New victory/defeat measure?

During our latest kvk KE my 14 trap house took nearly 200k T4 from a 500m power outlander.

The first March he sent had 375k T4 with no hero. I started to burn at no surprise. However upon looking at the battle report I lost much less power than he. I always thought victory or defeat was based on power loss raw number. I’m wondering now if it is by percentage of total power loss?

Below are the battle reports. I’m on the left.



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6 thoughts on “New victory/defeat measure?”

  1. As far as I know win/loss is decided by the numbers in the ‘troops/traps lost’ box. Therefore loads of iron bricks for example can ‘lose’ you the battle, you might have less troop loss but you will still burn, doesn’t mean you lose the point battle though, which is far more important. I happily burn if I can win in points.

    1. The main skills needed in order of priority is trap attack I and II. Then troop health and troop defense. My hero is only 45 so I’m limited to what skills I can max. However, I max out troop health and defense One and split the points in troop health and defense two.

      My research is traps maxed for a stronghold 14 and combat and strat combat maxed. I then did some restoration and hero tree. If you want more specifics in those trees let me know. I tried to limit research to only what i needed to keep my power down so I am more desirable to hit and can be a bigger surprise when they do!

  2. It seems to me that MZ is always looking for a way to reward those that risk losing troops the most or risk shedding the most blood. Even though the player obviously took a big hit, MZ makes the player feel victorious by showing you burn. Even though it was a statistical loss on his part, MZ wants him to keep taking these chances (more money for them). MZ does not want to “reward” conservative game play. Just look at how much more effective attack boosts are vs. defense boosts.

  3. Whether or not your city burns as the result of an attack depends on total troop/trap loss versus the attacker. Whoever loses the most troops (and/or traps in the case of the defender) is the determining factor between a victory and a defeat in a battle.

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