GoW Artemis Core Recipe, Gems, Set Bonus, Stats

GoW Artemis Core Set – Stats, Recipe, Gems, Set Bonus, Skills

GoW Artemis Core Set recipe, gems, set bonus, and skills are included in this article.  Artemis is a ranged attack core missile with enormous defense debuff.  It also has type defense debuff and significant health debuff.

GoW Artemis Stats

Artemis has a combined attack of 8000% and 1400% Defense Debuff with gems, boosts, and level 65 hero set up for attack.

If you set up for all Troop Defense Debuff the combined attack or ranged attack plus troop attack is roughly 7500% and 2000% defense debuff.

Also, in this each Artemis setup is 500% individual defense debuff and 1500% health debuff.

GoW Artemis Recipe

Similar to other GoW core recipes, Artemis set uses a base of pieces in each core.  These base pieces are Chimera Feather, Forest Essence, Gaia Charm, and Wolf’s Pelt.

Core Pieces


Forestgod’s Howl

Overgrown Pelt Core
  • Chimera Feather
  • Forest Essence
  • Gaia Charm
  • Wolf’s Pelt
  • Hound Tooth
  • Wolf Lure


Forestgod’s Den

 Overgrown Cloak Core
  • Chimera Feather
  • Forest Essence
  • Gaia Charm
  • Wolf’s Pelt
  • Golden Arrow
  • Moon Stone


Forestgod’s Ferocity

Overgrown Greaves Core
  • Chimera Feather
  • Forest Essence
  • Gaia Charm
  • Wolf’s Pelt
  • Ancient Fish Hook
  • Dragon Arrow


Forestgod’s Bite

Overgrown Longbow Core
  •  Chimera Feather
  • Forest Essence
  • Gaia Charm
  • Wolf’s Pelt
  • Ancient Fish Hook
  • Dragon Arrow


Forestgod’s Pack

Overgrown Quiver Core
  •  Chimera Feather
  • Forest Essence
  • Gaia Charm
  • Wolf’s Pelt
  • Dragon Arrow
  • Golden Arrow

Total Number of Pieces Required

Chimera Feather 7
Forest Essence 7
Gaia Charm 7
Wolf’s Pelt 7
Dragon Arrow 4
Golden Arrow 4
Ancient Fish Hook 1
Hound Tooth 1
Hunter Potion 1
Moon Stone 1
Predator Bait 1
Wolf Lure


Wolf Pelt, Gaia Charm, Chimera Feather, and Forest Essence are the most difficult pieces to obtain.

Artemis GoW Core Set Bonuses

The base set bonus for Artemis is Enemy I/R/C Defense Debuff – 225%.  While the Full Set Bonus is:

  • Ranged Attack – 632%
  • Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – 224%
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff – 272%

Artemis Core Gems

Gems are dependent on the target’s setup. If you see Kinoichi’s Kunai or high defense debuff resistance items then you should use more attack to overcome this defense debuff trap.  However, if you see all high defense items then defense debuff gems will be needed.

Its usually safest to use as much defense debuff as possible to overcome the typically far superior troop numbers and defense of the enemy trap.  One exception is when hitting a heroless rally leader. In this situation the amount of defense is roughly known and it is clear whether your set has the amount needed to reduce it to zero without gems for defense debuff.  In this case you can stack more attack for a harder hitting rally!

Suggested Gems:

Leap Year (S) 35% Troop Attack Bonus
Domination 35% Troop Attack Bonus
Ranged 25% Ranged Attack
Gem of Power 25% Troop Attack
Volley Gem 17.5% Ranged Attack, 17.5% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

Artemis Skill Talent Suggestions

Artemis is a ranged missile attack core set used against superior numbers such as traps and other heroless rally leaders.  Therefore, you should maximize three stats: Ranged Attack, Troop Attack, and Defense Debuff.

The Altar Boosts are the best skills in the tree along with the new Hero 65 500% attack talent.

  • Ranged Attack
  • Troop Attack
  • Altar Boosts
  • Defense Debuff
  • Health Debuff
  • 500% Attack
  • Rally Attack

Also, it is important to skill the minimum points down the right side to skill “Base Set Bonus.”  This is worth the added boost of 25% of 225% I/R/C Defense Debuff or 56.25% additional specific troop defense debuff.

You should still have plenty of points left over to reach Rally Attack Bonus and Full Set Bonus.

Artemis Strengths

Currently, Artemis Cores in GoW are strongest missile attack core set in game.  They are superior even to Nike Core Set.  This set is still testing the limits of what can be destroyed.  Currently, 28 billion in full Sola’s Paladin has been burned.  Also, typical permanent gear 900 million troop traps are no trouble for this ranged missile core set.

Whats your biggest burn using Artemis?