Mega Alliances – A Better Way to Rally

You can now join a Mega Alliance in Game of War! Tired of not being able to fill rallies? Now you can join up with your friend’s alliance and fill from separate tags.

Also, Mega Alliances now gain gift level! If you’re like me, you’ll spend the first several minutes after logging in collecting Mega Alliance Gifts…

At the end of this post is an invite to a Mega Alliance. If your alliance is recruiting, leave a comment. Enjoy!

Mega Alliance Formation

Under your alliance tab, you see “Mega Alliance” tab. Here you can “Create, Join, or check Invites” to other Mega Alliances. You need rank 5 to create or join a Mega Alliance.

Mega Alliance Participation

Research is required to set rallies in the Mega Alliance. However, you can join them without it.

Several Mega Alliance research categories must be completed before you can lead a mega rally. This research continues to expand. Along with this research is continued additions of tiers of troops. Pay attention to which troops are being sent in the Mega Alliance.

If you don’t have the best troops, don’t panic, any tier of troops is better than none at all. Ask the leader if you may add your tier of troops and traps.

Typically, unless in a wonder fight, your troops, regardless of tier are welcome to join the rally.

Mega Alliances Game of War gow

Join a Mega Alliance

If you aren’t an R5, then ask your leadership if they’ve considered joining a mega alliance.  Mega alliance, while not exactly an alliance merge, it should be treated as such.  You will be fighting with another entire alliance. Some folks in that alliance may very well have been your enemy the day before haha.

It’s important that your alliance is aware of the pros and cons of joining another alliance as a mega. For leaders, I recommend creating a group of rank 3’s that is full of veterans that you trust will help weigh those pros and cons before joining a mega. This way, most of the alliance is aware of the coming changes and can give their opinion.

What you don’t want is joining a mega alliance and later discovering your mates aren’t so keen to fight with your selection.

Game of War Mega Alliance gow

Purpose of Mega Alliances

More action for all! Mega alliances make it much easier to fill rallies and find targets. I’ve enjoyed the mega alliance I joined. The action is non-stop and the rallies and results are nuts!

If you haven’t already I recommend getting plugged into a Mega Alliance. My alliance is recruiting. Contact via Line App: darkthorne or post a comment below 🙂