Rally results – reinforcements die first? *Update*

Over the weekend an alliance member was taking a rally. A few of us reinforced with T4 troops and to our surprise some of our reinforcements were killed. The alliance members hospitals were not full and none of his troops were killed.







We were lucky the idiot rallying us did not send his hero!

Update: I received an explanation for these results. First, my alliance mate has few T3. He had focused on T4. So, once the limited T3 were in hospital T4 began being killed starting with the reinforcements. So while the defender’s T4 were being hospitalized to the remaining beds of hospital space, the reinforcement troops were being killed.

Conclusion, to save reinforcement more troops were needed in defenders stronghold, either T3 or T4.

Since this posting the defenders has improved gear vastly and was able to take two 6 x Relic rallies with only a six minute delay without burning. Troop numbers are important to a point, but limited troop numbers can be effective with proper gear. So get to crafting!

MZ refuses to admit wrongdoing

I just received word from MZ concerning the bugged rally that hit me last KvK. see Friendly-Fire Bugged Rally:

SEP 08, 2014 | 02:18PM PDT
Bambi Sloan replied:
Hi there Brent,

I’ve discussed this with others, and it seems that this was a fair hit. I’m very sorry but I would not be able to offer you any compensation for this issue.


All I’m asking for is an admission of the bug and they will patch it. This affects the integrity of their product and should not be swept under the rug.

Update: After responding to the above reply from MZ, I now get the automated response that “my concerns have bee forwarded to the design team…”

It’s unfortunate that a 3 billion dollar company feels it’s best policy to call it’s supporting players liars and not make any effort to correct their faulty product.

Be careful porting into a heated battle because you just may be hit by your friends rally and MZ doesn’t care about your losses…