Game of War – what’s next?

We have experienced the kvk kill event aspect of Game of War. New hero and restorative research tree to spend our time, resources, and money on. Now, what’s next for Game of War? How will MZ hold the interest of so many players?

Personally, I’ve reached a plateau of sorts in my gameplay. I’m too big to be attacked solo and judging by the last kill event not a good target for rallies. The kill event experience is declining.

Alliance members are expressing thoughts of leaving the game.

Currently, however, a new war with a local alliance has popped up yet again as they attempt to claim Dahae as their own. They seek to destroy the kingdom leaving only their alliance to reign. I’ve witnessed this on other kingdoms we’ve faced in kill events. So fighting them has sparked a bit of an interest.

I am enjoying my sh 14 anvil account. It’s enjoyable to surprise t4 marches with a million t2 and traps. But I wonder what MZ plans to do next? Will it be T5? Will the develop coliseum into more of a kill event battlefield?

Some friends have left to start in new kingdoms. They are kings there in the ruling alliance and appear to be having a blast.

To this point, Game of War has been mostly a building game and less so battle or war game. So many people play it to develop resource generating accounts and are upset when they must engage in battle. Mostly due to the cost of troops and traps. Mz recognized this and introduced the restorative tree but will it be enough?

New Restorative Research Tree!

MZ has announced a new research tree for Game of War – Fire Age.

This tree promises boosts to:

Trap salvaging
Training cost reduction
March speed
Resource generation
Altar bonus duration
Training capacity
Trap building speed
Troop training speed
And luck.







I am excited to begin research on this new tree. Also, I’m curious if MZ will ever introduce medic troops to game to help sustain troops in battle.

MZ refuses to admit wrongdoing

I just received word from MZ concerning the bugged rally that hit me last KvK. see Friendly-Fire Bugged Rally:

SEP 08, 2014 | 02:18PM PDT
Bambi Sloan replied:
Hi there Brent,

I’ve discussed this with others, and it seems that this was a fair hit. I’m very sorry but I would not be able to offer you any compensation for this issue.


All I’m asking for is an admission of the bug and they will patch it. This affects the integrity of their product and should not be swept under the rug.

Update: After responding to the above reply from MZ, I now get the automated response that “my concerns have bee forwarded to the design team…”

It’s unfortunate that a 3 billion dollar company feels it’s best policy to call it’s supporting players liars and not make any effort to correct their faulty product.

Be careful porting into a heated battle because you just may be hit by your friends rally and MZ doesn’t care about your losses…