Wondrous Mythical Creatures and Gear Improvement Levels

Increase your Demetor Gear to new levels in Game of War Fire Age when you unlock Gear Enchantments and Improvement Levels.

Obtain Demeter Gear Leveling Pieces to unleash new amazing benefits.

Also, new Wondrous Mythical Creatures

Max Benefits at Gear Level 200

The maximum power up for these new levels are the following:

Mythical Creature Attack 10 T%
Mythical Creature Health 4 T%
Super Troop  Attack 6 TT%

A new KvK Kill event is on the way! Use new Wondrous Mythical Creatures to demolish enemies.

Be careful, no additional defense is added when leveling up Demeter gear to 200.

However, the new research allows you to increase your march size with Mythical Creatures along with combat benefits such as defense, health, attack for Troops and Mythical Creatures.

Max March Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Capacity 750 KT
Mythical Creature Training Queue Size 750 T
Mythical Creature March Size 12.5 T
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Trap Rally Size 1.25 TT
Troop Solo Size 500 BT
Trap Solo Size 250 BT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack 250 B%
Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Mythical Creature Health 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack 200 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Health 125 B%

Further Bonuses from Mythical Creature Research

Super Combat Benefits:

Super Troop Attack Bonus 150 BT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 12.5 M%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus 75 BT

Combat Benefits:

Troop Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Troop Defense Bonus 750 BT%
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 1 TT%
Onslaught Attack 250 BTTTT%
Resolute Defense 750 BT%
Defense Annihilation 750 BT%
Unstoppable Attack 375 TT%
Rally Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Mobile Trap Health 125 TTTTT%
Troop Health Bonus 5 TTTTT%

New Wondrous Mythical Creatures

The latest Wondrous Mythical Creatures are found below:

Mythical Leo Creature game of War Fire Age

Wondrous Leo is among the six new Mythical Creatures to choose from along with Wondrous Harpy, Wendigo, Void Dragon, Celestial Dragon, and Dire Deer.

mythical creatures game of war fire age

Keep a close eye on packs in the Gold Store for items you need. Most of the $19.99 US packs lack these special new unlock items. They can be found only in $99.99 US packs.

Assault Combat Research: Mythical Creatures

New Assault Combat research promises to boost your Mythical Creatures. Until now you gained boosts for Mythical Creatures mostly from your Hero skill tree.

Assault Combat Research – New Research in Game of War Fire Age

The Assault Combat research tree provides Mythical Creature Rally Size and solo increase.  Also, you enjoy a larger Mega Troop Rally Size. Troop boosts increase with this tree as well.

From the Game of War Blog

Bring Your Enemies to their Knees with Unbeatable Assault Combat Research

Warrior, let’s see what you can do! In the midst of chaos an unlikely Mythical Creature has befriended you. It’s up to you, and only you to educate them in Combat.

Max Deployment Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Rally Size: 12 B
Mythical Creature Solo Size: 1.2 B
Mega Troop Rally Size: 30 BT
Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Trap Rally Size: 15 BT
Troop Solo Size: 600 MT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack: 400 M%
Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Mythical Creature Health: 100 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Health: 10 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Beasts Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: 5 MT%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: 400 M%

Assault Research Game of War Fire Age

Super Combat Benefits

Super Combat Attack Bonus 300 MT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 40 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%

Combat Benefits

Troop Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Health Bonus 10 T^5%
Mobile Trap Health 2 T^5%
Troop Health Bonus 2 T^4%

So, many benefits with this tree. Mythical Creatures gain significant boosts. Along with this tree, we also added Super Special Building levels:

More details on the above coming soon!


Trinity: Tier 34 Troops, 3rd Hero Level 80, and Stronghold 625!

Tier 34 Troops, 3rd Hero level 80, and Stronghold 625 have arrived. Let’s take a look.

Soar to the top with Virtuous Combat Research!

The increased stats from research is significant of course. Also, we gain additional march benefits. So, its a double whammy for trap players.T14 Ascendant Troops and traps released in Game of War

Let’s take a closer look at the stat boost from this Trinity release.

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Benefits at T34, 3rd Hero Lv 80, Stronghold 625

Max March Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Rally Size: 25 M
Mythical Creature Solo Size: 2.5 M
Mega Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Trap Rally Size: 15 MT
Troop Solo Size: 1.2 MT
Trap Solo Size: 1.2 MT

Mythical Creature Benefits

If you’re like me right now, I’m looking at all those numbers and thinking, “Ok, but how much of a boost is this?”

T14 One shot Zero game of war

Boost %
Mythical Creature Attack 12 M
Mythical Creature Defense 600 K
Mythical Creature Health 6 M
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Beast Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Beast Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Immortal Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Dragon Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Beast Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Mythical Creature Rally Attack 6 M
Mythical Creature Rally Health 6 M

Virtuous Combat Research Research Tree Help For Trap Players

So, most of us are playing defense or filling rallies.  What will it take to be safe from these new monsters with T34 maxed?

I strongly urge players to train the highest level of Mythical Creatures.  Also, Tier 3 troops and Tier 4 have the lowest costs to train without fear of being nerfed.

These troops are too easily debuffed. Tier 4 doubles the amount of additional defense.  Tier 5 doubles it again, however, as of this morning I found them too expensive to stack substantial amounts.

I opted for T4. The additional tier stats they enjoy plus the lower cost make these troops the mathematical winner for meat.

T3 as Second Meat Shield for Hospital Fodder

That being said, once you find you are safe, its ok to add a secondary meat shield of T3 or T2 for hospital fodder.

What I mean is, even when you are victorious in your defense, some troops will suffer wounds.  By using the T3 or T2 you save on healing costs.

Currently, healing Mythical Creatures is a terrible waste. We lack the research and skills to lower healing significantly.

Wall Traps

If you have this T3 second meat shield, then place T2 or T3 traps ahead of them.  Essentially, the more layers you have to your stronghold the better. The battle mechanic theory is turn-based.  So, the more turns you can create against the incoming rally the better.  You create turns by adding layer after layer of various tiers of troops and traps.  However, traps are only effective if they are in front of the troops they are protecting.  Clear as mud right? If you have further questions about combat mechanic theory, leave a comment and I’ll extrapolate.

Troop Counts and Setup for Trap Safety

As more test reports come in, I’ll update this with proper figures. Please comment below your findings.

Read “Dark, How Can I Survive Game of War?” to learn more about surviving Game of War after an absence.

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Dark, what do I need to survive Game of War?

How do I survive Game of War Fire Age?

I get this question quite often. The answer is tricky. Perhaps by the end of this post you’ll be able to answer this question.

In this post, I walk you through priorities of upgrading to survive Game of War.

Surviving Game of War Fire Age

First, the in-game blog should be used as a guide. Many players have an issue reading the blog – loading issues or something. So, I’ll highlight the latest and greatest upgrades here for you.

Keep an eye on the in-game blog.  Upgrade according to the latest releases first. This priority will put you on the same page with all players.

Don’t be overwhelmed in trying to relearn everything you may have missed in your absence. Prioritize the latest releases in the blog first.

Familiarize yourself with the current level of gear, hero, troops used, runes, gems, etc.

I’ll go over many of these areas now.

Mythical Combat Research

Complete Mythical Combat Research and unlock more Mythical Creatures to do your bidding against all enemies in unstoppable marches with unbridled Boosts!

Mythical Training Grounds

Players use Mythical creatures in rallies and defense now. These monsters are found in the Mythical Training Grounds.

Mythical Creatures Game of War Fire Age

So, your first priority is to unlock, research, and train Mythical Creatures. Next, you need to boost the stats of these monsters! We now have new heroes that specifically boost Mythical Creatures. Read on friends!

Multiple Heroes – Unique Stats and Boosts

Multiple Heroes are now available in Game of War Fire Age. Its as if they have rebooted the game using a new hero with substantially fewer skill points to worry about.

Also, the skills pertain to Mythical Creatures which is the reboot of troops. Use your old hero for training, building, crafting and other economic purposes.

Your new hero is like your fighting hero. They used the same sort of method in other games such as World of Warcraft. One hero for fighting, the other for economics.

This is a welcomed addition as the old hero skill tree was out of control. Some 50,000 skill points to set. Good grief. Also, the stats are incredibly difficult to understand.

For example, “14MTTTT%”, difficult to count and compare all those T’s.

Mr. T Game of War Fire Age

“I pity the fool who tries to calculate and compare upgrades using that method, sucka.”

Recently, three new accessories were released.

Recruit a Third Hero

Diversify your battle strategy when you recruit a Third Hero to join your Ranks from the Hall of Heroes!

New Heroes for Hire!

Warrior, the more the merrier this Holiday Season! New Heroes have arrived, and they’re ready to lead your men to victory!

Customize your strategy with A THIRD HERO with unique Boosts and Skills that no other Hero has wielded before. Recruit a loyal new companion from the Hall of Heroes and together you WILL conquer Kingdoms to reign supreme.

Hall of Heroes Game of War Fire AgeBenefits of the Newest Hero in Game of War Fire Age

Third Hero Benefits Game of WarHow New Heroes Work

  1. Make sure you are at least Stronghold 15.
  2. Unlock the Hall of Heroes using an Unlock Hall of Heroes.
  3. Go to your Hero Profile and tap on “Change Hero”.
  4. Recruit new Heroes special Legendary Hero Medals.
  5. Activate your new Hero.
  6. Ge them battle ready by leveling them up with experience and customizing their specialized Skill Trees.

Additional Notes about New Heroes

A freshly unlocked hero comes with a full hero energy bar and generates energy only for the active hero.

You are unable to choose a new Hero if you current active hero is imprisoned or eliminated. Womp, Womp :(.

Was this article helpful? Leave a question or comment below.

Thank you to [BReW] Whiskey for their great help in this writing this article.

BReW is Recruiting!

If you are seeking a mega alliance or refuge [BReW] is filling up quickly and expanding into new mega alliances.  Apply to [BReW] or [CReW].  Super Wonder is approaching, we’d love to see you there!


Why We Played Game of War

Why Did You Download Game of War Fire Age?

I had just received my first smart phone and received a message from a friend that I should try Game of War Fire Age.

The dude on game’s icon caught my attention. He was raging with a rebel yell and teeth ready to gnash at anyone who dared stand in his way!

The game initially took on an Age of Empires feel. I walked through the tutorial with Athena and started to look around.  Cool! I’ll work on building my empire then lay waste to all these unsuspecting empires I see about, most have a shield like me.  I’ll book mark them and wait for it to drop.

My First Attack – Hooked!

I had my first army of tier 1 or tier 2 I believe at a whopping 100,000 power or something. I sent an army to a silver tile that I really needed!

Oops, someone else is trying to reach that same tile. My screen turns red! I turn red in anticipation and nervousness, and then…

Hmm, what happened?

I check the report. All my troops are dead and my hero is gone!

Enter Mopar Lar and Runner from Dahae Dawgmen

My first impression of Mopar Lar and his son Runner was spectacular. The guy who captured my hero on a tile was hit by Runner. Before Runner reached the tile my captor pulled his troops off the tile for a mad dash to his stronghold.

Mopar Lar was already headed that way with his incredible army of tier 3! Just as my captor was reaching his stronghold Mopar Lar lit him up freeing mine and several other heroes! Wow! This guy is amazing!

I was with Mopar Lar and Runner ever since…

Mopar Lar passed away a few months back and that passing was sort of the camel’s straw to break our alliance. We’d been slowly drifting apart but I feel this event really put a period on our saga.

The next month we took his alliance to the Super Wonder and with help from Allysssa and Draco we achieved a third place finish.  Not Emperor, but not bad for a team of social players who just wanted to stick together through thick and thin.

Many stories from our time in K94 and K106 are chronicled on this website.

Many, many historic articles are published here at gameofwartips.com.

Search for your Kingdom or Alliance

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Perhaps a look at Game of War’s history will help us unlock how we’ve reached the current state of Game of War. Whales dropping like flies. New installs lowest they’ve ever been.

Once top of the charts with Candy Crush, Game of War now barely reaches the top 100.

Once 2 million a day in revenue now scraping by with less than $100k/day.

So, yes, I’d say something is wrong with Game of War. No joy.

Game of War Economy – Important to Player Base Retention

First, it seems once resources were added to packs many players who specialized in hyper farming and selling resources were soon pushed out of the game.

These players had a small budget. It’s not enough to purchase packs frequently. Also, their speed-ups  no longer supplied by the sale of silver and food. This wasn’t what they signed up for…

Hyperfarming on a Grand Scale

Some players set up vast farming networks of some 300 accounts or more. Each of those accounts was a download and some spending to get them to maximize production was suddenly worthless.

Players could simply purchase large amounts of resources in gold store packs from the makers of the game.

This destroyed the economic balance of Game of War Fire Age.

No longer was Game of War about helping alliance mates with resources and other needs to upgrade their empire.

Instead, alliances began seeking, “big spenders.”

The first players to leave Game of War were the “farmers.” These players who prided themselves on the best production boost gear and empires that maximized a specialized resource.

These players were also apart of a cluster of other farmers who traded resources to maximize production of all resources per day.

Impossible now to keep up with out purchasing, these players tried to hold on as long as possible, but without purchasing it was impossible to remain relevant for very long.

The joy of Game of War slipped away for these players.

So, who remained? Spenders with a larger budget were mostly who remained.

What started your Game of War journey?  Why did you play?