll be pushing troop count, rebuilding a few thousand traps, and crafting better gear for the next kill event.

Author: Darkthorne

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15 thoughts on “More Anvil Fun!”

  1. So can you provide more detail on your SH14? How is it setup? How does it work? You’re reinforcing the SH14 with your main account? Or just building t2?

    1. I’ve done both. At times I’ll load up the embassy with T4 troops from my main. In which case I can get be hit multiple times without the need to shield and heal troops. Most of the time, however, I take the hit with only T2. If it’s a full 375k T4 march I must shield after first hit and heal. Anything less than that and I can take numerous hits. I use mostly strategic T2, full traps, hero skilled to defense, see “defense hero skill” post, and I’m working on crafting better gear now. It’s a load of fun and challenging!

      1. Thank you! I have a SH12 farm that I will convert to this setup. My main account is only SH18 33 million power, so no t4.

        1. You can set the sh 18 to a t3 anvil as well. With that power level you may still get some wild Cowboys solo march you. With the proper hero skills, traps, gems and gear the march would suffer devastating losses.

          1. Hate to be a pest, but any suggestion for gear or what type of gear to look for? Might as well ask about gems too?!

          2. The stats you want are troop health, troop defense, and trap attack. Until your hero is at a respectable level I wouldn’t worry much about gear. Save your mats. A respectable level is 40. Medusa Head

          3. I think I need 3.2 million, got greedy :). Read your latest post and I think I need to adjust some hero points.

  2. Hi. Is frustating to see that MZ wants to nerf our t1/t2. What does this mean? Our millions of t1 will hide when they see t3/t4 coming. This is was just game mechanics to kill t4 with millions of t1 and we did spent money to build our armies. Why Mz treats this strategy as a cheat against the not so smart t4 only players.

    1. I agree. If a player spends the time to create a vast army to defend against a superior army why punish them. Unfortunately, the answer is probably and usually about money. They want players to continue to SH 21 and force them to train expensive T4 which take much more time and resources.

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