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Game of War Nerf

Game of War Nerf

Lower Tier troops were previously nerfed which had a significant impact on Game of War Fire Age.  Recently, a Machine Zone customer service E-mail circulated social networks mentioning yet another Game of War Nerf.  It claimed “a handful of players [were] holding a massive number of lower tier troops to protect their city.”

According to MZ, this was not their intended purpose.

Furthermore, they would nerf these lower tiers to maintain the integrity of the higher tiered troops.

New Game of War Nerf
Game of War Nerf Again!?

Are They for Real?!

Not exactly.  A second E-mail later surfaced from Machine Zone denying the new Game of War Nerf and explained that the first E-mail is likely from the original nerf to lower-tiered troops on March 10 of that year.  Hmm.

game of war nerf

Here is Mz’s response:

game of war nerfThanks to K106 (ODU) THE Ponzi for clearing this up for our readers!

So, What is MZ Talking About?

A nerf?  Well, basically, Machine Zone noticed many players were not pushing research, which costs thousands of dollars to complete.  Instead, they chose to mass produce lower-tier troops to defend their city.  The overwhelming number of troops in their stronghold would destroy any rally or march that hit them.  It was a viable play style for many who didn’t have the desire to max their troop research or build the big three buildings to unlock Tier 4.

What Was the First Nerf?

The first nerf to Game of War worked as followed:

  1. A player may only hold Tier 2 troops equal to 12.5 times their Tier 4. Example: 1 Million Tier 4, 12.5 Million Tier 2.
  2. The nerfed power ratio between (T3 : T1 is anything below .14)
  3. Also, you can’t train more than 5 Million T2 if you do not have T3 unlocked.  If you have T3 unlocked but not T4 unlocked, the ratio of T2:T3 may be 4:1
  4. If you have zero T3 or T4, you can have a maximum of 14,999,999 Tier 1 troops, and 4,999,999 Tier 2 troops. Traps count for purposes of this number.
  5. The first time the T1 nerf change happens is at 15,000,000 T3 Troops, adding this will allow you to have 24,999,999 T1 troops without a nerf.
  6. If you only have T2/T3 troops, you can have a ratio of 6.9 T2 troops for every 1 T3 troop. For example: 69m t2 : 10m T3 troops.
  7. If you have  T2 and T3/T4, you can have each nerf ratio added together, 12.525 T2 for every 1 T4 and 6.99 T2 for every T3.
  8. If you only have T2 and T4 troops, you can have a ratio of 12.525 T2 troops for every 1 T4 troop. For example: 125 T2 troops, and 10 T4 troops.

So What Does the Nerf Do?

Well, it greatly reduces the defense and/or health of your troops making them extremely weak.  If your numbers are beyond the limits of the Nerf then expect those troops to all die when a rally or hard solo march hits them.

What Would a New Game of War Nerf Look Like?

I can only speculate as to what a new Nerf would be.  Speculation and predictive practices is a key element to maintaining an edge in Game of War.  However, if you find you were wrong, quickly adapt.

So, lets think about what the goal of Machine Zone was in the first Nerf?  As stated previous, the nerf was to prevent players from stopping their research at lower-tier troops and reward players who have finished researching higher tier troops.

Look at our current nerf rules.  If a player has unlocked T4 they can train 12.5:1 of T2.  I bet they would greatly reduce this to 6:1.

Next, T1 will be all but useless except to gather.

You can’t train more than 5 million T2 if you don’t have T3 unlocked.

This won’t change in my opinion.  A player with only T2 versus current cores won’t last long to a solo march.  The troop count is already below Machine Zones target area for a new nerf in my opinion.

If you have T3 unlocked but not T4, the ratio of T2:T3 may be 4:1

Same can be said for T2:T3.  A player in the normal course of research could very well have trained a ratio of 4xT2 as his newly unlocked T3.    They may, however, reduce this to 3:1.

Without a single T3/T4 troop, you can have a maximum of 14,999,999 Tier 1 troops, and 4,999,999 Tier 2 troops. Traps will affect the nerf here.

I believe this is not their focus either.  Straight caps on these players is sufficient.  More troops are needed to defend against a proper troop counter solo march, and definitely not a rally given current core power.  Also, these players won’t have cores unlocked.

So What Would a New Game of War Look Like?

We must look at it from the rally leader’s perspective, whom MZ seems to be protecting.  A rally leader with top cores complains to MZ because hitting many of traps of the traps during a kill event causes them to lose significantly in points.

Therefore, a new Game of War nerf would likely affect the players that have T4 unlocked, but using a large T2 army to reduce the points given up.  The preset of cores is designed to be strong enough to kill the entire rally, but take minimal losses, and the losses given up are low point T2.

A new Game of War nerf would aim to equalize the points received by the rally leader.

Could There Be An Alternative To A Nerf?

Instead of nerfing low-tiered troops they could change the point system in kill events. Instead of rewarding just a few points for killing T1 or T2 and 100 for T4, bring the points closer together.  So if these players hording large numbers of T2/T1 get hit they lose on net points due to large number of troops lost.  However, this won’t help in the Power Kill Events.

Alternatively, the argument could be made that having these low-tiered troops makes it affordable for more players to play Game of War.  In turn this creates more targets for Rally Leaders to hit.  It creates a significantly more active Kill Events on the weekend, and activity during the week of rebuilding.

A Natural Nerf System is Already in Place

No question, cores will continue to improve.  Also, research will be released making Rally Leaders stronger with each revolution.  This naturally nerfs these types of traps as better defense debuff and greater troop attack is introduced.  A rally is able to push deeper into these traps to score greater and more equal net points.

Think of a pendulum that swings in favor of Traps then back again to Rally Leaders.  I believe we have seen this type of give and take over the past couple of years.  Its the life cycle of Game of War.

What are Your Thoughts on a New Game of War Nerf?  Is it Needed? What Purpose Would it Serve?

One players reaction to previous Nerf…

Will a New Game of War Nerf hurt small players?  StlDoc explains in this article the importance of the small player in Game of War.

According to some recent testing a new nerf limit may exist that is slightly higher than previously believed:


T2/T4 Ratio 13:1

T2/T3 Ratio 7:1

T1/T3 Ratio 1.75:1

T1/T4 Ratio 3.25:1

T1 and T2 traps must be included in total troops counts.

More tests will be done to verify the above.  Most people I talk to are sticking to the original verified nerf limits.  If you have verified the new nerf information please share the result with us!

GoW Nerf Calculator

Another way to calculator GoW nerf is the following:

First, find your Total Troop and Trap Power.  The steps to finding this total is while in city view tap the power at the top of your screen.  Then scroll down to “Power”.  Here you will see Troop Power  and Trap Power.

Add Troop Power + Trap Power = Total Power

Next, find you total Troops count either by opening a barracks and making note of the number or by tapping your Stronghold and looking at Combat tab.  Next find your Total Trap count by tapping on the wall of your city or the “Traps” icon under “More”.

Add Troop count + Trap Count then multiply by 10 = Total Count Multiple

Next, Total Power ÷ Total Count Multiple

If less than 1 you will suffer a nerf!

Nerfed Example:

Troop and Trap Power: 6 Billion

Troop and Trap Count x 10 = 7 Billion

6 Billion ÷ 7 Billion = .85, NERFED!

Safe from Nerf Example

Troop and Trap Power Total: 8 Billion

Troop and Trap Count x 10: 7 Billion

8 Billion ÷ 7 Billion = 1.17, Safe From Nerf!

Simple Nerf Calculator

Total Troop and Trap Power


(Troop Count + Trap Count) x 10

If less than 1, Nerfed!

Thanks for reading.  Good luck Heroes!

Questions for me leave a comment below or add me on Line Chat App: darkthorne

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12 thoughts on “GoW Nerf Calculator”

  1. Fuk mz. Stop constantly Fuking over intelligence for spenders. Anyone smaller than a bill gets smashed by a solo March what are you doing for those that can’t spend the money to hit 45 bill what kind of offense is even logical or effective. You’re taking away the only strategy that has made the game some what balanced for those who play and those who spend. Maybe if your packs weren’t outrageous number you’d get more people to spend. You make less each person but you have more people buying. And I’ll tell you I’m a 20bill player so I know the struggles on both side of the fence. And quit dropping new stuff every month. Your gonna have a lot of people dropping if you keep the shit up. No one truly cares about world boss. Because you make it something not worth the time or effort. I love this game MZ. But your greed is beginning to show.

      1. Traps are the lifeblood of Game of War. Without them there is nothing for rally leaders to hit except Wonders and the occasional stronghold that loses their hero. Nerfing traps will reduce the number of them in the game without a doubt. To keep GoW interesting for all players spenders and non spenders alike, affordable traps must be a viable option for the casual and greatest populace if Game of War.

  2. It used to be hard to take a rally even with tons of t2. You would have to make cores very carefully and hit them at the right time. The massive increase in defense boost from regular gear has ruined this and made is fairly easy to rally trap now. It’s difficult to make cores that are much better for defense than frost gear. That’s the main problem. The reason why there are so many rally traps now. It’s too easy to do it.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Think about what a kill event would be like if they made it difficult to rally trap? If fewer people built traps because it’s too difficult or expensive then there would be nothing to hit during a kill event and be very boring. Something to consider when we talk about nerfing traps. A few months traps complained that rally leaders and cores were getting too strong. Honestly after last kill event with Zeus I’m shocked not more people are complaining about overpowered rally leaders. I know we wrecked people with Zeus. 15b in Haunted Xena is being burned with Zeus. 8B FrostLord. In my eyes let the traps remain as they are and let them get stronger… Because I guarantee cores will continue to come and get stronger.

  3. I don’t play GoW but play MS instead,,, I believe they use the same algorithms and what not. Anyways.. In factoring the nerfs.. Are reins considered in the numbers? Thus… A base could have JUST 12.5m t2s, nothing else, and then take in 1m t4’s and NOT be nerfed while holding those reins? Or are reins not factored in when determining the nerf?

  4. This all now has me confused . wth is traps ratio ? Is it 40% t1 30% t2 20% t3 10% t4 or what . I also was told if you have t1 troops you go to flame

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