Start or Return to Game of War Easily!

Hey fellow Game of War players! Are you starting Game of War or have you recently taken some time off to enjoy other endeavors in life?

Whatever the reason, welcome to Game of War: Fire Age!

For purposes of this tutorial I’ll consider everyone “starting out, but with some basic knowledge of the game. For example, Hero, VIP, building benefits, etc.

Well, you’re in great luck! For less than a dinner and a movie you can return to fighting status. Here, I’ll show you.

I’ve managed to do it. Here’s how you can also with just one $20.00 pack.

Returning to Game of War – Quick and Cheap!


Instant upgrade items will get you back into the war quickly! These come in a variety of packs. Nearly every pack has them now. These items provide instant completion of research, upgrade to core building 100, and specialized buildings to 125. Once, you’ve completed your desired buildings plan, hit that instant building 100 upgrade item. You will find it under your Specials tab.

Next, find the various instant research completion items. If the tree is previously completed it will let you know. If it is, I just break the remaining items for essences and to clean up my tabs and inventory. You will thank yourself later when new items appear first in the tabs. This makes finding items in the future much easier!

I’ll give you a moment to get that complete…

Ok, great job! Feel the rush of upgrading and getting close to back out there into the fold! What’s next?

Tweaking for Current War Requirements

The instant upgrade items are nice and will get you close to the required stats and setup you need to be annihilated. Next, you must check for the latest “safety report”. Soon, I’ll be giving the community a safety report that contains a profile of whats safe to drop shield.

Keep in mind that you may have a different play style than the “cookie cutter” profile provided. For instance, RoxyRica is playing a style we’ve coined “micro” account. She uses limited top tier only troops for attacking and capping solo and rally marches. You can learn more about her style in the blog post, Micro-Trap. She claims she’s no trap, but tell that to the dozens of players she captured and in return destroyed with solo attacks. All with less than 50 KT power!

For this guide I will not go into specific requirements for safety. Please have a look at the latest Ascendancy Research Guide. This tree is where you pick up the latest troop tier 14 troops and massive upgrades to attack, defense annihilation and troop health.  Troop health is what makes the micro accounts possible.

Testing Your Recently Updated Account For War

Once, you’re satisfied you’ve updated everything you can to your desired level, its time to test. I test my guys first with a heroless solo if they are small and just getting back into the swing of things. If he defends that, I hit him with a hero included solo, then onto a rally if he’s setup for rally defense. If at any point he burns, we figure out why and adjust. Its much easier to understand the “why” of failure when you can see the attackers stats and ask questions.


Once you’ve readjusted whatever is needed to defend against your tester, its time to get back to WAR!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you out on the battle field.  Please C.R.R. 😉