Three Features I Enjoy in Game of War: Dragon Dimension

I’ve played the Dragon Dimension side of Game of War for while now and I’ve a few takeaways from my time on the other side.

Dragon Dimension is now the default dimension in which you start Game of War. This is a addition to Game of War as its a manageable side of the game. Demigod became unmanageable as many experienced players of Game of War discovered.

I invite new and experienced Game of War players to join me on Dragon Dimension side for the following reasons.

Dragon Dimension Portal GoW

Reconnecting with Old War Buddies

It’s been about a year since the old gang went in separate directions. Many friends left the game or serious reduced their activity months or years before even that time. So, its been nice receiving messages from nearly forgotten mates asking what’s new?

Dragons in Combat

It will be interesting to learn how these dragons effect the combat balance and mechanics of the game. I’m not far enough along yet to really notice a difference.

I’m still accumulating the necessary Dragon Level Up Crystals for my Dragon’s Den. Once I level the dragon up I can add additional skills to it for added combat boosts.

Fundamental Game Play

A return to fundamental Game of War allows experienced players to help beginners to learn the game at a much easier pace than Demigod side.

However, players looking to join Dragon Dimension immediately will be a little upset. A friend recently attempted to join us by creating a new account. He wished to jump straight to the Dragon Dimension but is not able to gain the necessary portal unlock.

We did notice a gift-able chest that contains a Dragon Dimension Portal Unlock, but requires a substantial purchase in the Gold Store. I guess we missed the limited time low introductory price of $5.00.

If you know of a simpler way to get your friends into Dragon Dimension please let me know in the comments.

Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events for Your Entire Alliance

The kingdom versus kingdom event is linked to Demigod side. The first stage is monster killing. Participants are awarded tiered points determined by the level of monster you kill for your alliance.

I’m not far through the hero tree, but I’m able to kill level 1 monsters to help my kingdom and alliance in the event.

-K 1183 [MGdL] Darkthorne

Line App: darkthorne

What do you think about Dragon Dimension side of Game of War? Shoot me a comment below.

More Anvil Fun!

Another kvk kill event over the weekend and once again I caught some big fish with my sh 14.


I nearly won this battle against tier 4. Had I a few thousand more troops or a bit better gear I think I could have pulled it off.

Here is the breakdown:


In the end I won the event!


I’ll be pushing troop count, rebuilding a few thousand traps, and crafting better gear for the next kill event.

Solo March Trap: Beating the Biggest with the Smallest! 

Building a successful and economic solo march trap is not difficult.  It can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.  Several key factors are required for a solo march trap.

What is a Solo March Trap?

First, we need to look at the scoring system for Game of War:

solo march trap

Simply put, a solo march trap is a stronghold that entices outlanders to attack it with solo marches, but usually will not allow itself to be hit by a rally.  The idea is to score more points than the enemy in each battle.  For instance, if an outlander sends 400,000 T4 and the solo trap kills them all, this will score 40,000,000 points in a troop tier kill event, or 00,000 points in a power event.  Typically, a solo trap will hold lower-tiered troops such as T2 which are 8 power each and for each in a troop tier kill event they are worth 5 points if killed, or 1 point LOL if hospitalized.

How Should They Be Built?

The stat most important for a solo trap is defense.  Defense increases exponentially as your army’s numbers increase.  A solo trap will have superior numbers than the incoming solo march.  Therefore, a combination of multitudes of troops and high defense will allow your relatively small power stronghold to take hits from the best cores available in the game from the most powerful players in Game of War.  If built correctly a solo trap of can outscore any player in game.

Choosing the Correct Gear Items

Frostlord, Imperial Dragon, Golden Shogun, and Paladin of Sola provide tremendous boost to Defense.  These sets should be your focus points.  Look through these by set in crafting to see if you can craft any.  If you are close to an item note the materials needed and head to combine and see if you can obtain the mats you need to craft it to a decent level.  I say decent level because it may not require level 6 to be effective.  On my solo trap I’m using several level 5 Frost Lord items and having terrific results.  I’ve not spent much money on my solo trap maybe $100.00.  I chose a $50.00 pack that had Frostlord equipment and chests in it so I could get several purple items crafted.  I’m having a lot of fun with it!

Which Troop Types to Train

In order to keep your power low but have enough troops to defeat any rally leader, some solo traps are choosing one troop type.  For instance, a popular gear set may be Infantry based such as Nike.  So you could train all Ranged troops and be incredibly difficult to burn for an Infantry core solo or even a rally.  You will then build traps to that are also strong versus infantry.

Beware, however, of an Ares or some other cavalry rally as it will definitely destroy your trap.

These are just a few ideas for solo traps.  Have you successfully set up and used a solo trap lately? Please tell us more about it in the comments below!

Enjoy and have fun with those trap houses!

Gears of GoW – Dawn of a New Age

The crafting research tree will prove to be the start of a new age in Game Of War. Essentially, with proper materials and crafting a player can create items that will provide a tremendous boost to a rally or wicked defense against rallies.

As players from my alliance saw last night, gear can make a huge difference in rally power. A guy with standard legendary items such Apollo’s, Hector’s, or Leonidas’ pales in comparison to flame created items or other special event craftables. Now add to this the ability to add additional stats and gems to items with even greater stay boosts, it will be difficult to judge how much stat boost a player is packing.

Sure, a rally is 2.375m max. But look at that hero marching. Is he wearing research items or legendary relics?

The next chapter in Game of War is all about crafting gears of war! What are you wearing?IMG_0216.PNG