Are Hemlocks Ruining Game of War?


The Way Things Used to Be

It’s been over a year since I captured War Queen/Queen AOJ and now looking back at this time I’m reminded of how Game of War used to be.

Before hemlocks, a rally leader was forced out of commission for over three days.  Her friends could try to release the hero and this created a “war” type environment. In Beheading of a Queen, Harrycubed even wrote a song about the event.

Context of the War Queen’s Beheading

Before K94 was merged with K106, one alliance went rogue and decided to “Just Have Fun.” They began burning the entire kingdom when the kingdom’s alliance leaders created a NAP to allow the Kingdom to grow.  They instantly became the most hated players of the entire kingdom.

Eventually the war came to our, MGd, doorstep and a rally was set on me in the middle of the night.  I awoke to many text messages asking me to come online that I’d been rallied and captured Queen AoJ hero.  This was surprising since at the time was I over 2 billion power!  Hey, don’t laugh, 2 billion was a decent size account back then!

My entire alliance began rallying around my stronghold.  We opened a tile in the middle of our hive for me to port into.  Other alliances ported in to show their support and offer counter rallies if War Queen’s friends attempted to release the hero.

Eventually, our allies formed a war campaign to go hunt the heroless War Queen.  She was holding a lot of heroes from our kingdom because as I mentioned previous, hemlocks had not yet been introduced to Game of War.  Also, the Queen had too much pride to shield and honestly I don’t think it had yet been attempted to rally a Stronghold her size even with hero out.

We used a Dragon King set and was able to burn the 3.6 billion or so War Queen and release the kingdom’s heroes.

The remaining images of this article are many but they show the full extent of how many players were involved.  These images also display the amount of gaming experience that is now missing from Game of War.  This experience could not have been possible if hemlocks were available.  War Queen, with the use of hemlock, would have rallied me in the middle of the night, lost, hemlocked, and rallied again or some other unsuspecting ally of mine.

I understand the need of hemlock, especially in Kill Event scenarios.  A rally leader would lose his hero in the start of a kill event and be done.  Oh this reminds me.  Remember when kill events were a couple or three days long?  Now they are what 12 hours?  Come on… really?  Also, remember tournaments? Those were the days!

The argument could be made that hemlocks have ruined Game of War. The game is basically just become a huge testing ground. A rally leader will hit anything just to see what would happen because they can just hemlock and get their hero back in a few minutes.  Furthermore, traps don’t even like to kill heroes anymore because their graveyard fills up with level 60 heroes which tips off future rally leaders that they can capture them.

But again, who cares if they are captured.  They will eat a flower and be back in the game in 45 minutes.


Player Sentiment

Again, check out the sentiment of these players when we captured War Queen’s hero.  Many had the best time in Game of War because they felt apart of a higher social calling in the game.  This is lacking from Game of War.

The higher social calling or “group game play” is gone. Wonder battles are basically the only “group” event that remains in Game of War, but with such huge march sizes it only takes 4 or 5 players to fill a rally.  Also, once a player controls the wonder they can reinforce it by themselves.  They have no need for their alliance mates’ help.  So, whats the point of having 100 member alliances when only a handful are active or needed for a Wonder hold?        The Wonder and game play surrounding it is a topic for a different article.  However, I will add that the only improvements they have made to this feature of Game of War is the Full-Toggle Mode that removes the tags and names of players while in full screen.  They also recently updated this feature.  I will ask this question though of Mz.  Is this a high priority for Game of War?  Improving how we view the game while at Super Wonder? I agree it was needed but to have two updates to this and no other user interface or game play content changes other than new monsters?  Sure we’ve had many building releases and research updates but I argue that the game play is lacking.  No kill events in over a month.  No tournaments.

In Mz defense, they started tournaments which provided a boost to your kingdom’s troops that could then be used at the Super Wonder and some people had an absolute fit over this “unfair advantage.”  But this was fantastic!  It created a HUGE game play experience that gave entire kingdoms a higher calling.  A kingdom could go into the Super Wonder bolstered with the rewards of their efforts from previous weeks.  This is how Game of War should be!    The Super Wonder should not be about one weekend a month all the biggest spenders get together and slug it out.  It should be Kingdom vs. Kingdom coming together to see who is the best based on their previous weeks successes in a tournament style event.  The kill events or coliseums leading up the Super Wonder should be the qualifiers.  This type of format will encourage kingdoms and alliances to work together to earn a trip to the Super Wonder.

If we don’t have something of this type then perhaps a yearly event could take place that takes the top performing alliances or kingdoms and gives them a special coliseum for great prizes.  Bottom line is something needs to be done to encourage group game play.       


In updating this post, I’ve concluded that hemlocks can’t alone be blamed for ruining Game of War’s high social calling and gaming experience.  It is honestly an issue of Machine Zone trying to do things in Game of War like tournaments that provide boosts for future events and Super Wonder and player or one player expressing opposition to this format.  Also, I’m sure Mz received many complaints from rally leaders expressing the loss of their expensive cores because their hero was captured.  Mz responded by giving us hemlocks to appease these players.  But, by doing this they’ve removed the need for your alliance to try to save your hero and other rally leaders to step up and try to release it.

Before hemlocks, multiple alliances would form a war campaign and attempt to release the hero.  Another player in my kingdom, Ponzi, captured over 20 heroes from multiple alliances who were attempting to release their mates hero.  That war lasted over three days and rivaled even the one you read about above. Again, if hemlock existed during that time it wouldn’t even had been a notable experience in any of those players mind.

Epic battles in Game of War are extinct.

Perhaps Mz can get it right when Alliance City Combat goes live! Please!


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  1. If only there were a song, something to put into musical history, something lyrically magnificent to show the event had a profound effect on all of us. Hmm.
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