Game of War Starting Guide: Dragon Dimension

Hey fellow Game of War players! Are you starting Game of War or have you recently taken some time off to enjoy other endeavors in life?

Whatever the reason, welcome to Game of War: Fire Age!

For purposes of this tutorial I’ll consider everyone “starting out, but with some basic knowledge of the game. For example, Hero, VIP, building benefits, etc.

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First, I’ll focus on the Dragon Dimension.

The Dragon Dimension Portal is still free for a limited time.

What the heck is the Dragon Dimension?

Its a sort of in-game reboot. You’ll notice a portal in regular or Demigod Dimension.  You know that dimension that is completely out of control stats, buildings, and troop wise. Yes, that one.

Well, click through the portal and find yourself looking at a similar Game of War from July 2013. However, don’t assume everything is at was then.

I’ve noticed a few changes in Game of War Dragon Dimension.

Dragon Dimension Starting Guide

Game of War Starting Guide – Return Quick and Easily to Demigod Dimension!

Instant upgrade items will get you back into the war quickly! These come in a variety of gold packs.

Nearly every gold pack has them now.

These items provide instant completion of research, upgrade to core and specialized buildings.

Once, you’ve completed your desired buildings plan, hit that instant building upgrade item. You will find it under your Specials tab.

Next, find the various instant research completion items. If the tree was previously completed it will let you know.

If it is, just break the remaining items for essences and to clean up tabs and inventory. You will thank yourself later when new items appear first in the tabs. This makes finding items in the future much easier!

Ok, great job! Feel the rush of upgrading and getting close to back out there into the fold! What’s next?

Tweaking for Current War Requirements

The instant upgrade items are nice and will get you close to the required stats and setup you need to NOT be annihilated. Next, you must check for the latest “safety report”.

Keep in mind that you may have a different play style than the “cookie cutter” profile provided.

For this starting guide I won’t go into specific requirements for safety.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Testing Your Recently Updated Account For War

Once, you’re satisfied you’ve updated everything to your desired level, its time to test.

I test my guys first with a hero-less solo if they are small and just getting back into the swing of things.

If he defends that, I hit him with a hero included solo, then onto a rally if he’s setup for rally defense. If at any point he burns, we figure out why and adjust.

Its much easier to understand the “why” of failure when you can see the attackers stats and ask questions.

Once you’ve readjusted whatever is needed to defend against your tester, its time to get back to WAR!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you out on the battle field.  Please C.R.R. 😉



Special Auxiliary Buildings 150 – Attackers and Rally Leaders Strengthened

Special Buildings are now to level 150 with core buildings likely right behind them in a few days.

Special Buildings – Level 150 Benefits, Analysis, and Strategy

Game of War creators have a few things to say in their in-game blog:

Increase your Agility with Powerful Special Buildings

Warrior, uncover the power lurking within your Empire when you unlock higher Special Building Levels. Boldly elevate these buildings to the next level and wield tremendous Boosts!

  • Explorer Dungeon
  • Black Market
  • Speedup Treasury
  • Treasury
  • Banner Stand
  • Mausoleum
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Archaeology Hall
  • Gear Workshop
  • Graveyard

Sounds exciting! Let’s see what benefits and the % gain they provide us. In other words, what do these darn alphabet stats actually mean!?

Special Buildings Level 150 Benefits

First, we will look at the combat benefits of your special buildings 150 in totality, when all maxed in other words. I’ll be using my stats as a baseline.

Please note that I’m waiting to purchase Gladiator Levels until either Wonder Mania/Kill Event begins or a 3rd content drop becomes available. I’ll receive three upgrades with one pack purchase: Gladiator Levels, Special Building 150, and the next mystery drop, perhaps new troop levels.

Without further ado, here are the combat benefits and percentage increase of each.

Special Auxiliary 150 Game of War GoW

Combat Benefits

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Special or Auxiliary Buildings Level 150: Analysis Conclusions

First, the above table shows us that we gain huge health boosts for rally leaders. However, defense is rather lacking. Also, attack gains considerable boosts as well. So, those solo attacks will sting even more now.

Rally health is now at incredible heights making it much more difficult for micro traps. It’s now more difficult to kill the incoming rally’s troops.

Please take a moment to comment in the section below how you’re progressing in the game. How have these new buildings affected your game play?

Finally, if you’ve not already done so, I invite you to register for the site and enjoy full functionality and data.

Thank you and good luck!



Runes – Go Primordial! Full Statistical Analysis

This week we receive, among many other things, new runes and higher Mythical Liberator gem set levels. Currently, a pack is available “one million x level 100 Mythical Liberator gems.

Anytime I see the creators release that much of an item, I’m thinking, new gems must be around the corner, making those 100 million worthless soon. We shall see. However, let’s take a look at stats of these higher gem levels and the all new PRIMORDIAL RUNES SET.

Primordial Rune Set – Game of War

From the in-game blog:

Allow your weapons to channel ancient power and annihilate your foes by embedding all of the PRIMORDIAL RUNES and gaining these fatal boosts!

Primordial Runes Stats – Game of War

Primordial Runes Gem Set Game of War

Legion Attack 1.5 MTT%
Onslaught Attack 100 KTT%
Type Defense 6 MT%
Rally and Wonder Health 3 MTT%
Mobile Trap Health 1.5 MTT%

As mentioned previously, these numbers don’t really tell us much until we take a look at our current stats. So, I’ll list what I have now. I have these runes equipped already, but we can at least see what percentage of my total stats these runes make up.

Darkthorne’s Current Stats

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Conclusion – Primordial Runes for Micro Traps

Primordial Runes Set provides a huge boost to type defense and moderate attack. This is a perfect combination for micro trap players. The increased type defense, which is arguably the second best defense type behind Resolute Defense because of the difficult time attackers have in debuffing it, helps traps tremendously. Also, because micro traps have relatively few troops, 100 T – 500 T (T14) the added attack helps kill the incoming rally, which gains additional benefits from Rally Health/Attack.

As shown in the above chart, rally leaders gain an additional 616 MTT% troop health while in a rally. So, I’ve set rallies in the past and just sent themwithout any additional mates joining.  I simply wanted the added boosts for my troops while in rally. 🙂

Mythical Liberator Gem Set Game of WarMythical Liberator Gem – Level 100

This is fairly straightforward. I will remind you to use the “Rule of 28” when combining your gem sets. This means, do not combine your gems to the next level until you have at least 28 of each gem. When you combine them you’ll have a set of 7 (28 divided by 4 = 7). So, what i do is enter crafting section > gems > organize by special because its easier to scroll through and find MYTHICAL LIBERATORS.  If I have 21, then I can remove the 7 I have in my gear set. Next, I combine to the next level.

Finally, replace the old gem set in your “gem preset” and you are good to go!

Now let’s see what the blog has to say about these new gem set levels:

Show your enemies what you are made of. Combine your Gems and embed 7 full sets of the level 100 Mythical Liberator Gems in each piece of gear to burn your enemies with these amazing stats:

Mythical Liberator Gem Set 100 – Game of War

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A quick glance at the Elite Magma Colossus’ Fire Rune Lv 6 shows me that those attack stats are in the TT% much lower than the KTT% we see in the new Primordial. However, you do lose T% of type defense. Although, defensive player type defenses are in the MT% or a million times that of your lost type defense debuff. LOL, ok so you are good to upgrade your runes to PRIMORDIAL RUNE SET, as its relatively close to current stats in game, albeit terrible for attackers, great for defenders!

Today they released new Gladiator Levels that provide incredible new stats for attackers with Multi-Kill stat.  More on this coming  right up!

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Good luck, be safe, and HAVE FUN!

Yours truly,


Line: darkthorne

Micro Trap – RoxyRica Caps with 500 T Troops

A strange new phenomenon, “micro trap”, has created a buzz around the Game of War community.

500 T troops and stops solo’s in their tracks. Yes, that trillion.  It seems so small now doesn’t it? I believe I have over 100 KTT troops which is 1,000 x 1,000,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000,000. Its just an insane number.  A moment ago I was training troops and counted 29 zeroes out each time. Soon, we will need more room in the training field to fit in all the zeroes to train.

However, one player, RoxyRica is going the opposite direction.  She’s shrinking her army down.

Micro Trap RoxyRica Game of War

Building the Micro Trap

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As you shed players lower tiers they continue to gain stats as you unravel them, making them tougher to kill.  She’s taken this to the extreme and started with the best troops in game. Come and get some! She would like to thank (N Q ) Emaaaad for giving her the advice of dumping all her troops and going with just the good ones.

Be extra careful with low tier troops. I equate them to young, inexperienced soldiers guarding the gate while the gladiators are away in the pubs enjoying themselves.  Meanwhile, outlander gladiators come raid your stronghold, wiping out the boys with no issue until they meet your own gladiators.

This new theory is, remove the boys from the gate and place the gladiators or T14 there to greet them first and foremost.

Its a breathe of fresh air to finally get some new or at least classic strategy again in Game of War. Kudos to (N Q) for rediscovering this tactic.  As more content is dropped, keep a close eye on what stats are being thrown out at us. This will give rise to new ways of thinking about the game.  ENJOY!

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Darkthorne, take me to the registration page, I’m read to kick butt in Game of War!

RoxyRica Micro Trap