Assault Combat Research: Mythical Creatures

New Assault Combat research promises to boost your Mythical Creatures. Until now you gained boosts for Mythical Creatures mostly from your Hero skill tree.

Assault Combat Research – New Research in Game of War Fire Age

The Assault Combat research tree provides Mythical Creature Rally Size and solo increase.  Also, you enjoy a larger Mega Troop Rally Size. Troop boosts increase with this tree as well.

From the Game of War Blog

Bring Your Enemies to their Knees with Unbeatable Assault Combat Research

Warrior, let’s see what you can do! In the midst of chaos an unlikely Mythical Creature has befriended you. It’s up to you, and only you to educate them in Combat.

Max Deployment Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Rally Size: 12 B
Mythical Creature Solo Size: 1.2 B
Mega Troop Rally Size: 30 BT
Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Trap Rally Size: 15 BT
Troop Solo Size: 600 MT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack: 400 M%
Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Mythical Creature Health: 100 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Health: 10 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Beasts Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: 5 MT%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: 400 M%

Assault Research Game of War Fire Age

Super Combat Benefits

Super Combat Attack Bonus 300 MT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 40 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%

Combat Benefits

Troop Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Health Bonus 10 T^5%
Mobile Trap Health 2 T^5%
Troop Health Bonus 2 T^4%

So, many benefits with this tree. Mythical Creatures gain significant boosts. Along with this tree, we also added Super Special Building levels:

More details on the above coming soon!


Dark, what do I need to survive Game of War?

How do I survive Game of War Fire Age?

I get this question quite often. The answer is tricky. Perhaps by the end of this post you’ll be able to answer this question.

In this post, I walk you through priorities of upgrading to survive Game of War.

Surviving Game of War Fire Age

First, the in-game blog should be used as a guide. Many players have an issue reading the blog – loading issues or something. So, I’ll highlight the latest and greatest upgrades here for you.

Keep an eye on the in-game blog.  Upgrade according to the latest releases first. This priority will put you on the same page with all players.

Don’t be overwhelmed in trying to relearn everything you may have missed in your absence. Prioritize the latest releases in the blog first.

Familiarize yourself with the current level of gear, hero, troops used, runes, gems, etc.

I’ll go over many of these areas now.

Mythical Combat Research

Complete Mythical Combat Research and unlock more Mythical Creatures to do your bidding against all enemies in unstoppable marches with unbridled Boosts!

Mythical Training Grounds

Players use Mythical creatures in rallies and defense now. These monsters are found in the Mythical Training Grounds.

Mythical Creatures Game of War Fire Age

So, your first priority is to unlock, research, and train Mythical Creatures. Next, you need to boost the stats of these monsters! We now have new heroes that specifically boost Mythical Creatures. Read on friends!

Multiple Heroes – Unique Stats and Boosts

Multiple Heroes are now available in Game of War Fire Age. Its as if they have rebooted the game using a new hero with substantially fewer skill points to worry about.

Also, the skills pertain to Mythical Creatures which is the reboot of troops. Use your old hero for training, building, crafting and other economic purposes.

Your new hero is like your fighting hero. They used the same sort of method in other games such as World of Warcraft. One hero for fighting, the other for economics.

This is a welcomed addition as the old hero skill tree was out of control. Some 50,000 skill points to set. Good grief. Also, the stats are incredibly difficult to understand.

For example, “14MTTTT%”, difficult to count and compare all those T’s.

Mr. T Game of War Fire Age

“I pity the fool who tries to calculate and compare upgrades using that method, sucka.”

Recently, three new accessories were released.

Recruit a Third Hero

Diversify your battle strategy when you recruit a Third Hero to join your Ranks from the Hall of Heroes!

New Heroes for Hire!

Warrior, the more the merrier this Holiday Season! New Heroes have arrived, and they’re ready to lead your men to victory!

Customize your strategy with A THIRD HERO with unique Boosts and Skills that no other Hero has wielded before. Recruit a loyal new companion from the Hall of Heroes and together you WILL conquer Kingdoms to reign supreme.

Hall of Heroes Game of War Fire AgeBenefits of the Newest Hero in Game of War Fire Age

Third Hero Benefits Game of WarHow New Heroes Work

  1. Make sure you are at least Stronghold 15.
  2. Unlock the Hall of Heroes using an Unlock Hall of Heroes.
  3. Go to your Hero Profile and tap on “Change Hero”.
  4. Recruit new Heroes special Legendary Hero Medals.
  5. Activate your new Hero.
  6. Ge them battle ready by leveling them up with experience and customizing their specialized Skill Trees.

Additional Notes about New Heroes

A freshly unlocked hero comes with a full hero energy bar and generates energy only for the active hero.

You are unable to choose a new Hero if you current active hero is imprisoned or eliminated. Womp, Womp :(.

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Thank you to [BReW] Whiskey for their great help in this writing this article.

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VIP Prestige 977 – Game of War Fire Age

VIP in Game of War Fire Age boosts the stats of your empire, hero, monsters, and more.  It also provides utility advantages like faster construction time, march speed, resource cost reduction and more.

VIP Prestige Level 977 – Current Maximum

The main advantage of VIP 977 over previous levels is “VIP Scout Mythical Creature Troops on the Wonder”.

Other advantages include nearly 33% increase in stats for the following:

Mythical Creature Attack: +15,000%
Mythical Creature Health: +8,500%
Mythical Creature Defense: +6,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: +13,500%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus: +30KT%
 Troop, Wild, Strategic Attack Bonus: +160MT^4
Super Troop Attack Bonus: +30.5KT%
Rally Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Mobile Trap Health: +1.52BT^4%
Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts (Level 976) Open All Mega Gifts (ty!)

VIP 977, mentioned previously, is about 33% increase in Mythical Creature stats over VIP 976. But a slight increase for troop attack and health.

VIP Prestige Level 976

VIP Prestige Level 976 in Game of War Fire Age provides you with Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts.

375 and Beyond Benefits

I’ve left VIP 375 here to compare stats of VIP from just 3 months ago. You should notice insane increases in Troop Attack and Troop Health compared to 977.

The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Become a member today and support! Register Now!

Will this upgrade help you greatly? Usually VIP is not that great of an increase. However, if you fight at the Wonder or Super Wonder you will need them to be at least as strong as your opponent.

Have you ideas on how Game of War Fire Age can improve? Please visit our post on improvements for the game.