Why We Played Game of War

Why Did You Download Game of War Fire Age?

I had just received my first smart phone and received a message from a friend that I should try Game of War Fire Age.

The dude on game’s icon caught my attention. He was raging with a rebel yell and teeth ready to gnash at anyone who dared stand in his way!

The game initially took on an Age of Empires feel. I walked through the tutorial with Athena and started to look around.  Cool! I’ll work on building my empire then lay waste to all these unsuspecting empires I see about, most have a shield like me.  I’ll book mark them and wait for it to drop.

My First Attack – Hooked!

I had my first army of tier 1 or tier 2 I believe at a whopping 100,000 power or something. I sent an army to a silver tile that I really needed!

Oops, someone else is trying to reach that same tile. My screen turns red! I turn red in anticipation and nervousness, and then…

Hmm, what happened?

I check the report. All my troops are dead and my hero is gone!

Enter Mopar Lar and Runner from Dahae Dawgmen

My first impression of Mopar Lar and his son Runner was spectacular. The guy who captured my hero on a tile was hit by Runner. Before Runner reached the tile my captor pulled his troops off the tile for a mad dash to his stronghold.

Mopar Lar was already headed that way with his incredible army of tier 3! Just as my captor was reaching his stronghold Mopar Lar lit him up freeing mine and several other heroes! Wow! This guy is amazing!

I was with Mopar Lar and Runner ever since…

Mopar Lar passed away a few months back and that passing was sort of the camel’s straw to break our alliance. We’d been slowly drifting apart but I feel this event really put a period on our saga.

The next month we took his alliance to the Super Wonder and with help from Allysssa and Draco we achieved a third place finish.  Not Emperor, but not bad for a team of social players who just wanted to stick together through thick and thin.

Many stories from our time in K94 and K106 are chronicled on this website.

Many, many historic articles are published here at gameofwartips.com.

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Where Did We Go Wrong?

Perhaps a look at Game of War’s history will help us unlock how we’ve reached the current state of Game of War. Whales dropping like flies. New installs lowest they’ve ever been.

Once top of the charts with Candy Crush, Game of War now barely reaches the top 100.

Once 2 million a day in revenue now scraping by with less than $100k/day.

So, yes, I’d say something is wrong with Game of War. No joy.

Game of War Economy – Important to Player Base Retention

First, it seems once resources were added to packs many players who specialized in hyper farming and selling resources were soon pushed out of the game.

These players had a small budget. It’s not enough to purchase packs frequently. Also, their speed-ups  no longer supplied by the sale of silver and food. This wasn’t what they signed up for…

Hyperfarming on a Grand Scale

Some players set up vast farming networks of some 300 accounts or more. Each of those accounts was a download and some spending to get them to maximize production was suddenly worthless.

Players could simply purchase large amounts of resources in gold store packs from the makers of the game.

This destroyed the economic balance of Game of War Fire Age.

No longer was Game of War about helping alliance mates with resources and other needs to upgrade their empire.

Instead, alliances began seeking, “big spenders.”

The first players to leave Game of War were the “farmers.” These players who prided themselves on the best production boost gear and empires that maximized a specialized resource.

These players were also apart of a cluster of other farmers who traded resources to maximize production of all resources per day.

Impossible now to keep up with out purchasing, these players tried to hold on as long as possible, but without purchasing it was impossible to remain relevant for very long.

The joy of Game of War slipped away for these players.

So, who remained? Spenders with a larger budget were mostly who remained.

What started your Game of War journey?  Why did you play?


Quit Game of War

A dear friend of mine wrote this nearly 2 years ago. He’s remained a good friend by means of Facebook and Line App. Several readers have recently found his farewell to GoW article and I thought it timely to repost.  Perhaps his sentiments will resonate with you or a friend who recently decided to break or give up the Game of War.

To those still fighting on…Good luck! I’ll be here as long as I can navigating you through the treacherous waters of both your known enemy (that guy setting a rally on you) and that pesky other enemy (we will just refer to them here as “the creators.”

They are just that, creators. They create either fun or angst.  You decide.  Enjoy this classic farewell and be sure to read some of Harrycubed’s previous works when we were all fresh, new, and excited about the Game.

#SaveGameOfWar #StopcancellingKillEvents #weGetItWeBuyPacksBeforeAKillSoGoaheadAndGiveUsOne

Again, enjoy…

My Farewell: Quit Game of War.

Me: “My name is Harrycubed. I am a former GOW addict. ”

Crowd: “Hi Harrycubed”.

One guy in the back: “Wait, the great Leg Humper? THAT Harrycubed?”

Me: “Yes. Yes. THAT Harrycubed”.

Guy: “I’ve heard stories about you. I just assumed they were too amazing to be true!”

Me: “They’re all true”

Crowd murmurs. Things like “No way!” “Whoa” and “Holy cow!” and even a few “We’re in the presence of GOW royalty!”

Guy: “Tell us a story! An epic tale! A story about your travels through GOW! Tell us! Please! Bless us with more Harrycubed!”

Me:”Well, perhaps I could tell you the story of why I left GOW”.

GOW. And why I had to leave.
By Harrycubed. Narrated by Leg Humper.

A little over 2 years ago, a friend of mine (Kempo in GOW) tried to get me to play this new game he was into. Game of War. I said no. No way. Not another game. Can’t do it. No.

“But look, you can decide to attack someone, and you just pick up your base and move it right next to them!”

I resisted for months. Every time we met, he’d try. A little harder. He knew he’d win eventually. Frankly. So did I. But it was a small victory for me to resist for as long as I did.

Finally. He showed me a bit of the game on his phone. I broke. Downloaded it followed the tutorial. I was in.

This was the end of my PGOW (PRE-game of war) life and the beginning of my AGOW (active game of war) life.

Slowly. I learned the ins and outs of the game. There was a lot to it. Troops training. Research. Construction. Wall building. Quests. Wow. so much to do.
I watched as my friends attacked “enemies” and even rallied monsters. Those big scary bunnies!

I bought my first pack. I “broke the seal”. It was a bad move. Seeing all the stuff I got. Thousands of gold! A hundred days of speedups! Whoa! I would soon be king!

How can I attack someone!? Someone help me! Give me a target I can try to attack! (I had no idea what I was doing, and my alliance kept telling me to wait till I get the next tier of troops. I’d get t2, they tell me to wait till t3. I got t3. They said wait till I had t4…)

Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore and found me a target. A likely dead city. I asked a dozen questions and then pressed “attack”. A 25 minute March. I was nervous. Heart racing. Would/could I get attacked while
Marching? Would something happen that would cause me to lose badly? I had no idea! I stared at my phone screen without blinking, the whole March.

The attack landed. Delay. Delay. Delay. Fire! Yes! I won! The rush! The complete satisfaction in being able to take away someone else’s hard earned troops! Another step further into the “game of war addiction” darkness.

(Fast forward about a year.

High points:

  • My alliance merged with another. There was a minimum power to join the main alliance. I didn’t meet that minimum. Kempo convinced the “higher ups” that I would soon not only be above the minimum, I might be near the top of the alliance soon. I got to join the main alliance and I was the smallest. The “exception” to the rule. (I made 2 farms at this point. Called them “the exception” and “the rule”. Lol. Also found out how to change my “scroll”, and made it “I may be small, but I’m stubborn”. Still remains that to today.)
  • We were a part of the Dreaded Legion (D) family. Supposedly they offered us protection and instruction, guidance to become great. Frankly, we were treated as the red headed step child. The big D alliance wanted us to send our biggest players to them, in a show of trust on our end, but really it was just to keep the DF alliance out of the top 3 in power to be eligible for a spot in the wonder rotation. We sent a few. A couple stayed. A couple came back. But our alliance never saw any benefit at all. We grew. We were the biggest D affiliate outside the MAIN D group but still got no respect. We talked about breaking away, but there was no real benefit to leaving…..yet.
  • One of our own, stormbrngr, decided he had to leave. His “farm system” was enormous for that time. He was a great guy and a very helpful coach for me and many others. Losing him would hurt. The person who took over his account, eternal zen, seemed like a nice guy too. I decided to approach him and see if he’d like to stay with us. He pretended to consider it, but ultimately decided to leave to stay with his alliance.
  • I strike up a conversation with mmd.
  • Me and r4s group chat with them.
  • They love me. (Of course) They decide to join us.
  • We become MGd. We are a couple dozen fighters and a whole bunch of farms. (Context, at this time, I was 138M (Yes, MILLION!) and our alliance was 2.8B. I was 2nd in power in our new alliance, behind only Mopar Lar. We were the 8th ranked alliance at the time of our merge) I was 5th in Kingdom in POWER, but #2471 in Kills. I spent a lot of my time building, but never really learned how to fight. This merge changed all that!
  • We are no longer D family, but still getting attacked by DF (after they promised that they wouldn’t attack if we weren’t in D. One of SO many lies they told).
  • We decide, behind our biggest player, Mopar lar, to go try to attack the wonder. (See the story in my blog: (DARK! Looking for my blog of how we took the wonder, didnt’ see it in the leg humper fan page, nor did I see the QAOJ hero will die song blog?) Thanks!
  • We take it from DF
  • Kuwait Wulf says to Mopar “give it to me to stop the fighting. I’ll hold it”. So. After earning a great victory, we decided to hand it off to Kuwait.
  • We grow. Gain some new players thanks to our show of force at the wonder. Suddenly, other big alliances are taking us seriously. We’re “invited” to the rotation for the wonder.
  • Darkthorne decides I’m an entertaining character in Alliance Chat, asks me to do a blog for this site.
  • I blog (You’re welcome)
  • We grow. Gain some more. Fight like killer wombats. We are a great alliance who has been given nothing, and play our own game.
  • Alliance City is released. (January 2015) NO KILLER WOMBAT! STILL ANGRY MZ!
  • Merge event.
  • New allies.
  • Old allies become enemies.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Real life blurry lines.
  • Mz bootings
  • Mz customer support sucks

Some personal shout outs. I don’t mean to leave anyone off the list below, these are just people I have something specific to say to. Many of you, I’ve already said goodbye IN game, and thank you for understanding.

Allie x. One of my longest tenured friends in game. More of our conversations have been non-GOW related than I realized. It’s been a pleasure. You have the social game to make others around you work together as a family. Keep it up! You FINALLY made my blog! Congrats!

Eternal zen. Like a guy who runs a red light and then 2 cars BEHIND him get into an accident, you had one important moment in the creation of Mgd, even though it may not have been obvious to many. Thanks! (And for all the info and knowledge we’ve gained from you over the last years!)

Sir Asher. Might be the only guy I’ve met in this game who could match my sarcasm level. You’re Canadian tho, so you still fall about 20% short. Sorry.

Sir brax. Respect for you and what you do in real life, thank you. We will meet one day, I hope.

Jawbreaker and Samubri. I know you didn’t chat much, but when you guys chimed in, it was always helpful and productive.

Stldoc. One of the most wide ranging personalities in this game. One of the most generous, and genuinely helpful players…..people I’ve ever met. Thank you, and thanks for all those you helped that didn’t appreciate it as much as you deserved.

Titan. Haven’t talked much lately. Where’s my ore!

Itsez. Early on, you had a reputation for being a total nut job. Well……um……I got nuttin else. Lol. Jk. Stay strong.

Canadian. Great rally leader. Great trap. Great at wonder. If I were smarter, better looking, knew more about the game, and had a little less sarcasm, I’d be you!

Big Plunger. The only GOW player I’ve met in real life, and I wasn’t disappointed. 4 hours of conversation and a whole Mets game (a win in the playoffs) later and you didn’t hate me!? Best friends for life! (That waitress DEFINITELY liked me more, but if you feel the need to believe it was you she preferred, then…well….enjoy living a lie…)

InZane. Dude. Lol. So at one point. You got zeroed and were a small potatoes. Then steroids and weight lifting regimen and BAM! HUGE! Kill! Kill! Kill! (If it moves? Kill it more!). Keep killing. Keep everyone afraid when you port in.

Ousig. We have the “old days”. Kinda funny that we can say that in this game. Been a long time. Keep being a strong part of the leadership of this great alliance. Size matters not!

Drew. The core guru. No one understands how much work you put into figuring out new ways to crush opponents. They all need to thank you!

Runner. Keep being the example for others to follow. Stay classy.

Emre. AKA HeavyThunder. I impart to you a great account. One that I have invested a lot of time and money in. A LOT of both. Leg Humper is mine. But the hero you have will perform his duties as much as anyone. Kill lots. Have major amounts of fun. Be strong for Mgd. Kick butt! (Ask questions. Lots of new stuff happening lately. We have a great alliance and tons of info can be garnered from them.).

Wicked Candy. One of the Smarter players I’ve met. If you spent like some, you’d run this game!

Blk Mamba. Bro. One of my favorite rally leaders. Keep kicking butt!

Julio Ceasar, General one, Attillasfury. At some point if we ever meet in real life, please make sure you have my home address so you can put me in a cab and send me home. Attach the following note to my shirt. “Harry has been returned safely to you, and in moderately good working condition. Please note. You may need to bring him to several psychiatrists and drug detox clinics to help him recover from what he did and saw while with us. Be comforted in the fact that we’re pretty sure he had a lot of fun before he was knocked unconscious by the transvestite stripper. Ignore his limp, it’ll go away in a few days. The facial tics, however, may be permanent.

Cy. I’ve talked to you a LOT on line. Real life is a lot of work! I know how hard you work, I can’t believe you do what you do and how much you do for others around you in your life. Me helping with your farms is so small in comparison. Don’t thank me for helping you. I thank you for helping those around you. Stay strong. It makes others stronger to know you’re there for them!

Philmont. The monster killer. If there’s anyone in GOW who kills more monsters than you do, I’ve never heard of them. You are THE monster killer.

Butterkup. You rock. You’re small. And help this alliance in some BIG ways! Thank you!

Lord Richi. Despite our language differences, you had some of the funniest chats I’ve seen. Thanks for making me smile!

Shizz. One of the few who stuck with me during those terrible overnight wonder holds. Not the only reason, but for that reason at least, I thank you.

Fabdog. Dude. If I’m in your area….we’re meeting!

Ferun. We still need to write an Mgd song for your hubby to sing!

Darkthorne. The reason I have a blog. The reason I’ve brought so much joy into so many people’s lives. The reason so many people know of Leg Humper and the great harrycubed. The reason people love and adore and respect me. Well. The reason is me. Frankly. I’m the reason for all those things. But you were smart enough to notice it and give me the opportunity. For that. I say. Congratulations. Honestly, we need to meet in person some day. Maybe Vegas next year?

Mopar. In many ways, Mgd became what it is because of you. (Really mostly because of me, but of the remaining portion, THAT portion is mainly because of you). The right balance of knowledge, stubbornness, moral fortitude, fighting ability, and just, CLASS. many times I found myself feeling like the little brother or like the son you wish you had. No matter how much you deny it, you KNOW you want to have me over for dinner some day. (Mrs Mopar already said yes anyway, so not like you have any say). Keep being the King Arthur of the round table.

To all the pandas. I can’t keep you guys straight. Don’t know which of you I like and don’t like. So I pretend to like
You all!

To all the players I’ve had the honor of playing with over these last 2 years…you’re welcome. You got to experience me. My wittiness and sarcasm, intelligent humor, amazingly interesting anecdotes and personal stories you all enjoyed no matter how many times you’ve heard them, have all made your lives just a little bit better. You’re welcome. Lol

To anyone featured in my blogs. You’re quite welcome for the boosts to your egos by being mentioned in a great harrycubed blog. I hope you enjoyed them and take them how they are meant, as satire and sarcasm, all in fun.

To my MGD alliance mates, Past and Present (and some in the future, as you will likely hear many stories of my greatness.) It has been a pleasure and honor to play this game with you all. My family and “real life” friends have heard about many of you and I have perhaps had more conversations with many of you than those real life friends over the last couple of years. Please keep this in mind. Your R4s TRULY DO CARE about this alliance, they fight, argue, and go to bat for MGD and it has caused real life strife in some cases. They CARE! They look out for everyone in the alliance, small or big, new or old, If you’re MGD, you’re MGD. Sometimes the conversations go on for weeks and months over certain topics or decisions, and I apologize if you’re not always “in the loop” with those decisions or their outcomes. It’s genuinely taxing and tiring on them, and when the path is declared, it’s often a huge relief and it doesn’t always get passed along in a proper manner. Hopefully the new R3 room and team facilitates that communication. But please trust that they DO have your best interests at heart.

Mz: screw you. You are one of the reasons I’m leaving the game. You made this game, with a social part that’s more than I’ve ever experienced in any game I’ve ever played. Made me care about the people. About my stronghold. About my troops. And then I had frustration with the constant booting and the “glitches” like when cores don’t get put on in time, despite hitting the preset 30 seconds early. And then the customer service with all the “preformed form letter” responses. Nothing got accomplished nothing got better. For all the above, and more, Mz. Screw you.

To the Kingdom Chat warriors. We’re all guilty of getting frustrated and/or making things personal in chat. I keep at the forefront of my consciousness that there are real human beings who are playing this game and chatting with me, and whether I like them or not, I will try to show respect. For those of you who have gotten personal, in my alliance or in others, please keep this in mind. It’s not necessary to make others feel like crap so you can feel better. Please, there’s enough negativity in this world. Don’t add to it.

So this is my official goodbye to the Game of War world. Like any addiction, I’m sure I’ll go through moments of weakness where I feel I want to come back. I will try to be strong.

Things I’ve noticed since I got out of GOW:

I have an extensive book pile that needs attention. I always ask for books as gifts. Since GOW, I find myself with very little free time.

I have a whole family living with me! I have some hot chick who claims to be my wife, and 3 smaller people who claim to be my kids. I will try to get to know them better. (Today is a HUGE blizzard, 2+ feet of snow after getting nothing all winter so far. I watched my “kids” and “dogs” play out in the snow as I put my arm around my “wife” and watched and smiled. My phone was in the other room, and I didn’t care about GOW in that moment…..if THAT doesn’t say something…..I don’t know what can!

I’ve learned that it’s easier to eat meals, especially meals that require 2 hands to use like a fork and knife at the same time, when you don’t have your phone in one hand.

Bowling is different. My balance is a bit thrown off as now my phone isn’t in my other hand while on the approach. It is still a little strange not being able to let the ball go, and immediately turn around and check my GOW.

I have a big screen TV. It plays pictures. I’ve always known it makes sounds. But wow. Good picture on it too! Weird thing, many of the actors on my favorite shows are a couple years older than I remember from my PGOW days.

I’m a much safer driver now.

I have to work on my posture. For 2 years, the hunched over old man posture worked for me to walk and sit while on Game of War. Now, I have to look forward. Weird.

I will not be playing mobile strike.

I have an iPad I no longer need. I bought it for GoW. Now…..it’s too big to use as an iPod, too small to use as a TV….anyone want to make an offer?

I can now lift a car with just my thumbs. The amount of texting and GOWing I’ve done over two years have built the muscles in my thumbs up to such a degree than the current body building champion has PMed me for advice, the UFC has asked me to sign a contract to NOT compete as it wouldn’t be fair, and I had to register my thumbs with the local police department and FBI as deadly weapons. North Korea recently decided to aim their nukes at other countries as they realized they ONLY had nuclear weapons, but the USA had Harrycubed’s thumbs. they definitely don’t want to start THAT fight.

Leg Humper has decided to retire from GOW as well, and has enrolled in a local tech school. He’s being trained in heating and air conditioning repair, but is having trouble overcoming his recent history. At school, so far, he’s been sent to the deans office many times, mostly for a) humping the teachers legs. (And one short teachers ear). B). Attacking one of the school mascots, a bunny. C) trying to get others to follow him into battle declaring the kitchen the “wonder” and declaring the kitchen staff as the enemies. D) when told by the teacher to start his research studies, he dropped a few rocks, sticks, some pieces of metal that look like bottle caps, A Big Mac and some silver anklet he “borrowed” from a leg humping conquest. And told the teacher to speed it up herself. E). One day he showed up in full samurai gear and proceeded to talk in Japanese to everyone, screaming at them and threatening them with his sword. It’s a tough adjustment for him. I have faith, just not a lot of it.

I have been in this game long enough to have “witnessed” many births, a few more deaths than I’d have liked, a couple of marriages, some major life changes like moving across country, etc. I have always tried to be a positive person and hoped to be positive for anyone around me who listened. I prefer not to be negative and I hope that my attitude helped some of you, heck, even just one of you, make it through some tough times. I know for a fact that some of you have helped me, even if you don’t realize it.

I have told epic tales for your entertainment and amusement. If you haven’t read my blogs, please read some. Read the story of the Ponzi Scheme Frat Boy party. Read the unbelievable stories about Leg Humper in a Russian Prison. (My personal favorite, and the one that really put me on the map of All-Time-Greatest Bloggers. Read about how GOW can translate into real life. (The image of my neighbors dogs being scared about my pet war elephant still makes me chuckle.)  Read about my Alliance City thoughts. WOMBAT! GIVE ME MY ALLIANCE CITY WOMBAT! Try to find the SONG I wrote about QAOJ losing her hero. (I don’t think QAOJ liked it much, but I hope she appreciated that amount of work that went into re-writing “American Pie” in her honor.) Read my first blog post where I talk about how sarcastic I am. Read about what it takes to make a successful alliance. Read the GOW ADDICT QUIZ. Heck, read them all. They’re all pretty fantastic. You deserve a good smile.

I’ve freed up about 4GB of space on my phone when I quit Game of War. Screen shots, PW lists, web sites, core/piece lists, etc. All gone. Good news now, I wonder if i run GOW on my phone now, it’ll behave better? I may have to try it……

to be continued….maybe?

p.s. Please look me up on LINE, harrycubed. I’d love to hear about the current state of affairs in the kingdom and in the game, and more importantly, in all of your lives!

p.p.s.  I just let my wife read this. She looked up, smiled, said “Boy, if anyone read that and didn’t know you, they’d think you were a pompous ass”. I responded, “So they’d know the real me, then?” She laughed and went upstairs. Tonight, I can go upstairs with her, rather than waiting till I get gold in the kill event. It’ll be a nice change. I wonder if she’ll be pissy with me cause I’m taking up space on the bed.

To all of you who read ANY of my blogs, thank you. Please feel free to share this or other links on this website. Darkthorne put a lot of time into it and he deserves a little more traffic. It’ll be a nice send off for me too, knowing that I got a TON of new comments on my blogs because you all felt they were good enough to share with others!

Signing off


Hero: Leg Humper aka Bruce from the HVAC company

Kingdom #106 (formerly #94)

Alliance, MGd. The BEST alliance, even if you THINK yours is good. Trust me. I don’t lie.


The Beheading of a Queen

A Queen will be beheaded. Just another fun day in Dahae #94 
Please read the below to the tune of American Pie by Don McLean

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That long march to attack used to make me smile
And I knew if I send my lancers
That the flames would be my backup dancers
And maybe they’d be rebuilding for a while

But this Monday made us shiver
as MGD made HV quiver
War was on the doorstep
MGD, got some pep in their step.

I’m sure some of them cried
When those HV troops had all died.
Whole hives burning they were fried
Something touched me deep inside
The day the HV Queen had died

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

Did you see what she wrote in chat
How it was all our fault, and all that
Even if her facts were wrong.
Do you believe that HV blamed us?
Can they really think that, I guess they must?
And can you teach me how to rally real slow?

Well, you sent your troops right at him
I know that you’re mad at him
You set your cores up, they had to be used
Glorious Victory for Dark, I heard “WOO HOO”s!

I was reinforcing him, so It wasn’t luck
His stronghold was solid, His gear didn’t suck
We all watched, none came back out of the muck
We started singin’

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

Now, for two days, we’ve been on our own
Watching HV moan and groan,
That’s just how it always seems to be

When the jester sang for the king and queen
(I love the title of jester, BTW, don’t sing this part, just me
breaking the 4th wall here)
HV accused us of being mean
And then the outpourings of support came to MGD

Then the ports to our hive went down
The allies and friends filled our little town
The Dahae courtroom was adjourned
A GUILTY verdict was returned

While HV looked on and more people ported in
The support did make us all grin
HV realized they’d pushed ALL our patience thin
The day the HV Queen had died
We were singin’

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

Doc popped cores and went Helter skelter
HV ran to hide in a fallout shelter
Their power levels falling fast

Thinking they were too big, they’d get a pass
We caught a few, and they lost their ass
“Big Guns” with shields up made us laugh

Now in the air, the skirts of blue
DF and HV, I believe they knew
They really didn’t stand a chance
They knew on their graves, all of Dahae would dance

‘Cause they came to rescue that captured friend
Do you know what was revealed?
A Rally isn’t scary when it isn’t filled
For this, your Queen, shall die.
We started singin’

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

Oh, and there we were all in one place
A united Dahae, a warm embrace
With no time left to rally again

So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Dieifyoutry started this war by being a prick
DF is your only friend

You could almost hear Queens fits of rage
All of Dahae watching, you’re naked on stage
Balla starting rallies, then cancelling, it’s just as well
You haven’t got a chance in Hell

And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light my screen up, such a sight
I heard Fighter laughing with delight
The day the HV Queen had died
We were singin’

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

I got messages out of the blue
Saying HVs time had come, that they got their due
I just smiled and thanked Dahae

I remember how it used to be
When all the wars frustrated me
And we could never get along for a while

And in the forest, the tiles lay bare
The farmers sat, the miners stared
But not a word was spoken
The “peace” treaty had been broken

And the alliances I admire most
They all ported near Dark, we’re a gracious host
If HV attacks, they know they’re toast.
For this, your Queen, shall die.
All of Dahae was singing

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

They were singing (EVERYONE TOGETHER! With arms around each others shoulders, swaying back and forth!)

Bye, bye Queens hero will die
She set a rally and all of her t4 Died
Darkthornes troops, all t4 Survived
And that Queen’s hero was captured alive
This’ll be the reason she dies

100 M Hit! HarryCubed Joins Century Club!

I would like to congratulate #94 [MGd] HarryCubed for the devastating hit for 106M power!  Welcome to the Century Club!



We were originally asked to join a second alliance to hit a different target but he shielded after that alliance hit and before ours could land. So we were desperately seeking new targets for the cores that HarryCubed had JUST popped.

An observant alliance mate posted the unfortunate victim aboves cordinates. He had several long marches out burning farms of the kingdom when we ported in and landed this terrific punch!

HarryCubed had more than 2100% Strategic Cavalry Attack with this set!

Congratulations HarryCubed!  Keep ‘Em coming!

Alliance City – Deep Warped Thoughts…

Hey there again everyone! (Or just the one person reading this, hey there!) Last night the long awaited alliance city was finally released for #94. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts (and some commentary to illustrate how my mind works)

1) It takes a village. The WHOLE alliance is needed to get this thing going. We have many people donating RSS and speedups and deeds to get it to where it is currently, but it STILL has so far to go. (Could it be wiser to form one SUPER alliance, bringing in all the big players from around the kingdom to use their loyalty and gold to push it as far as they can, then boot them and bring in more big players, until the entire kingdoms loyalty and gold is completely used up, but we have one kick butt level 5 Alliance city?!) The sheer math of it is staggering. 750K loyalty for 3 hour speedup. one upgrade I saw was for 64 days, that’s 384 MILLION Loyalty points for that upgrade alone……How do we get to the higher levels when we’re all tapped out by level 4-5?

2) The lack of the Colosseum lately has benefited us for this AC build. Many of us were waiting for the coliseum to use our alliance chances, but since we didn’t have one, we saved them, meaning with a few easy hours of tapping them out, we can have more loyalty points to spend on the city. (Is this the genius of MZ programmers, or just a happy accident? I’d like to think they planned it out, rewarding our patience.)

3) What will be the long term benefits? Alliance wide protections, boosts, abilities? Individual things we can “borrow” from the city? (Perhaps one of the researches down the tree will be to increase the number of friends you can have in your friends list, or have more bookmarks, or more equipment bags? One can hope!)

4) Top left, the place where your hero is in your SH view, will we get an Alliance hero? One that can be upgraded (a-la Barry Bonds, we can purchase upgrades like “100K gold=1 shot in the buttocks from Roger Clemens of HGH” making our hero big and strong, or will there be Alliance Hero Gear to produce, build, etc? I, for one, hope it’s like an animal, a pet, like a mean fighting animal like a Bear, or a Lion, or a Wombat, or a Mongoose or something, and we can send it out on missions, like “Go to 123:456 and spy on the area, notify us of troop movements and resource transfers and when players log off to go to the bathroom” etc. That would be cool. There’s 2 spots there. Maybe 1 offensive Hero/animal, one defensive? Like the defensive one can be like a little girl crying, or a big pink teddy bear, or a puppy. Who would want to attack any one of those? Perhaps we could donate our Hero XP to making our pink teddy bear more fluffy, or our wombat more…..wombatty?

5) There are a LOT of spots left to be open, a LOT. Judging on what we’ve put into the city so far, I cannot imagine how much this will cost as a whole. But what get’s me hoping for the future of it is the University and it’s Alliance City Construction Speed reduction and research reductions. All we have to do is unlock those, then spend on those, then speed them up, to benefit from them……I’m getting tired just thinking about it…..

6) Rally, Trade, Scout the city? It has walls, they will likely be up-gradable, but how do we defend it? Trade? I can trade from my personal SH to an opponents city? Will we every get the oft-talked about “trade materials” option, and if so, how will it work? (My personal thought is that there is no way this is going to be “Hey, we can all donate all our stuff to one guy and make him awesome” More likely it’ll be something far less useful. Perhaps a “Donate your unused items like Hero XP or gear bags or fake armies or something and get a credit or exchange for some rss based on some percentage of gold value.” or MOST likely will be “You donate 1 material per month, and it takes 36 hours to march to the city, and when it’s there, it’s “Processed” for 2 weeks, at which time, someone else can withdraw that one material, at one level less than the donated item, etc”

I’d LOVE to think this will be a big benefit in the long term, and i’m willing to give it all my efforts to make it the best it can be, but when we’re a month into it and see what it is to become, I hope we don’t look back and go “How can we deconstruct it?”

Is there anyone out there reading this now that has any actual knowledge? Beta testers? MZ Programmers? Psychics who unfortunately can only see the future of GOW. (A completely useless and confusing ability for years, only now beginning to make sense) Anyone? Do you have realistic expectations for anything in particular? Feel free to post here,

Don’t forget to tell your GOW friends, and even your non GOW friends and family about me.

Thanks for reading this far!