Game of War Story #2: Kuran and CoPoTo Super Wonderboys!

Super Wonder Past and Present

This is a look at the past and present Super Wonders of December. With news of ONE snubbing this month’s Super Wonder (more below) and the community reaction, I thought it’d be interesting to look at past champions of the Super Wonder.

The following Game of War story is from December 29, 2014. Emperors Kuran and CoPoTo pushed the limits of Game of War.

Legend holds that Emperor Kuran discovered the “missile or bullet” attack strategy. He was one of the first to use a single troop type to attack his enemies. 

He made great use of Relics and Cores to maximize the attack of one troop type. The end goal is to kill more of the counter troops than you lose. It worked!


Super Wonder – Kuran and CoPoto December 2014

Kuran and CoPoTo are at it again. CoPoTo weighing in this time at an impressive 21 billion power and boasting an alliance power number of 134 Billion you have to ask yourself “Will there ever be a new Emperor?” Who will challenge the Kuran CoPoTo Order? Is this what MZ had in mind when they created the Super Wonder?



Super Wonder Instagram

You can follow Kuran on Instagram @xxkuranxx. Watch as he and his compatriots destroy billionaires!

Who will challenge the emperor? What sleeping giant and his ferocious friends are poised to take over the Super Wonder? Is there no one?

An example of what you will see @xxkuranxx.


What will he come up with next? Mz, hire this kid as a developer consultant.

Do you have a Game of War Story you’d like to share with your old alliance mates and the Community? Leave a comment below. 

Super Wonder December 2017 – ONE Will Not Defend Throne

Good luck to all those who participate in this weekend’s Super Wonder.

It appears the defending champions will skip this event in protest of recent developments in Game of War.

From Ctesse Instagram:

MZ lunacy

Here we go again …

MZ go from draws to one hit zeroes on huge players using solos.

Is MZ trying to drive players out of the game ?

Another ridiculous upgrade with massive players everywhere getting one shot zeroed from a solo.

We are taking a stand at ONE and instead of just talking about it , we are acting on it, by snubbing their SW event .

We are asking players to put their complaints into action.

Stop whining and act on it!

When they see their biggest money event where no one is interested…

maybe …

just maybe …

they will know we can stand united and we are serious about our rights and their obligations to the gaming community .

Super Wonder Ctesse snubsw







What do the other teams hoping to challenge ONE think of this move?

One player likens it to modern American politics in this humorous response:

They’ve won like 4 events in a row due to <filth> ups so they’d like the “recognition” of their absence from this event so that if they lose they can claim absence.

Last event we won. We did. But MZ took away our 1hr lead creating only minutes between our emperor and ONEs.

In that light, ONE is announcing their absence in case MZ gives a fair fight this round. They are doing this to save face incase they lose.

If they truly cared and were actually concerned with game they would have joined in boycott or organized one prior to all of Tess accounts with title.

Clearly they didn’t care too much when we were all participating. But now that we are fighting daily they want to say this to save rep if they lose and to downplay our victory if they win.

Honestly, Ctesse IG posts are in same category to Trumps tweets in my view.

Every day it’s something else all designed to save face and distract.

Tesse claiming the fight for the peeps and to change things when it’s known that she has collaborated with MZ on many of current in game features.

How can she be for peeps when she helped to build the current game design? It’s smoke and mirrors.

The fact that she’s calling for new game platforms to transition speaks clearly that she is not for the peeps.

Why be for the peeps then ask for new game to move to that they will then need to spend more money on? That’s not for them… that you ask them to continue to spend money and follow your conquest of the app market platform.

That’s not for peeps, that’s for herself to continue slaying with a following.

Could just as easily be for the peeps, cancel ALL gaming and not seek new game. And instead use sum of 3 months of her high level spending while for each of those 3 months sponsoring 8-12 people to fly out to visit for a weekend hangout…

Literally.. her spending would sponsor ONE team meeting. If truly for peeps, and only cared about the people of her team she would be more inclined and DRIVEN to meet them. Not simply drag them to a new game.

If she drags anyone to a new game their first thought should be, Why this game?

How could Tesse be connected with these new developers for personal influence. If she goes to a new game I’d suspect MZ connects as well to market more activity on that game.

Ultimately. I think we will see ONE at the event. Their level of participation will be that of their current ability to win the event. Last time as I said, they won literally due to MZ’s interference much like Russia’s in the election.

Super Wonder Prelims TessWill ONE defend after all? We will see tonight December 1st at 8 PM PST and December 2nd at 04:00 UTC!

Ultimate Barbarian King Gear Set – Game of War

Machine Zone has released another gear set for us. Barbarian King Gear Set.

The Ultimate Barbarian King Set provides the following stats.  Brace yourselves, here comes a bunch of letters and numbers and stuff.

Ultimate Barbarian King Set Stats

Troop Attack 1.5 MTT%
Wonder and Rally Health 3 MTT%
Mobile Trap Health 1.5 MTT%
Defense Annihilation 1.5 MT%
Legion Defense Debuff 50 KT%
Unstoppable Attack 125 MT%
Troop Defense 1 MT%

Harbinger of Destruction Set Leveling Applies

Harbinger of Destruction Set Levels apply to this new Ultimate Barbarian King set. You can level it up. The in-game blog also reminds that you can improve this set to level 5 to obtain the following stats:

Level 5 Ultimate Barbarian Set Gear Stats

Troop Attack 500 KTT%
Legion Defense Debuff 25 KT%
Wonder and Rally Health 1 MTT%
Mobile Trap Health 500 KTT%

The gold packs have an assortment of ways to obtain this new set. Remember, play Game of War to your budget.  When you over spend you become bitter.  When you become bitter the game ceases to be enjoyment and rather an addiction.

game of war news

If you need help with GoW addiction and someone to help you set up a budget and plan when to spend, please contact me on Line App: darkthorne.

Have you quit or thinking of quitting Game of War?

Read one players heartfelt farewell letter to Mz and his gaming friends.

Game of War Upgrading Strategy

Game of War has changed quickly over the past months. If you are just beginning on your journey or returning from a break, you should understand the new pace of content release and adjust your purchasing strategy accordingly.

In the beginning of Game of War, few packs at all were needed to advance your stronghold. However, presently, its impossible to advance your stronghold without some kind of purchase.  Timing of that purchase is essential if you are budgeting for Game of War.

When asked by players, should I buy this pack Dark? Well, the time of day matters, also whether you have time to enjoy the benefits of that pack upgrade before something new drops.

Timing of Pack Purchasing

Everyday new packs roll out.  The creators usually release them at 5 PM PDT, 8 PM EST, Europe you’re on your own LOL.  I guess around Midnight. So, if you ask me shortly before new packs drop, then my answer is generally no.  Wait for new packs to drop and along with it new content. You have about a 50% chance that new content is coming each day now.

That being said, if you purchase the pack will you use it enough before new content drops? If you buy and can’t play for a few days, then that pack becomes basically worthless.  You will need another pack to be safe that contains the previous 3 days drops.

Does this make sense? Hit me on Line if you have questions or in the comments below.

Again, be safe, have FUN!

-Darkthorne MGd Alliance, Kingdom 346. 🙂


Good luck and stay safe.

Please leave us comments with your experience with this new set.



Zero to Hero!

Whats going on in Game of War?!

In the last few weeks, Game of War has changed greatly, giving rally leads the biggest advantage the game has ever seen.

Many players suffer one shot zeroes. Losing all there troops in one blow. The trap mentality is to add more troops. So you try 1TT, nope 2TT, Nope 3TT, Ok 4TT. Screw it for once troop count won’t fix this. We need something else. So this last weekend the higher hero, SH, and research became doable to most traps.

What do I need now in Game of War?

Troops, Hero Level, and Research

Last week I nearly lost everything, even with 2TT x T3. Well, I upgraded to see the difference. I went with hero lvl 80. The bigger boost towards the bottom of the skill tree are insane.

I’m talking huge benefits in defense and in debuffs. Next, I instantly upgraded all my buildings to lvl 80 giving me a nice boost to my resolute defense. I like the results so far. Then I went for the research.

With instant T11 research, I added 9 KT resolute defense (RD). Then I started the T12 tree. Luckily resolute defense is towards the top of this tree. It’s worth 15 KT when you max it. So, with the one pack I reached lvl 4 and and added 9.2 KT RD. That was huge! But I still wasn’t happy. I knew there was more.

So, I added the soldier avatars I got from the pack and it gave another 4 KT resolute . Hmmm still not happy. So, I added the new banners and runes to give me more defense.

Please check our banner and runes list for the best set up. Or join our line trap room. My numbers still didn’t impress me. I needed more. Luckily that one pack offered me the Harbinger accessories. Each adding 3KT resolute defense! I equip them and I check my stats. Boom 101KT resolute defense. I started at 46KT. I was super excited. But still wanted just a tad more.

Game of War Trap

Gear Upgrades

Next, with that pack I decided to upgrade my gear further. I took all my gear to lvl 9. And man it was a good move. I know have 285 KT individual defense. So, I think I’m looking pretty good. I port to the wonder. A 500B march hits. Capped. 700 capped .. Then a monster comes out of no where hero 190. 900B march… Capped. I knew that I was ready.

I went from zero to hero!! In just a few hours. If you have any questions feel free to check our line room or comment here. As always it’s been a pleasure.

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-Blind Eagle


Game of War Alliance City Contest

Congratulations to Brax the Alliance City Contest Winner!  Thanks to all who entered and we will have more giveaways in the future!  Good luck with your Alliance City builds!



Contest:  To kick off the Alliance City and to say thank you to all the amazing support, is giving away 100,000 Gold in gifts the day the Alliance City is released!

How to enter:

  • Simply “Like” Gameofwartips Facebook page found in the Menu of the site (mobile device:  “3 bar” menu button above).
  • Leave a comment below in this post with the phrase “Game of War Alliance City Contest” for your chance at 100,000 G in gifts!
  • Already liked the page?  No problem, just leave the phrase in a comment and you are entered!

How are winners selected:  Once the Alliance City is released I will total the number of comments left in this post and random that total.  I will then count down the list of comments.  If your comment matches the number you win!

I’ll post the winner the day the Alliance City is released!

Enter as often as you’d like to improve your chances!

Good luck and thank you!

Redeem Codes Game of War Fire Age

Redeem Codes Game of War

Redeem Codes Removed from Game of War

Unfortunately, the redeem code feature in Game of War has been removed for unknown reasons.  Refer a friend and Facebook are still available however.

Should you wish to start a new account and need a referral code enter:

XLK3 97812 43057

We will both receive rewards!  Enter code in Refer a Friend under More option bottom right of the game.

Furthermore to purchase cheap Game of War packs check out this tutorial:

Cheap Game of War Packs!


The remainder of this post is kept for historical purposes.

The following are the redeem codes I’ve used in the past. However, they expire quickly. So, check back often as the most recent are posted at the top. Good luck!


447418 – 2 x 15 Hour Speed UP
19861107 – 1 x Epic chest, 1 x Olympic Chest, 3 x 8 hour speed ups
65332901 – 2 x 10,000 Hero Energy, 2 x 1,000 VIP Points, 2 x 15 Hour Speed Up.
555421 – 3 x 8 hour speed up
992599 – 24 hour speed up, Christmas Alliance Crate, Winter Chest
383550 – 2 x 10,000 Energy, 24 hour speed up, 15 minute Monster Attack Boost
1206050 – 2 x 24 hour speed up, 2 x 1000 VIP points
473574 – 2 x 24 hour speed up
67103 – Turkey Feather Chest
621725 – 3 x 24 hour speed up
09192014 – 8 hour speed up
44937 – Halloween Chest
86113 – 3×24 hour speedup