Game of War Returning or Starting Guide

Game of War Fire Age Starting Guide

Hey fellow Game of War players! Are you starting Game of War or have you recently taken some time off to enjoy other endeavors in life?

Whatever the reason, welcome to Game of War: Fire Age!

For purposes of this tutorial I’ll consider everyone “starting out, but with some basic knowledge of the game. For example, Hero, VIP, building benefits, etc.

Well, you’re in great luck! For less than a dinner and a movie you can return to fighting status. Here, I’ll show you in this Game of War starting guide.

I’ve managed to do it. Here’s how you can also with just one $20.00 gold pack, less with Amazon Coins!

Amazon Coins
Amazon Coins


Game of War Starting Guide – Return Quick and Easily!

Instant upgrade items will get you back into the war quickly! These come in a variety of gold packs.

Nearly every gold pack has them now.

These items provide instant completion of research, upgrade to core and specialized buildings.

Once, you’ve completed your desired buildings plan, hit that instant building upgrade item. You will find it under your Specials tab.

Next, find the various instant research completion items. If the tree was previously completed it will let you know.

If it is, just break the remaining items for essences and to clean up tabs and inventory. You will thank yourself later when new items appear first in the tabs. This makes finding items in the future much easier!

Ok, great job! Feel the rush of upgrading and getting close to back out there into the fold! What’s next?

Tweaking for Current War Requirements

The instant upgrade items are nice and will get you close to the required stats and setup you need to NOT be annihilated. Next, you must check for the latest “safety report”.

Keep in mind that you may have a different play style than the “cookie cutter” profile provided.

For this starting guide I won’t go into specific requirements for safety.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Testing Your Recently Updated Account For War

Once, you’re satisfied you’ve updated everything to your desired level, its time to test.

I test my guys first with a hero-less solo if they are small and just getting back into the swing of things.

If he defends that, I hit him with a hero included solo, then onto a rally if he’s setup for rally defense. If at any point he burns, we figure out why and adjust.

Its much easier to understand the “why” of failure when you can see the attackers stats and ask questions.

Once you’ve readjusted whatever is needed to defend against your tester, its time to get back to WAR!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you out on the battle field. Β Please C.R.R. πŸ˜‰



Author: Darkthorne

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7 thoughts on “Game of War Returning or Starting Guide”

  1. Don’t you think this would be better served space to advise people not to return or quit before being scammed out of more? Why would you advise people to invest time or money in something that is about to go bust and its developer collapse under the weight of the Pay 2B Loser scams it has run? I presume you are just one of the many MZ employee that permeate their scams and marketing efforts doing your job trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel of weak minds, looking for the last few to be exploited?

    I hope your future employment opportunities are well deserved – maybe delivering pizza?… because word going around Silicon Valley is, no one in tech or gaming industry wants someone with MZ on their resume. They view that candidate as having attended scam artist school during their time with MZ and do not want to introduce that type of character flaw into their organization. When does MZ fold operations? All 3 of their Pay 2B Loser scams are now failing miserably and MZ is considered the lowest of con artist parasites within the industry, so it is inevitable… will it be by end of FY2017?

    1. I took 3rd place at the super wonder after dropping thousands that day to achieve such feat for my alliance that i’ve played with for 4 years. Our former r5 had just passed away. We did it all out one time for him. Before game of war I used to be a dough prepper for a pizza franchise for $10/hr. I downloaded game of war and began writing on this site that I created. I eventually moved up to manager and then area manager, finally franchise manager of our 14 stores. Meanwhile, game of war continued to gain popularity. I was noticed by game of war real tips. They offered me money for contributions at first, then a full time gig. I was able to leave my career in pizza business to write and play game of war full time. However, recently, I too have become fed up with Mz bullshit. They have so many glitches. They use kill events as bait to entice players to buy packs and upgrade before the event, then reschedule it. The kicker was before I took an extended break 6 weeks ago. They had a kill event they postponed 3 times in a row. Then the 4th day they sold pack that had only 50,000 gold in it. However, the pack also said “the gift that keeps on giving.” So, I figured it was an unlock. Nope it was just that pack. I wrote Mz and asked wtf. Give me something dude. Their reply was, ” I see the pack was delivered and while it may not appear to be as much as you are used to be assured that I’ve contacted my development team about this issue. Here are some resources and speed ups for your trouble. So approach my employer at real tips, who I assume has contacts at Mz and vented to him. Dude, come on this is bullshit. Something has to be done. The game is out of control. He rolled his eyes, didn’t give me much attention. So, I walked.

      I took an extended break and traveled. I was done with Game of War for good. However, I kept line app so I could continue to speak to my friends which are closer than most of my family members. They ask everyday, Dark, when are you coming back? The alliance needs a leader, Dark when are you returning, we need you. Dark when? Players who read my articles on Real Tips. Dark what happened. Dark Dark DArk. So a couple days ago, i caved in, mostly because the new writer at Real tips entered my email account and recovered my pin on an account he was borrowing. When he stabbed me in the back and started writing for my former employer I told kick rocks. I took the keys back. He claims he put packs on it. Well, I put packs on it for 4 years… No, he entered my email, recovered the pin, and then changed the email. He is now writing for Real Tips. So, I fired up game of war, fired up this website thats sat idle for 2 years while I wrote for Real Tips. Its on now. My past was full of pizza, it may be again in the future. But for now, I’m enjoying playing game of war with my old pals again. And publishing my knowledge and helping folks maneuver through the quagmire that is game of war and Mz.

      So, please subscribe to my site so I can continue blogging and not have to pick up a pizza delivery job. I’m sorry the game’s expense has grown beyond your budget. Many players still enjoy the game as it is under their budget. Put this game in your rear view mirrors and move on.

      I appreciate your taking the time to express your opinion. It is valid and shared by many former and current members of my alliance. However, I’ve chosen to do this for my own motivations. I am not an mz employee but would gladly accept Mz’s offer to pay for my blogging, but they get no say in what I write and publish.

      So, I’ll do my best to help folks who choose to continue to play Game of War. I trust you will do whatever you choose to do as well. I won’t be coming to your house or work to complain to you about what I don’t like about your job.

      Thank you, and please subscribe.

  2. The reboot sux. Crap packs and “glitches” all over the place. Total denial by MZ, no compensation either. They are ABSOLUTELY a scam company. stay away…FAR away form ANYTHING MZ.

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