Zero to Hero!

Whats going on in Game of War?!

In the last few weeks, Game of War has changed greatly, giving rally leads the biggest advantage the game has ever seen.

Many players suffer one shot zeroes. Losing all there troops in one blow. The trap mentality is to add more troops. So you try 1TT, nope 2TT, Nope 3TT, Ok 4TT. Screw it for once troop count won’t fix this. We need something else. So this last weekend the higher hero, SH, and research became doable to most traps.

What do I need now in Game of War?

Troops, Hero Level, and Research

Last week I nearly lost everything, even with 2TT x T3. Well, I upgraded to see the difference. I went with hero lvl 80. The bigger boost towards the bottom of the skill tree are insane.

I’m talking huge benefits in defense and in debuffs. Next, I instantly upgraded all my buildings to lvl 80 giving me a nice boost to my resolute defense. I like the results so far. Then I went for the research.

With instant T11 research, I added 9 KT resolute defense (RD). Then I started the T12 tree. Luckily resolute defense is towards the top of this tree. It’s worth 15 KT when you max it. So, with the one pack I reached lvl 4 and and added 9.2 KT RD. That was huge! But I still wasn’t happy. I knew there was more.

So, I added the soldier avatars I got from the pack and it gave another 4 KT resolute . Hmmm still not happy. So, I added the new banners and runes to give me more defense.

Please check our banner and runes list for the best set up. Or join our line trap room. My numbers still didn’t impress me. I needed more. Luckily that one pack offered me the Harbinger accessories. Each adding 3KT resolute defense! I equip them and I check my stats. Boom 101KT resolute defense. I started at 46KT. I was super excited. But still wanted just a tad more.

Game of War Trap

Gear Upgrades

Next, with that pack I decided to upgrade my gear further. I took all my gear to lvl 9. And man it was a good move. I know have 285 KT individual defense. So, I think I’m looking pretty good. I port to the wonder. A 500B march hits. Capped. 700 capped .. Then a monster comes out of no where hero 190. 900B march… Capped. I knew that I was ready.

I went from zero to hero!! In just a few hours. If you have any questions feel free to check our line room or comment here. As always it’s been a pleasure.

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-Blind Eagle