Wondrous Mythical Creatures and Gear Improvement Levels

Increase your Demetor Gear to new levels in Game of War Fire Age when you unlock Gear Enchantments and Improvement Levels.

Obtain Demeter Gear Leveling Pieces to unleash new amazing benefits.

Also, new Wondrous Mythical Creatures

Max Benefits at Gear Level 200

The maximum power up for these new levels are the following:

Mythical Creature Attack 10 T%
Mythical Creature Health 4 T%
Super Troop  Attack 6 TT%

A new KvK Kill event is on the way! Use new Wondrous Mythical Creatures to demolish enemies.

Be careful, no additional defense is added when leveling up Demeter gear to 200.

However, the new research allows you to increase your march size with Mythical Creatures along with combat benefits such as defense, health, attack for Troops and Mythical Creatures.

Max March Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Capacity 750 KT
Mythical Creature Training Queue Size 750 T
Mythical Creature March Size 12.5 T
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Trap Rally Size 1.25 TT
Troop Solo Size 500 BT
Trap Solo Size 250 BT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack 250 B%
Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Mythical Creature Health 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack 200 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Health 125 B%

Further Bonuses from Mythical Creature Research

Super Combat Benefits:

Super Troop Attack Bonus 150 BT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 12.5 M%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus 75 BT

Combat Benefits:

Troop Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Troop Defense Bonus 750 BT%
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 1 TT%
Onslaught Attack 250 BTTTT%
Resolute Defense 750 BT%
Defense Annihilation 750 BT%
Unstoppable Attack 375 TT%
Rally Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Mobile Trap Health 125 TTTTT%
Troop Health Bonus 5 TTTTT%

New Wondrous Mythical Creatures

The latest Wondrous Mythical Creatures are found below:

Mythical Leo Creature game of War Fire Age

Wondrous Leo is among the six new Mythical Creatures to choose from along with Wondrous Harpy, Wendigo, Void Dragon, Celestial Dragon, and Dire Deer.

mythical creatures game of war fire age

Keep a close eye on packs in the Gold Store for items you need. Most of the $19.99 US packs lack these special new unlock items. They can be found only in $99.99 US packs.

Why We Played Game of War

Why Did You Download Game of War Fire Age?

I had just received my first smart phone and received a message from a friend that I should try Game of War Fire Age.

The dude on game’s icon caught my attention. He was raging with a rebel yell and teeth ready to gnash at anyone who dared stand in his way!

The game initially took on an Age of Empires feel. I walked through the tutorial with Athena and started to look around.  Cool! I’ll work on building my empire then lay waste to all these unsuspecting empires I see about, most have a shield like me.  I’ll book mark them and wait for it to drop.

My First Attack – Hooked!

I had my first army of tier 1 or tier 2 I believe at a whopping 100,000 power or something. I sent an army to a silver tile that I really needed!

Oops, someone else is trying to reach that same tile. My screen turns red! I turn red in anticipation and nervousness, and then…

Hmm, what happened?

I check the report. All my troops are dead and my hero is gone!

Enter Mopar Lar and Runner from Dahae Dawgmen

My first impression of Mopar Lar and his son Runner was spectacular. The guy who captured my hero on a tile was hit by Runner. Before Runner reached the tile my captor pulled his troops off the tile for a mad dash to his stronghold.

Mopar Lar was already headed that way with his incredible army of tier 3! Just as my captor was reaching his stronghold Mopar Lar lit him up freeing mine and several other heroes! Wow! This guy is amazing!

I was with Mopar Lar and Runner ever since…

Mopar Lar passed away a few months back and that passing was sort of the camel’s straw to break our alliance. We’d been slowly drifting apart but I feel this event really put a period on our saga.

The next month we took his alliance to the Super Wonder and with help from Allysssa and Draco we achieved a third place finish.  Not Emperor, but not bad for a team of social players who just wanted to stick together through thick and thin.

Many stories from our time in K94 and K106 are chronicled on this website.

Many, many historic articles are published here at gameofwartips.com.

Search for your Kingdom or Alliance

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Perhaps a look at Game of War’s history will help us unlock how we’ve reached the current state of Game of War. Whales dropping like flies. New installs lowest they’ve ever been.

Once top of the charts with Candy Crush, Game of War now barely reaches the top 100.

Once 2 million a day in revenue now scraping by with less than $100k/day.

So, yes, I’d say something is wrong with Game of War. No joy.

Game of War Economy – Important to Player Base Retention

First, it seems once resources were added to packs many players who specialized in hyper farming and selling resources were soon pushed out of the game.

These players had a small budget. It’s not enough to purchase packs frequently. Also, their speed-ups  no longer supplied by the sale of silver and food. This wasn’t what they signed up for…

Hyperfarming on a Grand Scale

Some players set up vast farming networks of some 300 accounts or more. Each of those accounts was a download and some spending to get them to maximize production was suddenly worthless.

Players could simply purchase large amounts of resources in gold store packs from the makers of the game.

This destroyed the economic balance of Game of War Fire Age.

No longer was Game of War about helping alliance mates with resources and other needs to upgrade their empire.

Instead, alliances began seeking, “big spenders.”

The first players to leave Game of War were the “farmers.” These players who prided themselves on the best production boost gear and empires that maximized a specialized resource.

These players were also apart of a cluster of other farmers who traded resources to maximize production of all resources per day.

Impossible now to keep up with out purchasing, these players tried to hold on as long as possible, but without purchasing it was impossible to remain relevant for very long.

The joy of Game of War slipped away for these players.

So, who remained? Spenders with a larger budget were mostly who remained.

What started your Game of War journey?  Why did you play?


Game of War – Post Ctesse Age – Changes

Game of War Post Emperor Age

The originating Emperor of the Super Wonder snub and player stance has called it quits.

ctesse game of war

Is she simply calling the bluff of all the haters who blamed them for all the problems in Game of War?

With Ctesse quitting, will we see a new, slower direction for Game of War?

In the comments by players in just this posts it appears that content release pace is the most serious issue in the game.

Friends playing other games express glee that they’ve experienced zero new content releases in the six weeks they’ve played that that new title.

In Game of War, players complain that new releases are dropped to cater to the most powerful, biggest spenders. However, even those players tire of the constant need to update their accounts.

Love her or hate her, Emperor Ctesse touched many lives over the years. I recall many of my alliance mates begging her to hit them. You could always count on Ctesse being the hardest hitting account in Game of War.

Ctesse receives the Game of War Michelin Star for bravery and love.

Ctesse Michelin Star

Whether you loved her or hated her, she will be missed.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Improve Game of War Fire Age?

Lately, Game of War Fire Age has become Game of Protest.  The protest is so strong the most popular and arguably the biggest investor in Game of War Fire Age has quit.

It seems the player community has had enough of the constant content drops and the requirement to upgrade their account twice a day to remain relevant.

The drop schedule has reached every 12 hours. This gives players just enough time to log in an attempt to collect mega gifts, which is also a broken system, upgrade to the new release and maybe get a couple hours to use it before they have to log out and sleep only to be presented with a new drop when they wake up.

Recently, alliance leaders asked their mates to drop tags before purchasing unlimited packs because the gifts created incredible lag.

The gifts are worthless to most anyway. So what needs changed in Game of War?

Players Taking a Stance By Sitting this Super Wonder Out

Gameofwartips.com has always been for the players. It’s great to see players taking a stance in an effort to gain the attention of the creators of the game.

Besides, they are the real shareholders of Game of War. The creators ought to listen to their suggestions to make the game a more appealing investment for their entertainment dollars.

Game of War today is the 26th top grossing mobile app on iOS. It narrowly edges out Episode ft. Pitch Perfect™ Compare this to previous years when Game of War held held the top 5 position. It’s clear the ship is sinking or has already sank.

How Do We Save Game of War?

I’ve asked many players over the years. This isn’t the first time players have taken to the nets in protest over the game’s direction.

In September 2015, Gameofwartips.com reported in a blog titled “Houston We Have a Problem”, Emperor Stayalive77 attempted changes to Game of War. The creators listened and released a blog post in response.

Mz Boycott Response
Response to Player Protest Sept 2015

Do you have a recommendation or an opinion on game direction for the creators of Game of War? Let us know in the comments below.

Player Suggestions

Software Issues

The biggest thing that I feel is needed is the ability to defend attacks, it is extremely difficult to defend a solo, let alone a rally and forget about a mega rally.

Too many software issue remain and lag is ridiculous. They have completely forgotten things link the alliance store, city rallies, black market and the market inside alliance cities.

They are never updated with new items ad the amount of copper per day is way too low.these are just the tip of the iceberg as for what needs to change, updates should be every 3 to 4 months, not 3 to 4 hours.

Content Release Pace

Mz, should change model that they operate back to volume based monthly releases and decent quality as they had in beta.

Additionally Mz needs to get strategy and adventure back in game. It is all about research. No cores.

Make the game affordable and if Mz release new monthly, provide options for people to buy or attain it by being logged in game.

Don’t create release items for one time use.  Like casino is there now it still reflect times 4 months before black market, what is use?  Bring back the old style kill and Super Wonder events.  These 2 hrs events make no sense, neither interesting.

Stop these routine of buildings, then special buildings, then gear then banner, then, hero then back again same routine. It makes no sense. We are tired.

Game of War has no strategy, no adventure, it is boring.

Make a change now before more people quit.

Content Release Schedule and Latency issues

I am Lucy Law, even though I’m not a rally lead, us fillers are relied upon greatly.

These constant upgrades and lag makes it impossible to keep up. I’ve been playing for many years and the people you meet on game really keep you there.

Regardless of all the issues we are having, Mz needs to start listening to us all, get this fixed. Slow down with the upgrades, bring back strategies! Stop the banners, gear upgrades etc… The list goes on. We want to enjoy it!

Pace of Content Releases and Costs

This is Ladi! I appreciate all the attention that this has given and the time it took to compile these views must have been extensive, thank you for speaking out on behalf of us and taking our concerns where it will be heard.

One thing I do appreciate about Game of War is the $20 packs.

More affordable for mothers with large families who enjoy getting away in a game.

But having to buy $20 pack one after the other within same week makes that impossible to remain affordable in order to play as you want.

Content release pace and strategy

There is so much that I agree with here.

One thing that I would say is that there have been so many large rally leaders and fillers that have quit playing because of the constant game updates.

No one can even keep up unless you are related to Rockefeller. The $20 packs have helped. There used to be updates about once a month which would allow everyone to form strategy and compete, rally and just have fun.

I agree that if you don’t spend a lot of money you just won’t be relevant as someone else talked about.

If MZ would slow down the updates and simply allow players to play, form strategy, and rally other alliances again, they just might see several of those big players return and move this game back into the top 10 game apps.

The ball is in their court. Let’s sit back for a bit and see what their response is. Either they want to see this game rise again or watch this great game (use to be) continue to sink. Your play MZ.

Read another player’s classic Farewell to Game of War.