Poseidon Core Set

Poseidon Core Set

Poseidon Core Set is a Ranged Defense Debuff set that completes the triad of Defense Debuff missile attack core sets.  Its brother core sets are Frostbitten-cavalry and Zeus-infantry.  Also, added to these sets is Ares but I would rank Ares in a tier above these sets due to the sheer magnitude of its attack.

Poseidon Core Set Recipe
Poseidon Core Set Recipe

Poseidon Core Set Recipe

Seagod’s Sail (Helm)

Tidal Crown Core – Depth of Water, Kraken Heart, Naga Egg, Scylia Eye, Tsunami Jewel, Watcher’s Pendant

Seagod’s Riptide (Armor)

Tidal Pauldron Core –  Aqua Pendant, Depth Water, Giant Shell, Kraken Heart, Naga Egg, Tsunami Jewel

Seagod’s Deluge (Feet)

Tital Kilt Core – Arcadian Tribute, Depth Water, Kraken Heart, Naga Egg, Sunken Treasure, Tsunami Jewel

Seagod’s Tsunami (Weapon)

Tidal Trident Core – Depth Water, Kraken Heart, Naga Egg, Ship’s Wheel, Trident Tip, Tsunami Jewel

Seagod’s Anchor (Accessory)

Tital Trophy Core  – Depth Water, Giant Shell, Kraken Heart, Naga Egg, Ship’s Wheel, Tsunami Jewel


The stats of Poseidon are impressive.  It has a combined ranged attack of 4300% without gems and over 1000% defense debuff, along with 1433% health debuff.  Also significant is the amount of troop attack debuff of 775%.

Poseidon without Gems

Combine Ranged Attack – 4300%

Defense Debuff – `~1000%

Health Debuff – 1433%

Troop Attack Debuff – 775%

The above stats are max research and no gems.

Poseidon Core Set Stats
Poseidon Core Set Stats
Poseidon Core Set Full Set Bonus
Poseidon Core Set Full Set Bonus*

*Thanks to Arrabona and [ONE ] for images.

Poseidon with Gems

Combine Ranged Attack – 5400%

Defense Debuff – 1400%+Set Bonus (400-500%) = 1800%

Health Debuff – 1400%

Troop Attack Debuff – 850%

Poseidon Core Set
Poseidon with Gems*

*Thanks to Baddabing for image

Impact of Poseidon on Game of War Traps

It will be interesting to see what sort of devastation this set does to traps.  The health debuff could possibly be a game changer.  We have not often seen a set of this type with such tremendous health debuff.

Health is commonly thought of as having less affect when attacking superior numbers such as traps with over 300 million troops.  Recent data suggests otherwise.  Defense Debuff is absolutely the priority for rallying traps. However, once you are certain you have broken down their defense, over debuffing while netting more kills does not compare to the additional kills you receive from adding attack power.  So, by over debuffing you are wasting stats or gem slots that could be used for additional attack.

Poseidon has tremendous debuffs so it may be wise to add rally attack or troop attack gems rather than go all out with Defense Debuff.  This must be decided by judging the gear of your target. With the addition of preset gems it will be easier to swap on the fly.

A 105 billion player was recently zeroed with the help of Poseidon Core Set. Apparently this player was locked out by Machine Zone for violating Terms of Service Agreement.

105 Billion Player Zeroed
105 Billion Player Zeroed

When the zeroing event began this player was 105 billion in Northern King Gear.  This player violated the Terms of Service of Game of War and MZ locked this player out of his account.  Please review the Terms of Service and be sure not to lose your investment.  Mz is really cracking down on offenders!

Ctesse 6 piece
Poseidon 6 Piece used to Zero 105 Billion Player

Apparently, Ctesse at the time only had 6 pieces of this set.  Its was incredibly expensive to obtain a 7 piece set of Poseidon at the time.  Later, I did see she had accumulated a full 7 piece set of Poseidon.  Also, noteworthy is the fact that Ctesse single-handedly filled a rally herself with her own accounts.  Do not piss this girl off.  She is a one person wrecking crew!

105Billion Player zeroed
105 Billion Player Zeroed, Locked Out by Mz

Research power of 23 B and 3.5 B kills is all that remained.  This player started with over 1 billion kills.  So, to zero this 105 Billion player it took 2 billion troops.

Poseidon Core Set made this incredible zero possible.

Have you had a chance to use Poseidon Core Set?  I’d love to see some reports.  Hit me up on line “Darkthorne” or provide it in the comments below!