Dragon Dimension Starting Guide

I’m pretty excited about this Dragon Dimension so far.  It’s very similar to Game of War from July 2013 launch date.  However, I’ve noticed a few differences to look out for.

Buildings provide different boosts than in Demigod Dimension.  For instance, Barracks provide training speed and queue only while Villas provide defense stats. Hospitals provide no additional HP.

The best way to start Game of War Dragon Dimension is by achieving as many quests as possible in a chain. This provides the necessary rewards to keep going.

upgrade stronghold 23 game of war dragon dimension

However, I noticed they stop offering linear quest rewards around Stronghold 11. Instead it jumps to suggestion for upgrading to stronghold 23. It’s odd and maybe just a glitch on my account. Any ideas Machine Zone?

You can also obtain Hero XP to level up that hero. However, the hero skill tree is significantly different as well. Its much simpler than Demigod or the even the early days of Game of War. In fact everything about Dragon Dimension is simpler.

The stats, hero skill tree, and more is like the early days of Game of War before explosive runaway expansion of the game took over in Demigod dimension. The game had to go somewhere. I’m liking the reboot.

Hero Levels 201-225 Game of War

Ten of each type of building Empire quest line

The trick to starting out any Game of War account, unless you plan to load it up with packs from the gate, is to build 10 of each type of building: Barracks, Hospital, Villas, Farm, Mine, Logging Camp, and Quarry.  Be sure to end each series of 10 with the building you want the most of.

So, if you’re going to stack Barracks in your city then build 10 Barracks last. The reason for doing all this is for the quest rewards from building 10 of each building.  These quests rewards resources and Hero XP. So, yes you will build then tear down some of those buildings.  Don’t worry it will be worth it.

Visit the link for a more detailed look at this strategy and video guide.

More Quests! Daily, Alliance, VIP

Gladiator Levels Game of War

Second thing you want to do when starting is get those quests going. The timed quests provide additional resources and XP as well.

So far, I’ve reach level 10 Stronghold with just a $5.00 pack. I probably didn’t even need that, but I wanted to finished the “unlock Dragon Dimension Portal” Inferno.  This Inferno also provides linked reward to the Demigod Dimension, which I’ll jump into now.

Linked Demigod and Dragon Dimension Questing and Events

Game of War Spiritual Building

When porting between dimensions you have to restart GoW application each time.  If you have two devices its possible, I think, to be logged into each dimension at same time. Have you tried this yet?

Also, just before you port through, look closely for your “Linked Rewards”. Depending which side of the portal you are on, you could be earning a little boost for the other side.

Events Provide Great Rewards

The Dragon Dimension has many events you may attempt for decent rewards. One event recently paid out because it was impossible to complete.  Thank you Mz!

The events are usually fairly easy to finish. For instance, I have a linked event to collect secret gifts. I must collect 40 gifts to finish the event. I believe the secret gift drops every 10-15 minutes. You have hours to complete this event.

The Importance of Alliance Loyalty

Alliance loyalty is important for early dragon dimension. Shields CANNOT be purchased with gold in the Dragon Dimension. Instead, you must use alliance funds.

Peace Shield Costs

Purchase peace shields with alliance loyalty starting with 8 hours for 50,000 up to 3-day Peace Shield for 750,000.

Accumulate Alliance Loyalty

The best and nearly only way to gain loyalty is by completing alliance quests.  I think you receive some in alliance gifts as well. Peace shield DO appear in gold packs on the second purchase tier.   However, I don’t see alliance funds in the gold store yet or the packs offered in-game.

So ghost rally is your safest bet if on a tight entertainment budget.

Ghost or Fake Rally to Save Troops

If you can’t afford a shield then you must be a little creative in your approach to saving troops and resources.  First, keep your storehouse leveled up.

Your storehouse provides some insurance if you are attacked.

Hero Tip: The storehouse in Dragon Dimension saves Silver in addition to the other resources.

Ghost rally is pretty simple.  Once you’ve built a Hall of War you can set a rally on some abandoned level 10.  Send your troops on a rally and they won’t be harmed should you get attacked.

Set the timer to 8 hours to a place that marches through the forest for maximum march time. If you do it right you can keep your troops safe for most of the day.

The remaining troops you can send to a friends shielded embassy. Whatever troops remain must be covered by hospital capacity.

Another option that I don’t recommend but could help you in a fight is to send troops to an encampment. I’ll leave this for another guide.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy the Dragon Dimension! It’s been a joy reconnecting with so many players recently from our half-decade journey in Game of War.

Good luck and have fun!

Dragon Dimension Game of War



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Three Features I Enjoy in Game of War: Dragon Dimension

I’ve played the Dragon Dimension side of Game of War for while now and I’ve a few takeaways from my time on the other side.

Dragon Dimension is now the default dimension in which you start Game of War. This is a addition to Game of War as its a manageable side of the game. Demigod became unmanageable as many experienced players of Game of War discovered.

I invite new and experienced Game of War players to join me on Dragon Dimension side for the following reasons.

Dragon Dimension Portal GoW

Reconnecting with Old War Buddies

It’s been about a year since the old gang went in separate directions. Many friends left the game or serious reduced their activity months or years before even that time. So, its been nice receiving messages from nearly forgotten mates asking what’s new?

Dragons in Combat

It will be interesting to learn how these dragons effect the combat balance and mechanics of the game. I’m not far enough along yet to really notice a difference.

I’m still accumulating the necessary Dragon Level Up Crystals for my Dragon’s Den. Once I level the dragon up I can add additional skills to it for added combat boosts.

Fundamental Game Play

A return to fundamental Game of War allows experienced players to help beginners to learn the game at a much easier pace than Demigod side.

However, players looking to join Dragon Dimension immediately will be a little upset. A friend recently attempted to join us by creating a new account. He wished to jump straight to the Dragon Dimension but is not able to gain the necessary portal unlock.

We did notice a gift-able chest that contains a Dragon Dimension Portal Unlock, but requires a substantial purchase in the Gold Store. I guess we missed the limited time low introductory price of $5.00.

If you know of a simpler way to get your friends into Dragon Dimension please let me know in the comments.

Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events for Your Entire Alliance

The kingdom versus kingdom event is linked to Demigod side. The first stage is monster killing. Participants are awarded tiered points determined by the level of monster you kill for your alliance.

I’m not far through the hero tree, but I’m able to kill level 1 monsters to help my kingdom and alliance in the event.

-K 1183 [MGdL] Darkthorne

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What do you think about Dragon Dimension side of Game of War? Shoot me a comment below.

Game of War Starting Guide: Dragon Dimension

Hey fellow Game of War players! Are you starting Game of War or have you recently taken some time off to enjoy other endeavors in life?

Whatever the reason, welcome to Game of War: Fire Age!

For purposes of this tutorial I’ll consider everyone “starting out, but with some basic knowledge of the game. For example, Hero, VIP, building benefits, etc.

Also, if you live in a country that provides Game of War for Amazon app store, then you can save on purchases with Amazon Coins!

Amazon Coins
Amazon Coins

First, I’ll focus on the Dragon Dimension.

The Dragon Dimension Portal is still free for a limited time.

What the heck is the Dragon Dimension?

Its a sort of in-game reboot. You’ll notice a portal in regular or Demigod Dimension.  You know that dimension that is completely out of control stats, buildings, and troop wise. Yes, that one.

Well, click through the portal and find yourself looking at a similar Game of War from July 2013. However, don’t assume everything is at was then.

I’ve noticed a few changes in Game of War Dragon Dimension.

Dragon Dimension Starting Guide

Game of War Starting Guide – Return Quick and Easily to Demigod Dimension!

Instant upgrade items will get you back into the war quickly! These come in a variety of gold packs.

Nearly every gold pack has them now.

These items provide instant completion of research, upgrade to core and specialized buildings.

Once, you’ve completed your desired buildings plan, hit that instant building upgrade item. You will find it under your Specials tab.

Next, find the various instant research completion items. If the tree was previously completed it will let you know.

If it is, just break the remaining items for essences and to clean up tabs and inventory. You will thank yourself later when new items appear first in the tabs. This makes finding items in the future much easier!

Ok, great job! Feel the rush of upgrading and getting close to back out there into the fold! What’s next?

Tweaking for Current War Requirements

The instant upgrade items are nice and will get you close to the required stats and setup you need to NOT be annihilated. Next, you must check for the latest “safety report”.

Keep in mind that you may have a different play style than the “cookie cutter” profile provided.

For this starting guide I won’t go into specific requirements for safety.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Testing Your Recently Updated Account For War

Once, you’re satisfied you’ve updated everything to your desired level, its time to test.

I test my guys first with a hero-less solo if they are small and just getting back into the swing of things.

If he defends that, I hit him with a hero included solo, then onto a rally if he’s setup for rally defense. If at any point he burns, we figure out why and adjust.

Its much easier to understand the “why” of failure when you can see the attackers stats and ask questions.

Once you’ve readjusted whatever is needed to defend against your tester, its time to get back to WAR!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you out on the battle field.  Please C.R.R. 😉