Nerf Cheat Sheet

Nerf Cheat Sheet
Game of War Nerf Cheat Sheet

Machine Zone nerfed lower tiered troops after receiving many E-mails about players hording massive numbers of Tier 1 and Tier 2 in their strongholds.  The nerf rocked the Game of War Fire Age community.  However, after many testing samples a group was able to derive a nerf cheat sheet for cheating the nerf perfectly.

Nerf Cheat Sheet

  1. A player may only hold Tier 2 troops equal to 12.5 times their Tier 4. Example: 1 Million Tier 4, 12.5 Million Tier 2.
  2. The nerfed power ratio between (T3 : T1 is anything below .14)
  3. Also, you can’t train more than 5 Million T2 if you do not have T3 unlocked.  If you have T3 unlocked but not T4 unlocked, the ratio of T2:T3 may be 4:1
  4. If you have zero T3 or T4, you can have a maximum of 14,999,999 Tier 1 troops, and 4,999,999 Tier 2 troops. Traps count for purposes of this number.
  5. The first time the T1 nerf change happens is at 15,000,000 T3 Troops, adding this will allow you to have 24,999,999 T1 troops without a nerf.
  6. If you only have T2/T3 troops, you can have a ratio of 6.9 T2 troops for every 1 T3 troop. For example: 69m t2 : 10m T3 troops.
  7. If you have  T2 and T3/T4, you can have each nerf ratio added together, 12.525 T2 for every 1 T4 and 6.99 T2 for every T3.
  8. If you only have T2 and T4 troops, you can have a ratio of 12.525 T2 troops for every 1 T4 troop. For example: 125 T2 troops, and 10 T4 troops.

By following the above guide your lower tiered troops will not suffer a penalty and be easily killed by your enemies. A nerf is simply a penalty to troops over the above guidelines.  So, looking at number 1, you may have T2 equal to 12.5 times the number of T4 troops you have.  So, if you have 1 M Tier 4 troops but 13 M Tier 2 a portion of those Tier 2 troops, or roughly 750,000 will be nerfed, or suffer a penalty to theirs stats causing them to be killed easily the next time you are hit.  Therefore, you must train more Tier 4 or dismiss those 750,000 Tier 2.  Also, you could train some Tier 3 to help increase your Tier 2 nerf limit as guideline 7 mentions.

Update 6/7/2016 New Nerf Theory

According to some recent testing a new nerf limit may exist that is slightly higher than previously believed:


T2/T4 Ratio 13:1

T2/T3 Ratio 7:1

T1/T3 Ratio 1.75:1

T1/T4 Ratio 3.25:1

T1 and T2 traps must be included in total troops counts.

More tests will be done to verify the above.  Most people I talk to are sticking to the original verified nerf limits.  If you have verified the new nerf information please share the result with us!

I hope you found this nerf cheat sheet helpful!  Good luck in Game of War!


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