Game of War Story: Make them an offer they can’t refuse…

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While many of our friends and old alliance mates have moved on to other things, it’s nice to reminisce about old battles and kingdom narratives.

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Enjoy this Game of War Story from October 20, 2014

The latest news in Dahae kingdom is a continuation of the DF (Dahae Fighters) vs. D (Dreaded Legion) saga.  DF, in a surprise move, has decided to offer new kingdom rules to all alliances.

This coming from the alliance that since its inception has fought against rules of the ruling alliance, creating chaos and fear, forcing many to quit Game of War completely.

Game of War Kingdom Rules: Dahaefighter

The spirit of these new rules are said to strengthen the kingdom for kvk events.  They are basically 1) no tile hitting outside of kill event 2) no holding heroes 3) no rallying.

The most comical part of the whole scenario was they created a room for the leaders of alliances to join and discuss the rules.  But you can imagine how that went.

Keep in mind DF has been terrorizing it’s own kingdom for months now.  Zeroing people, farming them, executing heroes.

Initially they stated it was to toughen and strengthen the weak for kvk.  Now they argue Dahae needs rules of non aggression to grow.

game of war story

R5 Kingdom Discussions

The discussion was pleasantly taking place until one member of DF became agitated and began cursing everyone in the room out.

This ultimately led to most of the top alliances to reject the rules.

DF has since announced war against them.

The smaller alliances who accepted the rules have already experienced DF breaking them by being tiled by them.

True Intentions of Kingdom Rules

So, what are the true intentions behind these new rules?

Mostly posturing to appear to rule the kingdom?  DF can’t even control the wonder.  Last night they got their butt’s handed to them by PK.

In my mind they continue to be a band of misfits and thieves attempting to establish themselves as an honorable and legitimate alliance with Dahae’s best interests at heart.

Sounds like the lie Michael Corleone from The Godather tells his wife over and over.  “We will soon be 100% legitimate.”

Game of War Story


Core Duel

#94 MGd had an interesting night of high stakes Core Dueling.  A battle between our enemy HV and ally XX was posted in our alliance chat.  One XX member Kenji had already lost his hero to HV Trilla4War after using a full infantry Core set.  Much chest pounding ensued in Kingdom Chat.  Trilla4War was challenging anyone in the kingdom to try to burn him.  This, of course, piqued the of MGd as we are bored and have many folks wishing to take their “Ferrari’s” for a spin!  So, within minutes we are doing a head count for online T4 for rally.  

Everyone is ready and willing.  First up MGd Drew 360.  With a full set of cavalry 6/6 cores we set rally and…..

Poof!!! HV Trilla4war ports…

Lots of bickering in KC and eventually we port to HV hive and reset…

This time the rally marches… But doh, hero eaten.


Here is a late screenshot of what Trilla4War had on.  Add a warlord helm to the mix.


We all hate seeing that report lol!

Well, it was a darn good effort!  We calculate and turns out we lost by about 160k troops.  Not bad considering he’s online with full counter reins and full counter lvl 5 cores. 

Inmediately MGd Runner is ready to set.  We will wait 30 minutes to let cores cool down.  

We are ready and set rally.  Using a bit of trickery, MGd Runner is able to burn Trilla4war this time using a full set of infantry level 6 cores.  Unfortunately for Trilla he misreads the rally and pops a full lvl 5 defensive core preset of Cavalry lol!  



Thanks for the epic battle HV!  Core Dueling is crazy!

Return of the King

What a weekend we had in K94!  It all started Friday night… I got a pm from a fellow R4 saying “Fight for the Wonder tonight. Heads up…”  Great!  Really so soon?  We had talked about challenging the wonder but it was still in the planning stage.  However, I guess we learned that DahaeFighters were planning to take it as well.  As you may recall from previous posts. See Russians Take over. and Make Them an Offer.  There has long been a battle in K94 with DF vs. basically the entire kingdom.  Well, DF recently proposed rules for the kingdom as mentioned in “Make them an Offer” post.  This created a friendly alliance with Wonka alliance.  More on this in a moment,

The wonder opened Friday night and sure enough DF took the wonder.  Dreaded alliance battled them all night for control but neither side prevailed.  All night Friday through Saturday and into Sunday morning the battle for control of the Arid Labyrinth ensued.

Battle for Arid Labyrinth
Battle for Arid Labyrinth

However, DF continued to recapture wonder.  Sunday morning we awoke to see that DF had nearly satisfied the 6 hours it takes to complete the capturing of the wonder.  After some debate it was decided we would go to attempt to reset the wonder timer by rallying them out of it.  With Mopar Lar as rally leader we set off.  With our first attempt we prevailed in kicking DF out.

Mad Guardians - Arid Labyrinth
Mad Guardians – Arid Labyrinth
King Mopar Lar
King Mopar Lar

We prevailed at kicking DF out.  Now what?!  Are we going to try to hold this thing?  After 5 hours it looked like we might actually hold the thing.  However, Wonka player Kuwait Wulf at over 3 Billion power decides it’s time to “stop the war.”  So Wonka starts a rally.  We decide instantly we are not going to battle Wonka and DF for this thing.  Our mission was to see that DF does not capture Wonder as their practices of destroying their own kingdom, zeroing kingdom players, stealing resources and forcing many to quit should not be given the honor of controlling such a symbol of strength and power.

So before rally can hit we decide to relinquish control.

Now, DF is furious!  Their opportunity to retake the wonder was stolen by Wonka!  Their supposed ally!  So what do they do? They rally Wonka!  DF prevails as a result of a traitorous move by a Wonka player who removes his reinforcements just as rally is striking.  He then joins DF.

By this time it is well into Sunday night.  Some of our guys have been following this battle for the wonder for nearly 72 hours, myself included.  It looked as if DF would prevail.  We were satisfied however as we had successfully battle for the wonder and witnessed the powerful alliance between Wonka and DF rip apart.  We congratulated one another and I passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning I awake and log in to see some chatter in alliance chat from Mopar Lar saying Dreaded Red congratulated us for what we had done at the wonder.  Dreaded Red is the alliance leader of Dreaded Alliance. For the first several months of Dahae this King ruled Dahae with order, respect, and honor.  He was extremely powerful compared to the rest of the kingdom and could have chosen a more evil path.  However, he believes in honor and respect.

Well, it turns out Dreaded Red returned to Dahae to vanquish DF from the Arid Labyrinth.

Return of the King
Return of the King

After it was all finished, the response from DF can only be summed up simply by their current alliance profile.



One of the most interesting aspects of this wonder battle were all the relics used.   Take a look.


BongGirl aka BG the OG
BongGirl aka BG the OG





Russians take over…

Well, the day has come. The Russians have taken over Dahae K94. Much to the chagrin of Dreaded Red and his alliance.


Dahae Fighters “[DF ]” epic ascent to top three alliance and top alliance in troops killed began several months ago before the first kingdom vs. kingdom event on Dahae. They were then Blackstar “BS7”. With only about 150M power they were hated by most of the kingdom for their lack of respect for resource first march and other such common rules of peace during non-kill events. However, it was not until the first Kingdom vs. Kingdom kill event that the kingdom started to take notice of them.

Their small alliance was the talk of the kill event, well that and the opposing kingdoms king, Punisher. But this is when DF was born. They changed their name to simply Dahae Fighters and created a new fighting community… Many wished to sign up and did. With the help of large spenders, theMonti and the multilingual leadership of DahaeFighter, this small alliance has taken over Dahae.

By following it’s own rules, warring with Blood of Kings, then wonder and forest occupies, they have earned their position whether you like them or not.

However, I am curious how they will carry themselves as new leaders of the kingdom? Will they continue to burn their own kingdom during peace time to “prove a point to the weak?” Will they zero offline, unshielded members of their own kingdom under the same cause? Or will they unify and lead Dahae to kingdom vs. kingdom stardom.

As for Dreaded Red, the former king of Dahae and passionate opposer to DF? He has given us his answer by renaming himself to Gen. George S. Patton.


So grab the popcorn because the show is about to begin…