Resource Shielding is Super Easy!



Resource Shield
Resource Shield

With the resource shield, you can farm offline without concern for losing any troops.  If you have resource shields in your inventory.  Resource shielding is easy but gaining the shields can be difficult.   Once your troops reach a resource tile you can activate the shield easily!

How long do resource shield’s last?

It has been said that resource shields last only three days.  However, it is unlikely that your troops will take that long to collect a resource node.  Actually, its impossible.  However, dig site shields may drop after a few days so beware!

Prospector’s Set and Gems

Prospector’s Set provides a free shield when you equip 5 pieces, Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon, and at least one Accessory.  You can get activate additional shields when you have the 7 piece set and add a Prospector Gem to an equipped item.  The level of the gem determines the level of resource tile that will be shielded.  For instance, if you equip the 7 piece Legendary Prospector’s gear and add a Level 6 Prospector’s Gem then you can shield anything level 6 and below.

However, if you equip a level 5 Prospector’s Gem then you can only activate an additional shield on level 5 resource nodes and below.

However, this shield will not work on gold tiles…Sorry!

Should you have additional questions or comments please leave a comment below and I’ll get them answered for you!

So, get out there and collect those resources!



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6 thoughts on “Resource Shielding is Super Easy!”

  1. How do you set up prospectors legendary to be able to land on behemoth tiles and gather from eight st once shielded?

  2. I equip my hero with all the gear and still do not get the shield any thoughts. I didn’t use a set just got each crafted each piece.

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