LeBeowulf Hive Revisited


It saddens me to inform all that today Mad Guardians of Dahae K94 loses one of our greatest warriors.  LeBeowulf has chosen to lay down her “Tome of Distinct and Infinite Intellect” and “Staff of Logic and Sense” to retire from the battlefields of Dahae and the Game of War.  Much like T.S. Eliot once penned, “[t]his is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper,” she is gone, removing herself quietly from our ranks and slipping in the shadowy abyss which is the “real world.”

Your sound logic and soothing, calm words will be missed in the rowdy officer hall of Mad Guardians.

As tribute to you, we revisit “Lebeowulf Hive” post from December 27, 2014.

When the task of reforming and relocating our newly merged alliance hive presented itself, no man would step up to the challenge.  A challenge entailed directing 99 members, with countless strongholds where their new homes would be.  But you, equipped with Post-It notes, bedroom wall, and possessed with the dedication to see this noble chore to its bitter, exhaustive end, set out to form a great, impenetrable phalanx.  It is a Dahae’s bastion of hope to this very day!


Without further ado I present to you “LeBeowulf Hive!”

Original Post Follows:

I would like to describe the “LeBeowulf” hive construction designed by (MGd) LeBeowulf of K94 Dahae.  It has several features that may interest your alliance:

  • Protected farms – farms are placed in the middle of the hive and must follow a “Mopar Mandate”. This mandate means any farms that will be included MUST remain shielded 24/7.  I personally use 3-day shields for convenience and cost.  If members are unable to shield their farms then it may be near the hive, but a substantial distance as not to attract pesky farmers. A five minute march is recommended.
  • Mains surround the farms on the perimeter.  By placing mains or “fighters” on the outside, holes are prevented from developing during kill events.  Unwanted guests or outlanders will be forced to port only on the outside of hive allowing for easy counter rallying.
  • Location is close to forest or wonder but not abutting it where all the action takes place during a kill event.  However, we are close enough to hit level 6 monsters periodically and send collection marches to tiles. We are often overlooked initially during kill events which allows us time to port over at start of kill events.
  • Isolation by encampments.  During kill events it is easy to place multiple rings of isolation camps from the many farms located within the hive.  Isolating the hive with encampments is of great importance since the release of rally speed research.  It will provide your alliance members extra time to change gear, discuss strategy, “taking it or not?”, reinforcing, or simply activating a shield.

Our hive architect, LeBeowulf, required each member planning to relocate with the alliance to our new hive location to send her each account name.  Once she had heard from every member she used a wall in her house to place sticky notes containing each account name and type. I also believe she color coordinated them. She then wrote the exact coordinate to port to.  These coordinates were then mailed to each member.  She is an amazing member, we are lucky to have her on our team.

Since our move we have flourished greatly with minimal burning.  It was our goal to give zero resources or kills to our enemies. We are succeeding. Our brilliantly blue, frosty hive is the second great wonder of Dahae!

(MGd) LeBeowulf Hive
(MGd) LeBeowulf Hive

Updated photo of (MGd) Hive originally designed by LeBeowulf:

Thank you LeBeowulf for your service and friendship.  You will be deeply missed…