Redeem Codes Game of War Fire Age


Redeem Codes Game of War

Redeem Codes Removed from Game of War

Unfortunately, the redeem code feature in Game of War has been removed for unknown reasons.  Refer a friend and Facebook are still available however.

Should you wish to start a new account and need a referral code enter:

XLK3 97812 43057

We will both receive rewards!  Enter code in Refer a Friend under More option bottom right of the game.

Furthermore to purchase cheap Game of War packs check out this tutorial:

Cheap Game of War Packs!


The remainder of this post is kept for historical purposes.

The following are the redeem codes I’ve used in the past. However, they expire quickly. So, check back often as the most recent are posted at the top. Good luck!


447418 – 2 x 15 Hour Speed UP
19861107 – 1 x Epic chest, 1 x Olympic Chest, 3 x 8 hour speed ups
65332901 – 2 x 10,000 Hero Energy, 2 x 1,000 VIP Points, 2 x 15 Hour Speed Up.
555421 – 3 x 8 hour speed up
992599 – 24 hour speed up, Christmas Alliance Crate, Winter Chest
383550 – 2 x 10,000 Energy, 24 hour speed up, 15 minute Monster Attack Boost
1206050 – 2 x 24 hour speed up, 2 x 1000 VIP points
473574 – 2 x 24 hour speed up
67103 – Turkey Feather Chest
621725 – 3 x 24 hour speed up
09192014 – 8 hour speed up
44937 – Halloween Chest
86113 – 3×24 hour speedup

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  1. I would like some free rederm codes. And on my game of war app there is no redeem icon on the bottom left corner as shown in the instructions. any idea whats up with that?

          1. Grelek,
            Referral codes work like this. Choose “More” and you will see “Refer a Friend.” You can give them your “Game of War Referral ID” to have them enter on the same screen in their game. Review that screen to learn more about referral codes and rewards. Thanks for the comment and your viewership!

  2. hey all, If you haven’t already please try Game of War and enter this referral code when you click more: ZOY8 67496 22480 then we both get awesome bonus items! It is almost the same as mobile strike.

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