Game of War Merge Kill Event – End is the Beginning

Game of War Merge Kill Event

The End of Dahae?


In a few hours a Game of War Merge Kill Event will commence and another chapter in the K94 Dahae saga will be complete. It is possible that the kingdom that I’ve known since day one will cease to exist similar to when Bastion fought “the nothing” in The Never-ending Story. Poof! It will be gone!

The Game of War Merge Kill Event is met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it will be sad to see our kingdom disappear and be randomly ported into a new landscape if we lose. However, on the other, it could mean a fresh start and like a new game. Many of Dahae are tired of the same old stories and politics that recycle every few months. At any rate, whenever you smash two kingdoms together it will create much conflict and with conflict comes opportunity.

My alliance is excited for the merge because by some stroke of luck we know some guys in the opposing kingdom from previous kill events. We have a sort of alliance with them. We’ve helped one another with mutual enemies and at the Super Wonder.

This Game of War Merge Kill Event will be interesting indeed. Many “trouble-makers” of our kingdom threaten to go to the “other side” when the merge is complete. As if this threat somehow makes any difference to the kingdom. These guys have been resident outlanders for the entire existence of Dahae. They create conflict all week, attacking people on tiles, burning and capturing farm heroes, and zeroing small players.  But, when the kill event comes around they vanish, and do nothing.  Immediately following the kill event there they are again in Kingdom chat and burning kingdom  while the rest of us our out trying to prepare for the next kill event. No, we won’t be sad to see these guys get lost in the crowd of so many new trouble makers of the kingdom.

For the rest of us who have refrain daily from hitting own kingdom to allow it to strengthen, we welcome some new targets to hit. There was a time when we didn’t get a kill event for six weeks maybe longer. This put incredible strain on the kingdom. All research and no burning makes Jack a dull boy!

Well, I’ll keep you all updated on how the merge saga plays out. For now, back to core crafting and preparing for the event of all kingdom events!

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I will be bringing part of the kill event live (with delay of course) on Twitch.  You can watch it here or view recap:

If you’d like to see if your kingdom has been selected for a Game of War Merge Kill Event please visit our friends at Game of War Real Tips to find out more!

Game of War Real Tips Game of War Merge Kill Event

Ok, seriously, back to Game of War Merge Kill Event preparations…

Game of War KvK Kill Event Recap 7/4/15

It was another great Kill Event for MGd!  This time facing K110 and K138.

I managed to lead a few rallies alongside my alliance mates and will post the reports for a bit of discussion:

First, this example of a perfect rally:

We traded just a few T3 for nearly 800k enemy T3 killed using no cores.  Great hit Big Shizz!  A great example of massive positive points gained!


MGd Inzane66 turned in a few amazing hits as well as seen above!  Congratulations Inzane66 on joining the Century Club!

This weekend our core rally strategy was focused on limiting our T4 deaths so our hits were a bit smaller than in the past but we managed to lose much fewer points making positive points gained easier.

We also felt a fight at the wonder against a guy with full Samura gear and full golden shower set would likely end badly points wise.  If you factor total time of a KvK is 22 hours then the total points a guy/alliance/kingdom can receive is 792M points.  By rallying the guy at the wonder who has superior gear we figured we just be donating even more points to them.

Instead, we chose easier targets with sub par gear.  We chose targets that we knew had vast quantities of troops that our strategically crafted cores could destroy ensuring positive net gains under the “classic” points system.

The key to navigating successfully through a kill event under this point system is being selective on targets.  The rally leader must show restraint in his target selection.  This can be difficult when the core timers start, but it’s imperative!  The difference between winning the kill event and giving it away is in the hands of your kingdom’s rally leaders.

For example, some would argue that kill events are lost by people on tiles or players who aren’t shielded.  Sure, these players give up points.  Some are even zeroed giving up huge number of points.  Usually there are a handful of players, low in power, who are zeroed.  However, a rally typically has 2.375 M T4.  This is a total point liability of 275 M points per rally.  For argument sake let’s say a rally leader has a core set hitting well into 2200%+ and he knows he can burn a billion power player if gear is not great.  Should she?  Chances are if the player is online you will get one hit on them and they shield.  So, to get hero back she must kill 2,375,001 troops.  Chances are most if not all of those troops are T3.  The point value gained is 95 M but they’ve given up 275M.  A net loss of 180M.  So, this rally leader must show restraint.  Sure she can burn a billion player with her awesome cores but she should choose a much lower power target to move the odds in her favor of positive points gained.

Our targets we looked at power, gear, troops hospitalized, KDR, and kept a keen eye on hero profile for gear change specifically cores.  If KDR is under 1.0 and troop hospitalization is high this means the player is losing more than he’s killing and doing it often.  It’s a trap with the use of T1/T2.  On the other hand if his kill count is high.  KDR is above 1 and troop hospitalization is high it’s a trap with T3 in use.  We liked this latter opponent.  We would not choose a target of this latter category with high power say 900M and above.  We like 500M.  At 500M and under our core rallies can produce positive net gains.

Granted we did hit a couple of the former traps.  Killing 6m-8m T1/T2 troops providing limited points earned, but this is when your rally leader and spotters must better educate themselves.  After hitting said target look at their profile.

Is there anything there that was a clue you missed?  Usually in our case it’s a fresh trap that’s never been hit.  Before the rally no clue, but after the KDR goes way under 1.0.  6 M troops lost and maybe 1.5 M killed makes for a lousy KDR but they got massive positive net points!

In conclusion, we lost the KvK… Dead last in a 3 way.  We placed as highest alliance in our kingdom once again. Meanwhile a conglomerate of our other alliances decided to fight at the wonder the entire weekend against the golden shower samurai set rally leader.   They aren’t sure how we lost. HA!

Bottom line.  We all had fun using our toys this weekend!  We look forward to the next round of kicking butt!  In the meantime I’ll be in the lab crafting my next set of strategically designed postive points cores!