My LOVE/HATE relationship with GOW

Hey everyone! Yes! I’m talking to you directly.

For those of you that care, I’d like to tell you about my love-hate relationship with GOW. I am a VERY positive person, looking for the good side of things, no matter how horrific. Much like the TV show M*A*S*H, I try to find comedy or levity in the darkest of times, to try to get through the uncomfortable feelings of something bad happening. It’s gotten me in trouble at times, but for the most part, it’s been a source of my strength in dealing with some very stressful things in my or friends or loved ones lives.

With that being said, I’m going to list some of my least favorite parts about GOW, and how it’s REALLY a positive thing, not a negative. Have fun reading!

1) Tapping RSS Tiles. Most people think this is a stupid thing. Give us a slider bar, give us a “use 10” button, give us a way to use X tiles, like adding troops to the academy. Why is this a positive? Look at how many you have now? Need some RSS, you HAVE it. Sure, it might take a few hours to tap through, but you HAVE it. Another positive is that it is a real shot in the arm for the underage labor industry. Paying my kids per click has saved me time, made them money, keeps them off the streets, etc. So, MZ, THANK YOU.

2) Limited number of friends. Yes, It’s a bother to have to delete one friend to add a new one. But why is this a positive? Because it forces you to go through your friends list and purge a bit. When my family moved into our current house, we had tons of boxes packed and in the garage, just sitting there. I was looking for the rack for my pool table, and couldn’t find it. I went through boxes labeled as “Kitchen” but had like 3 forks, some curtains, some bathroom stuff, and some random pieces of scrap metal in them. So one weekend, I was determined to find the rack. I went through every single box. Threw out TONS of stuff the moving company had packed, but we didn’t need. (They packed the bathroom and kitchen garbages, WITH the garbage still inside, wrapped the can up in blankets to keep them safe……but I digress.) SO I’m going through every box, come to a box with a bunch of picture frames in it, each one wrapped in brown paper. I bring it in the living room to go through later. I finish every single box. Putting things away, throwing things out. Feeling completely satisfied that i did it, but still feeling incomplete that I was somehow missing a box somewhere. I get out my picture hanging stuff, and go to unwrap the pictures to put them on the wall, sure enough, the very last one, I unwrap, and the rack was wrapped in with the picture……I had to go through it all to get the one thing I was looking for. So MZ, Thank you for making sure I purge my friends list every so often, keeping only my most important friends actively able to see when I’m on line.

3) Gift pack bonuses. For those of you that purchase packs, and get a gift level bonus, I find it really odd that you still get hero XP at higher levels. Someone recently told me they got their level 48 level gift bonus, and it included something like 50K Hero XP. Did MZ simply not expect people to get that high and set these gifts so long ago it was basically never expected to happen? I don’t know. Why is this a positive? Because if they ever release Hero levels 51-55 (Like the VIP Prestige), we’re ahead of the game! We have XP already to use! Maybe we can use that XP toward the eventual City Wombat! So THANKS MZ for making us hope they’ll be used some day!

4) The SWAP issues with the Cores and Pieces. Ok, I’ll be honest here, I have no positive spin on this. I think it’s stupid, and useless, and a huge chore to have to combine, then swap out, then combine, then swap out, a dozens of times, just to make a core item that we’re going to speed up with gold or speedups we got by purchasing packs, or bought with gold, or got from doing infernos we won because we used RSS we bought for gold or spent huge amounts of time on our farms to get……..I can’t thank MZ for this one…..nope….sorry.

5) The fact we need to be in the same alliance to gift or to trade RSS. Frankly, I’ve heard lots of grumbling about this since the City came out. If we want to add RSS to the city, but we keep our RSS in our farm, we have to bring the farm into the main, transfer, then drop it again. The amount of time we spend on this game tapping RSS or developing Farms, or purging our friends list, etc, should be enough, I understand. Why is this good? Because it makes sure that strangers can’t donate RSS to your city, or gift you things, or worse, give you lots of RSS. They HAVE to be in your alliance before you can do that. So……wait……Yeah, oh well, talked myself out of supporting this one too….

6) The GOW Mail system. 2 problems here I have. A) If you get a PM on one device, and you switch devices, it’s not on the other device. Sometimes I get responses to messages I can’t remember I sent. Worse, I recently had someone send me a message while I was logged in on a device I rarely use, so I didn’t see his message for a week. B) You can’t copy/Paste from the regular mail, and can’t see the message you sent that your mailer is replying to. If the mail I get is a response from a few days ago, I have no idea what you mean when you reply “Yes, Absolutely!” lol….Why is this good? It’s teaching us to multi task, run more devices and check them all frequently on all accounts, to be able to search back in our own memory to what the mail was referencing. It’s helping us to get better memories! My wife will be very please that now, I MIGHT remember to do that thing she wanted me to do, but since I was typing this novella, I’ve forgotten already. Well, had she been sending me a GOW message, now, thanks to MZ, I MIGHT be better trained to remember what she wanted.

7) Internet Muscles. In a recent KVK KE, I captured a hero from a 200 Mil player. a few hours later, I got some profanity laced, WAY over the line mails. I’m not one to worry about that garbage, but this guy was so far over the line, I actually used my “BLOCK” feature for the first time, and mailed MZ about him. People who hide behind the computer screen and become idiots, bullies, foul mouthed jerks, very frustrating to me. I said in my first blog I tend not to curse very much, and I’m big on respect. (Same event, someone mailed me and asked if I’d seen his hero. I said “Check your pockets” He replied “I checked there, found a hero, but not the right one” Made me laugh. I replied telling him I was killing his hero, but thanks for being cool about it. He politely thanked me for being straight with him. Thanks a good guy.) This is a game. It’s fun. Yes, I understand you invest a lot of time, effort and money into it, and you feel invested. You attack things and kill troops, you feel big and important. But please, Stay classy. Why is this a good thing? Because I found out how to use the BLOCK feature. I never knew how to do that before.

8) The lack of KE. Yeah, it’s a war game. yeah, people want to PLAY that war game. People want to attack each other. But with the very rare KVK KE, and non existent in kingdom KE, people start wars over stupid things, and it’s a waste. Sure the “No killing in kingdom, build for KVK KE” theory is a popular one, but then it’s weeks of farming without anything more fun to do. The “It’s a war game, we’ll attack who we want” is also valid, and fair, but still, counter productive for how the game has gone. (I mean the fact that huge SH can’t be attacked easily due to sheer numbers and the small size of a rally in comparison, among other things, I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.) Why is the lack of a KE good? Because non-stop war is about as tiring as it gets. It’s fun to gear up for a weekend KE, but non stop, not a good thing. It would be nice to have them more often, but till that happens, I get to have fun watching the latest episode of “How Dahae Turns”…the drama caused by some is comical and entertaining, and sometimes just sad and pathetic, but I enjoy reading it all. I learn something new all the time!

That’s all I have for now. Unfortunately, I probably had another half dozen ideas for this list, but thanks to my lack of a great memory outside of GOW Mail, I don’t remember them.

Thanks for reading this far, hope you enjoyed.
#94, Dahae
MGd, Mad Guardians of Dahae

p.s. Addendum! I JUST executed that guys hero from item #7 above…..made me happy, then a friend in the alliance asked me if I renamed his hero……no…never even thought of that……sad again…..

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14 thoughts on “My LOVE/HATE relationship with GOW”

    1. Me too. After the fact. I feel like I missed a great opportunity. Perhaps I’ll do a post about the best hero names in the game. I’m pretty sure my “leg humper” is in the top 50 somewhere. Lol.

  1. I think you might have stretched some of the positive notes, but good write-up!

    I really thing the SH chest should be upgraded, I recently got my lvl 17 chest and it contained A sacrificial dagger. Yup, just one.

    As far as the report/block function goes – I actually have a problem with it, we have a person with three accounts who has created very offensive usernames. I mailed MZ about this issue and I was ‘assured’ it would be handled, however the names are still there.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share a positive spin on some annoyances Harry! Number 6 is the most annoying to me. And don’t you just love the endless collection of Shackles, Daggers and Books that you have, and continue to get, now that you don’t need them? It’s possible an update could come making the new max SH22, or higher, then we’d be set. As for number 8, having played in a game in which you could be attacked 24/7 with no ability to throw up a shield instantly, and having warred intensely for 5 weeks at a time nonstop, I am grateful for the in between. Perhaps every two weeks would make everyone happier but anything more frequent would certainly become daunting and begin to diminish all around enjoyment. We’ve got troops to rebuild and core mats to replace after each kvk and that takes time (for some less than others!). And yes, it’s a game and games are meant to be fun, but to win wars you need strategy and there’s no strategy in burning everything in sight. You don’t see the USA warring within itself as an example. The tide is changing, we can all be positive on that.

    1. I completely agree ino! too often ke would be tiresome. Not enough (like now) can be boring. An in house ke perhaps when others are having kvk ke for a tournament might be a nice option?

    1. WOO HOO! A Follower! My group of followers is growing! Soon, I’ll be powerful enough to………get more followers!? lol…I do appreciate the read. Stay tuned for my next blog coming soon!

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