Why We Played Game of War

Why Did You Download Game of War Fire Age?

I had just received my first smart phone and received a message from a friend that I should try Game of War Fire Age.

The dude on game’s icon caught my attention. He was raging with a rebel yell and teeth ready to gnash at anyone who dared stand in his way!

The game initially took on an Age of Empires feel. I walked through the tutorial with Athena and started to look around.  Cool! I’ll work on building my empire then lay waste to all these unsuspecting empires I see about, most have a shield like me.  I’ll book mark them and wait for it to drop.

My First Attack – Hooked!

I had my first army of tier 1 or tier 2 I believe at a whopping 100,000 power or something. I sent an army to a silver tile that I really needed!

Oops, someone else is trying to reach that same tile. My screen turns red! I turn red in anticipation and nervousness, and then…

Hmm, what happened?

I check the report. All my troops are dead and my hero is gone!

Enter Mopar Lar and Runner from Dahae Dawgmen

My first impression of Mopar Lar and his son Runner was spectacular. The guy who captured my hero on a tile was hit by Runner. Before Runner reached the tile my captor pulled his troops off the tile for a mad dash to his stronghold.

Mopar Lar was already headed that way with his incredible army of tier 3! Just as my captor was reaching his stronghold Mopar Lar lit him up freeing mine and several other heroes! Wow! This guy is amazing!

I was with Mopar Lar and Runner ever since…

Mopar Lar passed away a few months back and that passing was sort of the camel’s straw to break our alliance. We’d been slowly drifting apart but I feel this event really put a period on our saga.

The next month we took his alliance to the Super Wonder and with help from Allysssa and Draco we achieved a third place finish.  Not Emperor, but not bad for a team of social players who just wanted to stick together through thick and thin.

Many stories from our time in K94 and K106 are chronicled on this website.

Many, many historic articles are published here at gameofwartips.com.

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Where Did We Go Wrong?

Perhaps a look at Game of War’s history will help us unlock how we’ve reached the current state of Game of War. Whales dropping like flies. New installs lowest they’ve ever been.

Once top of the charts with Candy Crush, Game of War now barely reaches the top 100.

Once 2 million a day in revenue now scraping by with less than $100k/day.

So, yes, I’d say something is wrong with Game of War. No joy.

Game of War Economy – Important to Player Base Retention

First, it seems once resources were added to packs many players who specialized in hyper farming and selling resources were soon pushed out of the game.

These players had a small budget. It’s not enough to purchase packs frequently. Also, their speed-ups  no longer supplied by the sale of silver and food. This wasn’t what they signed up for…

Hyperfarming on a Grand Scale

Some players set up vast farming networks of some 300 accounts or more. Each of those accounts was a download and some spending to get them to maximize production was suddenly worthless.

Players could simply purchase large amounts of resources in gold store packs from the makers of the game.

This destroyed the economic balance of Game of War Fire Age.

No longer was Game of War about helping alliance mates with resources and other needs to upgrade their empire.

Instead, alliances began seeking, “big spenders.”

The first players to leave Game of War were the “farmers.” These players who prided themselves on the best production boost gear and empires that maximized a specialized resource.

These players were also apart of a cluster of other farmers who traded resources to maximize production of all resources per day.

Impossible now to keep up with out purchasing, these players tried to hold on as long as possible, but without purchasing it was impossible to remain relevant for very long.

The joy of Game of War slipped away for these players.

So, who remained? Spenders with a larger budget were mostly who remained.

What started your Game of War journey?  Why did you play?


Return of the King

What a weekend we had in K94!  It all started Friday night… I got a pm from a fellow R4 saying “Fight for the Wonder tonight. Heads up…”  Great!  Really so soon?  We had talked about challenging the wonder but it was still in the planning stage.  However, I guess we learned that DahaeFighters were planning to take it as well.  As you may recall from previous posts. See Russians Take over. and Make Them an Offer.  There has long been a battle in K94 with DF vs. basically the entire kingdom.  Well, DF recently proposed rules for the kingdom as mentioned in “Make them an Offer” post.  This created a friendly alliance with Wonka alliance.  More on this in a moment,

The wonder opened Friday night and sure enough DF took the wonder.  Dreaded alliance battled them all night for control but neither side prevailed.  All night Friday through Saturday and into Sunday morning the battle for control of the Arid Labyrinth ensued.

Battle for Arid Labyrinth
Battle for Arid Labyrinth

However, DF continued to recapture wonder.  Sunday morning we awoke to see that DF had nearly satisfied the 6 hours it takes to complete the capturing of the wonder.  After some debate it was decided we would go to attempt to reset the wonder timer by rallying them out of it.  With Mopar Lar as rally leader we set off.  With our first attempt we prevailed in kicking DF out.

Mad Guardians - Arid Labyrinth
Mad Guardians – Arid Labyrinth
King Mopar Lar
King Mopar Lar

We prevailed at kicking DF out.  Now what?!  Are we going to try to hold this thing?  After 5 hours it looked like we might actually hold the thing.  However, Wonka player Kuwait Wulf at over 3 Billion power decides it’s time to “stop the war.”  So Wonka starts a rally.  We decide instantly we are not going to battle Wonka and DF for this thing.  Our mission was to see that DF does not capture Wonder as their practices of destroying their own kingdom, zeroing kingdom players, stealing resources and forcing many to quit should not be given the honor of controlling such a symbol of strength and power.

So before rally can hit we decide to relinquish control.

Now, DF is furious!  Their opportunity to retake the wonder was stolen by Wonka!  Their supposed ally!  So what do they do? They rally Wonka!  DF prevails as a result of a traitorous move by a Wonka player who removes his reinforcements just as rally is striking.  He then joins DF.

By this time it is well into Sunday night.  Some of our guys have been following this battle for the wonder for nearly 72 hours, myself included.  It looked as if DF would prevail.  We were satisfied however as we had successfully battle for the wonder and witnessed the powerful alliance between Wonka and DF rip apart.  We congratulated one another and I passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning I awake and log in to see some chatter in alliance chat from Mopar Lar saying Dreaded Red congratulated us for what we had done at the wonder.  Dreaded Red is the alliance leader of Dreaded Alliance. For the first several months of Dahae this King ruled Dahae with order, respect, and honor.  He was extremely powerful compared to the rest of the kingdom and could have chosen a more evil path.  However, he believes in honor and respect.

Well, it turns out Dreaded Red returned to Dahae to vanquish DF from the Arid Labyrinth.

Return of the King
Return of the King

After it was all finished, the response from DF can only be summed up simply by their current alliance profile.



One of the most interesting aspects of this wonder battle were all the relics used.   Take a look.


BongGirl aka BG the OG
BongGirl aka BG the OG