Anti Nike / Zeus Infantry Core Guide

First, building a core set to defend against Nike or Zeus Infantry Attack Missile Rally can be a daunting task in Game of War.

Zeus’ typical stats include over 4,000% infantry attack and 1500% defense debuff.  Nike stats are even more impressive with over 5,000% attack.  So, creating a core set that can defend against such hard hitting core sets is a must for low troop count rally traps to stand a chance.

Things to keep in mind.  If you have a low troop count, health becomes more important than defense.  How low is low?  Under 100 Million troops.

Let’s get right into it.

To stop an infantry missile rally we need to provide protection based on the following priority:

  1. Cavalry
  2. Infantry
  3. Ranged

Therefore, cavalry defense is our highest priority as cavalry will take most of the impact, followed by infantry and ranged should hard be touched.

Second, if we can lower the attack of the enemy infantry attack or troop attack this will also save our troops.

Third, I recommend using at least one Kunoichi’s Kunai (Black Dagger) to resist the defense debuff of Nike, Zeus, or other infantry missile with defense debuff.

Best Anti-Nike Cores

Helm: Majestic Sallet (Hera) 150% Cavalry Defense, 150% Infantry Defense, 150% Ranged Defense
Warlord Helm 118% Cavalry Defense, 108% Troop Attack, 66% Ranged Attack
Fallen Champion’s Helm 100% Cavalry Defense, Enemy Troop Health Debuff 52%
Armor: Majestic Coat 200% Cavalry Defense, 200% Infantry Defense, 200% Ranged Defense, 50% Troop Health Debuff
Cyclops Armor 103% Cavalry Defense, 28% Troop Attack Debuff
Underworld Furnace (Hades) 90% Cavalry Defense, 90% Infantry Defense, 100% Troop Defense
Feet: Radiant Coverings (Apollo) 190% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Attack Debuff,  100% Ranged Attack, 100% Ranged Attack Debuff, 20% Troop Attack
Majestic Plumage (Hera) 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Ranged Defense, 50% Infantry Attack Debuff,
Turtle Toe Armor 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Health
Layered Foot Armor (Budget)(Dragon King) 126% Troop Defense, Infantry Attack Debuff 51%
Weapon: Hunting Spear 150% Troop Defense, 75% Troop Health
Nine Dragon Trident 132% Troop Defense, 40% Infantry Defense
Sai (Budget) 104% Troop Defense, 30% Infantry Defense Debuff, 90% Infantry Attack
Accessory: Bloodstone Shield 150% Cavalry Defense, 150% Infantry Defense, 100% Troop Attack Debuff
Majestic Totem (Hera) 150% Cavalry Defense, 25% Infantry Attack Debuff
Dhal Shield 106% Cavalry Defense
Seekers Protection (Budget) 97% Cavalry Defense, Infantry Defense 94%, Troop Attack Debuff 10%

Best Anti Nike Pieces

Underworld Plating (Hades) 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Defense, 100% Ranged Defense
Persephone’s Brush (Hades) 60% Cavalry Defense, Infantry Defense 60%, 60% Ranged Defense
Unity Rings (Hera) 60% I/R/C Defense, 10% Troop Attack
Water Dragon Trophy (Ares) 50% Cavalry Defense
Bamboo Handles (Budget) 50.4% Cavalry Defense
Armored Pauldron (Ares) 40% Cavalry Defense, 20% Troop Attack
Sun Sigil (Budget) 38% Cavalry Defense, 23% Troop Attack
Embalming Tool 28% Ranged Attack, 35% Cavalry Defense
Royal Egg (Hera) 25% Cavalry Defense, 25% Infantry Attack Debuff
Sign of Taurus 24% Cavalry Defense, 24% Troop Attack Debuff
Golden Spruce 28% Cavalry Defense
Winter Glass (Frostbitten) 24% Troop Defense, 32% Troop Attack Debuff, 38% Troop Defense Debuff
Fabric Dyes 39% Cavalry Defense

Best Anti Nike Core Recipe

Equipped with the above breakdown of potential candidates for an anti Nike recipe lets first make a recipe with the best available cores and pieces.

  1. Majestic Sallet (Hera)
  2. Warlord Helm (Budget)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Majestic Coat
  2. Cyclops Armor
  3. Seeker’s Armor


  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Radiant Coverings (Apollo)
  2. Majestic Plummage (Hera)
  3. Layered Foot Armor (Budget)(Dragon King)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Hunting Spear
  2. Nine Dragon Trident
  3. Sai (Budget)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 1: Bloodstone Shield
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 2: Majestic Totem (Hera)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 3:

Kinoichi’s Kunai or

Dhal Shield

  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus

Best Anti Nike Core Set Stats

If you manage to build this behemoth of a core set then you will enjoy the following stats:

  • Cavalry Defense – 3000%+
  • Infantry Defense – 2000%+
  • Troop Attack Debuff – 300%

By focusing Cavalry and Infantry Defense we are battling the 400% Infantry and Cavalry Defense Debuff rather than trying to overcome or resist the much higher 1300-1500% Defense Debuff of the Nike set.

Anti Nike Core Set and Kinoichi’s Kunai

The above recipe is a perfect world of cores and pieces.  However, most of us will not have all these available.  So, I’ve made a list of acceptable replacements above.  Any of those pieces above will be perfect replacements for an effective anti Nike core set.

Also, because we are focusing Cavalry Defense primarily, we avoid the massive defense debuff of Nike and reduce specifically the damage of the high infantry attack.  Therefore, Kinoichi’s Kunai is not necessarily needed because we are not relying on high troop defense.

Other Builds:

Anti Nike / Zeus Cores Budget

Slot Rank Name
Head 1 Frostforged Helm Core
2 Minotaur Helm Core
3 Iron Crown Core (Lower Troop Count)
Chest 1 Wolfbane Corset Core
2 Charged Fullplate Core
3 Emerald Armor Core
Feet 1 Plated Foot Armor Core
2 Red Scale Boots Core
3 Winged Greaves Core (Lower Troop Count)
Weapon 1 Hunting Spear Core
2 Star Blade Core
3 Manticore Tooth Club Core (Lower Troop Count)
Accessory 1 Firecrackers Core
2 Turtle Shield Core
3 Bloodstone Shield Core
4 Hog Quiver Core (Lower Troop Count)

Anti Nike / Zeus Pieces Budget

1 Earth Icon
2 Fresh Lotus
3 Crown of Humility
4 Earthen Jar
5 Illusion Token
6 Winter Glass
7 Scarab Brooch
8 Bamboo Handles
9 Medallion of Strength
10 Bronze Doves
11 Sun Sigil
12 Seal of the Death

Gem Recommendation

1 Bulwark/Defense Gem 35% / 25% Defense
2 Shadow Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
3 Gem of Honor 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
4 Gem of Protection 25% Rally Attack Debuff
5 Mother Earth Gem 12.5% Health, 12.5% Attack Debuff
6 Hallows Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack
7 Gem of Courage 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Defense Debuff
8 Chronos Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Attack Debuff
9 Father Time Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Enemy Health Debuff
10 Rose Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health
4th Slot Gems
1 Rainbow/Elite Defense Gem – Use this unless you have a lower troop count and need more attack. 35% / 25% Defense
2 Dragonfire Gem – Use this if you don’t have the troop count and need the extra attack. 25% Troop Attack
Anti Zeus Core Set
Anti Nike/Zeus

Keep in mind that better cores and pieces are being released all the time and you may find one that provides even greater Cavalry Defense which is the best stat for Anti Infantry cores.

If you’ve attained higher stats with better pieces or cores please let us know in the comments below!

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Anti Artemis / Poseidon Ranged Core Set

Anti Artemis / Poseidon / Ranged Core Set

Artemis and Poseidon Core Set have high Defense Debuff, Ranged Attack, Health Debuff, Troop Attack Debuff and Cavalry Attack Debuff.

When crafting a custom anti-ranged core set, focus on Infantry and Troop Defense.  Poseidon and Artemis being a Ranged Missile Attack core set, it will destroy your Infantry Troops if the defense is not high enough.

Also, the lower your troop count the higher your attack will need to kill the entire rally.  Since these sets debuff your attack it helps to add Health Debuff to lower the rally’s health because it will increase increases your troop’s effective attack power on the enemy rally.

Suggested Cores and Pieces for Anti Ranged includes:

Anti Ranged (Artemis, Poseidon) Cores

Helm – Spring Helm Core, Frostforged Helmet Core, Wyrmscale Skull Core, Harpy Comb Core

Armor – Samurai Armor, Emerald Armor Core, Frozen Breastplate Core, Wolfbane Corset Core

Feet – Red Scale Boots Core, Swine Bone Boots Core, Winged Greaves Core

Weapon – Nine Dragon Trident, Underworld Pitchfork, Hunting Spear Core, Wyrmscale Spear Core

Accessory – Turtle Shell Core, Tempest Gauntlet Core, Bloodstone Shield Core, Ice Crystal Core

Anti Ranged (Artemis, Poseidon) Pieces

Defense Pieces – Broken Antler, Brass Key, Earth Icon, Paper Dart, Winter Glass, Under World Plating, Persephone’s Brush, Bronze Doves, Heron Charm

Debuff Pieces – Fresh Lotus, White Fur Crest, Astral Essence

Attack Pieces – Ancient Spearhead, Ring of Envy, Sun Brooch

Anti Ranged Gems

Gems will vary based on Stronghold, Research, etc. but typically stacking Defense is suggested.  Should you feel you are lacking Attack to kill entire Rally add Cavalry Attack gems to match the pieces and cores in the above suggestions.

Gems for Game of War

Alternative Setup

Alternatively, Poseidon and Artemis Core Set has tremendous Defense Debuff.  You may want to replace one Core slot with a Kunoichis Kunai to add 30% Defense Debuff Resistance.  Defense Debuff Resistance works on diminished returns.

Defense Debuff Resistance with Diminishing Returns Explained

To understand the effect of Defense Debuff Resistance use the following formula:

Rally Leader Defense Debuff * (100/(100+Defense Debuff Resistance))

For example:

Rally Leader Defense Debuff = 2,000

Defense Debuff Resistance = 30%


2,000 * (100/130)

2,000 * .769

New Rally Leader Defense Debuff = 1,538

Because of the 30% Defense Debuff Resistance that Kunai saved you 462% Defense.  Not bad.

Now let’s add another Kunai for a total Defense Debuff Resistance of 60%.

2,000 Defense Debuff * (100/(100+60))

2,000 * (100/160)

2,000 * .625

New Rally Defense Debuff = 1,250%

How much additional Defense did we save?

First Kunai Defense Debuff: 1,538

Second Kunai Defense Debuff: 1,250

Additional Savings: 288%  Not as great as the first Kunai.  Also, we must take into consideration our Defense Debuff Resistance from Research of 20% if we’ve completed the Defense Tree.  Let’s redo the first Kunai taking into consideration the 20% additional Defense Debuff Resistance.

2,000 * (100/(100+30 Kunai + 20 Research))

2,000 * (100/150)

2,000 * .667

Rally Leader’s Defense Debuff = 1,333 Somewhere in the middle of the first Kunai and the second Kunai above and a Defense savings of 667%.  That’s a decent amount of Defense we saved with one item.

Now let’s add a second Kunai taking into consideration our 20% base Defense Debuff Resistance from Defense Tree Research.

2,000 * (100/(100+30 First Kunai + 30 Second Kunai + 20 Research Resistance))

2,000 * (100/180)

2,000 * .556

Rally Leader’s Defense Debuff = 1,111

How much additional defense did save by adding a second Kunai?  Only 222% Defense.  Adding a Frostlord, Imperial Dragon, or Custom Core would be much better than using a second Kunai in this case.

However, as Rally Leader Defense Debuff becomes greater in the future nearing 3,000 Defense Debuff it could be better to add a second Kunai.

Let’s take a look.

First Kunai:

3,000 * .667 = 2,001, savings of 999% Defense.

Second Kunai:

3,000 * .556 = 1,668, additional Defense savings of 333%.  Here using a second Kunai would be better than an alternative item with less than 333% Defense.

If you are attempting a Normal Equipment Trap and have Defense Debuff Resistance Research to at least 12% I recommend using one Kunai in your setups.

Defense Debuff Resistance Without Diminishing Returns Explained

This math is much easier to calculate.

Test 1:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

One Kinoichi Kunai: 30% DDR

Total DDR: 50%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-.50)DDR = 1,000% Defense Debuff

Test 2:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

Two Kinoichi Kunai: 60% DDR

Total DDR: 80%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-.80 DDR) = 400% Defense Debuff

Test 3:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

Three Kinoichi Kunai: 90% DDR

Total DDR: 110%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-1.10 DDR) = -200% Defense Debuff, I’ll assume there is no such thing as Negative Defense Debuff and for our purposes Defense Debuff becomes completely wiped out or 0% Defense Debuff.  However, we are talking about Mz here so maybe negative Defense Debuff lowers the enemy’s own Defense… That’s a joke by the way.

Someone ran a test on this, here are the results:




This completes the math lesson for the day.  I hope to hear from you guys about trapping some unsuspecting Poseidon Rally Leaders soon!  Did you try using a Kunai in your Preset? Do you have a suggested Piece or Core no mentioned?  Let us know friends.  Good luck!



Crafting Core Equipment Part 2

Today I went ahead and crafted my first core piece as we are attempting to hold the wonder. Figured it might come in handy if I don’t let another half full rally strike a 300m player again. Ouch!


I suppose it could have been much worse…

Anyway, here is the Ferocious Scaramax core relic I crafted using a level 6 death, mortality, strife, and a level 5 war piece.


And here we are at the wonder.



Core Crafting in Game of War

Core Crafting in Game of War Part 1

Now that I have accumulated enough cores and pieces to start seeing the potential of this aspect of Game of War, I thought I’d share my thoughts. See Core Crafting Part 2. And Core Crafting Recipes.

First, I find the best way to gain materials for core crafting is by hitting and killing monsters. Also, you can attain core mats by completing daily quests. I have set my hero tree to maximum energy and energy regeneration. Also, I keep a set of gear equipped that is full of energy regeneration, hero attack power, and maximum energy. This allows maximum hits on a monster daily. If you buy any of the latest packs they generally include energy. The rewards for inferno and kingdom events also include substantial energy rewards.

Below are examples of what I’ve gained from max attack on level 5 monsters (pre-Archaeology update).

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

I’ve also enjoyed gaining 3 x LvL 3 Scaramax Cores from a single max hit on a level 5 monster.

Gaining cores from hitting monsters is limited since MZ introduced Archaeology. You must now farm the pile after killing the monster.

Now, I have my materials. What am I going to do with them? I suggest reading the help tips in the core crafting forge. This will get you started. It recommends combining cores and pieces to achieve the highest possible crafting levels.

I recommend combining cores to level 6 but pieces to level 5 then inspect how many of those you have and decide whether to combine that specific piece to level 6.  This enables more core sets to be crafted.  A core set with slightly lower stats is far superior than no core set at all.

Next, your research must be high enough in the Crafting Tree to craft different levels of core items.

Scaramax cores look very promising as they provide attack power and March boost. Along with that core I like the piece Mortality which provides an enemy troop defense debuff!

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

Here is an example of a level 5 Scaramax core with 3x Legendary, 1x Epic piece. As you can see there are some very nice stats here for little cost, roughly 2 m silver. I’m still researching the core equipment basics to get minimum stats and duration up. Also, I’m saving mats to craft a level 6 or until someone really upsets me ha!

core crafting in game of war

Imagine equipping 7 of these type of legendary core relics! Nearly 700% troop attack bonus and what is really exciting is the stat to debuff the enemy troops!

Again, the stats on potential cores have great improved! Ha!  Here is an example of such modern core.  In a few months, though, we will be balking at this score stats screenshot!

Frostbitten Shiver Stats
Frostbitten Shiver Stats

The remainder of this article describes relics being used in a wonder fight.  Before cores were available relics were all the rave!  They were vastly superior to the normal gear option available at the time.  Not many people were using them because they didn’t understand the value of spending speeds and silver on an item that expired in less than an hour.  The following player began using relics at our Wonder and changed the scenario for Wonder fights forever.  Obviously, presently we use Core sets and usually not just any cores but Secret Core Recipes.  

Today at the wonder we faced an alliance who’s rally leader was wearing several legendary core relics along with several legendary hydra relics. They successfully defended wonder twice before a perfectly timed double rally did them in. Even with 400k less troops on the final rally it was a narrow margin of victory. Gears of War people. Craft those relics!








Even outnumbered, look how close they were to defending against us because of proper gear.



Recently, my alliance has started using the a missile attack strategy to boost one troop type with devastating results:

Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile

See more at Missile Attack Strategy

In Crafting Core Equipment Part 2, I capture some early battles using core equipment, circa November 2014.  Thanks for reading!  If you have questions or comments (be gentle) please leave them below.