One night in Dahae! Game Mechanics

Hello again everyone! In #94 Dahae this evening it was an eventful few hours!

I’m sure many of you who read this are not in Dahae, so I’ll leave out the specifics, but our alliance, took on the leader of the biggest alliance in our kingdom. (With support from some very good players from several other alliances who joined us for the attacks!) I’ve never had a problem with this player personally, but his, and more-so, his alliances game play have rubbed many the wrong way. SO much so that the entire kingdom has set aside their differences to unite against them. It has made existing in Dahae a whole lot more fun.

Tonight, we rallied him a few times, both him and us fully cored up. The results were pretty significant, and ultimately, he dropped about 120-140 mil in power before porting out, then shielding before we could hit another rally. He unshielded briefly, to hit some farms, but shielded again when we found him too quickly. He then took the fight to KC, asking for peace, or something resembling it, as long as they still got to do what they wanted, we should all leave them alone. (Long story, I call it “as Dahae turns” The soap opera. LOL.)

But, during the aftermath, there were several questions that came up to me directly, in KC and AC, and in other info rooms I’ve been in. I’m sure there are easy and complete answers out there, so I’m kind of asking for a crowd-sourced answer on this, please feel free to reply to this with any info you have on the following:

1) Did the game dynamics change recently, where attack boosts have suddenly become more important than health or defense? (Someone mentioned they had done two nearly identical rallies, with the only difference being they had attack boosts on instead of health or defense, but the total strength of those 3 stats remained the same, but attack was far higher in the one that fared better) It wasn’t something they intended to do, so there may have been other variables they didn’t realize or pay attention to.

2) How much do the traps and siege play a part in rallies now. When I was a newbie, I was told “SIEGE! For sure, send a march of siege first, then your army behind it.” Then later (Still a noob) “NEVER SEND SIEGE! NOT WORTH IT!” Then again, “In rallies, no siege, the rally hits reinforcing troops first, then walls and SH army, so never siege in rallies” Since then, I’ve grown, and now I haven’t been rallied in a very long time, so I have no data to compare. Only the words of others.

3) Do any kingdoms out there have peace between KVK KEs? Build, farm and train till a big event, then crush the outlanders? I cannot imagine, with the size of the egos in our kingdom, as well as the amount of money put into this game by some players, that it makes sense to waste troops on civil wars (With no “IN KINGDOM” Kill events for a very long time), but also understand that going WEEKS between kill events is too much for a “WAR” game. What are your experiences in your kingdom?

Thank you for any input. I do appreciate the time you put in just to make it this far.

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  1. K240 (Rhea) here.

    While I’m too new at this game to really explain any mechanics I can tell you about Rhea.

    Our kingdom holds a weekly kill event, it’s a well known event and at a well known time, Friday when the alliance timer starts, everyone is fair game, it’s to have fun and clear out inactives (for when the KvK comes around) and to blow off some steam. Of course you’re welcome to shield-up and not participate. I believe we do this so our bigs can farm up some silver to keep training.

    Our KE is cancelled if there is any word of an MZ KE or a KvK, for past KvK’s we’ve come together pretty nicely as a Kingdom to fight the enemy.

    Other than that its a Global NAP – rarely does hitting occur outside of it, and it’s either been approved by the leading alliance or someone is gonna be zeroed soon :). Overall Rhea has been a pretty nice place to grow, Fury Order takes care of us, and I am fortunate enough to be in one of the top alliances.

    1. That sort of kill event sounds like a ton of fun and reminds me of the early days on k94. I believe that had been proposed in our kingdom in the past. However, at this point it is unlikely a kingdom wide NAP would be followed by our enemies during peace time. Would be awesome though. How many people violate the NAP every week to take advantage of those who feel they are safe and don’t shield up?

      1. Few if any big people violate the rules, in the past violators have been dealt with quickly – people learned not to do it.

        However I would small there is likely some small player conflict, 100k players fighting 50k players, newbies that don’t know how to report it or frankly have any idea whats going on.

        I’m fairly small myself (only in the 10m power area) but I try to help out some of the really small training alliances, I remember growing up and constantly being attacked and thinking that was part of the game, now I come to realize it was just super small people breaking NAP and no one really caring because, well frankly no one cares about a 250k player going on a rampage :).

    1. That would be miserable. We on K94 know your pain. All war all the time. Unshielded are zeroed quickly by our enemy. Entire kingdom at war with one unruly alliance.

  2. 1.) The focus on Attack=lower KDR=more kills on both sides=more training=more $$$ for MZ. The game has always been more rewarding towards aggression (attack) over conservation (H/D) but has only recently made it easier to boost Troop Attack in both the regular and core gear sets. That being said, I personally still prefer boosting H/D over Attack, I think this is mostly because most of the mainstream players are still trying to boost individual troop types instead of focusing on their overall Troop Attack.

    2.) Siege I still only use as a Troop Load tool to empty banks, in certain solo situations, and at the tail end of zeroing a big. The hero skill tree made traps too strong if they still have 1m or more troops behind them. None of the new skill trees have boosted siege.

    3. Our kingdom (282) enjoys inner-kingdom conflict so much that we found our first KVK KE pretty boring. Especially since we were so used to higher level combat with enemies getting very nicely dressed. The outlander kingdom was not nearly as well crafted. I feel our inner kingdom conflict raised the level of game play for our players beyond that of peaceful kingdoms. I feel like 94 was a unique case because it straddled both generations of the game (old packs vs. new crazy packs). There are many players in 94 that starting fighting after 6 months of farming under complacent protection of Dreaded. So I can see how these types of players tend to prefer the “wait until MZ event” type of mind set. However, I find that the MZ events promote pretty lame war play in that you are forced to fight conservatively IN THE NAME OF POINTS. I MUCH prefer zeroing an enemy that trolls KC all day regardless of how many troops/points it costs me. MZ has yet to find a way of reward those that Zero a Big. The person that gets zeroed usually ends up winning more points than the attackers despite their huge financial loss (For example the Super Wonder kill point winner a few months ago was a zeroed account). This is a flaw in game mechanics in my opinion. However, to answer your question, in the rare circumstance that we are not in civil war, we usually need to create what we call “Royal KE” which is pretty much a 24hr free for all. We also do not do peaceful wonder rotations, who ever wants it has to fight for it. The game is more fun than me now than ever.

  3. K240, lol this is an exciting kingdom now thanks to not so smart line of kings from the fury order that has deviated the kingdom so much that is now makes sense for 24 hours war!

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