Mz Lending a Helping Hand…for real!

MZ is lending players in Game of War a helping hand. Sometimes in life we all just have to come together. Recent events in Game of War has forced Mz to issue a statement.

This past week we lost many troops due to the new releases. One hit zeroes happening daily, TT of troops lost. But MZ is here to help with relief efforts! Well kinda.. And here is the kicker.
It’s free!!!Resolute Defense

Anyone notice there resolute defense was a little higher these days?. Yep earlier this week MZ increased the def boost in the hero tree and in the prime research tree. And it’s a huge boost. It didn’t double, it didn’t even triple… it’s 4X in some cases. Why did MZ do this. It’s simple the attack was so high in the game I believe it was necessary in order to keep the game kinda balances. So let’s look at what has changed
Hero skills resolute and legion defense are now worth 24KT defense boost. Yes 24KT. That is insane.

Wanna talk about nice boost?

But, for this boost your hero will need to be 181 or higher. The next boost and the biggest is going to be the prime research tree. The resolute boost jumped from 15KT to 60KT. That’s 45KT extra resolute defense for free. And I know with all these massive burns out there I sure could use it.

Keep checking in as we will continue to put out more information that will hopefully allow us to survive these horrible attack that have threatened the land. As always it’s been a blast.

-K346 (MGd) Blind Eagle

Help Alliances

Help alliances will greatly reduce your research times and help finish Kingdom, Inferno, Solo events in a timely manner for great rewards!

Help Alliances – Game of War

hg10 -No Minimum -New Help Alliance-Asks users to push help button.  New is good sometimes because its easy to get into and don’t have to drop and return.
?aKh -500M power min 40:200:398
?tuG -500M power min 190:350:500
?A25H -200M power min 8:199:899 Continue reading “Help Alliances”

Defense Research Tree: Required for Rally Traps

Defense Research Tree: Rally Traps

Defense Tree is a must have for any serious rally trap player.  The benefits of this tree for capping heroes of rally leaders are the best bang for your buck.

Defense Tree Stats

The Defense Research Tree adds 749.85 million power at a cost of 30,000 days of speed with ~530% Research Speed (Chancellor’s Set), 25 helps, and 10% Game of War research speed boost.  Also, it costs around 6 billion wood, stone, food and 11 billion ore, and 11 billion silver.

  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Defense – 131%
  • Trap Defense – 150%
  • Troop Defense – 131%
  • Enemy Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack Debuff – 25%
  • Embassy Troop Capacity – 850,000
  • Trap Capacity – 250,000
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Health – 60%
  • Troop Health – 100%
  • Enemy Health Debuff – 20%
  • Hospital Capacity – 200%
  • Troop Attack Debuff Resistance – 20%
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Defense Debuff Resistance – 30%
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Health Debuff Resistance – 30%
  • Troop Defense Debuff Resistance – 20%
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack Debuff Resistance – 30%
  • Enemy March Speed Debuff – 100%
  • Troop Training Capacity – 80%

Defense Debuff Resistance

The key ingredients for a rally trap is Defense and Defense Debuff Resistance.  This tree provides both with significant amounts.  It provides the only Debuff Resistances of any research tree.  This plays a major role in creating the best rally trap.

Also, the specific troop defense debuff resistances provide an additional 30%.  What this means is any attacker that tries to debuff your infantry defense will only do so at 70% of their debuff percentage.  In other words, if the attacker uses a Nike set with 1000% infantry defense debuff, with this tree completed that debuff is reduced to 700% defense debuff.  This tree just saved you 300% defense to your infantry defense!

Troop Defense Debuff Resistance is also a major advantage with all the new deadly core sets.  This tree provides 20% resistance to troop defense debuff.  Again, this means that if an attacker uses Ares with 2,000% defense debuff this tree will reduce that to 1,600% saving you 400% defense!

For less than 800 million power this tree is definitely a must have for any serious trap player.  Wonder players will also seek this tree to stand any chance holding the wonder or super wonder.  Comparing this tree costs to other research tree it is relatively cheap.  It is of the old generation of trees when it didn’t take thousands of days to complete one skill.

Which research tree would you say is the best and most valuable for a trap player?







Beta Pics! 90% Research Speed High Templar Orb and more!

A special thanks to the always informative Eternal Zen for this latest pic from beta. 

Whether this makes it to live GoW or not is up to debate.  But 90% research speed would make getting through the endless release of research tree branches we’ve experienced over the past year.  

The skeptic in me yells that when they release this item they will just make future researches 90% longer… Quiet you! Ha!  (That guy is always under a rain cloud no matter how much sunshine the rest of us are enjoying.). 

Well, here’s to hoping for research timer relief!  Cheers!
But wait there’s more!


March Speed Debuff