Special Auxiliary Buildings 150 – Attackers and Rally Leaders Strengthened

Special Buildings are now to level 150 with core buildings likely right behind them in a few days.

Special Buildings – Level 150 Benefits, Analysis, and Strategy

Game of War creators have a few things to say in their in-game blog:

Increase your Agility with Powerful Special Buildings

Warrior, uncover the power lurking within your Empire when you unlock higher Special Building Levels. Boldly elevate these buildings to the next level and wield tremendous Boosts!

  • Explorer Dungeon
  • Black Market
  • Speedup Treasury
  • Treasury
  • Banner Stand
  • Mausoleum
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Archaeology Hall
  • Gear Workshop
  • Graveyard

Sounds exciting! Let’s see what benefits and the % gain they provide us. In other words, what do these darn alphabet stats actually mean!?

Special Buildings Level 150 Benefits

First, we will look at the combat benefits of your special buildings 150 in totality, when all maxed in other words. I’ll be using my stats as a baseline.

Please note that I’m waiting to purchase Gladiator Levels until either Wonder Mania/Kill Event begins or a 3rd content drop becomes available. I’ll receive three upgrades with one pack purchase: Gladiator Levels, Special Building 150, and the next mystery drop, perhaps new troop levels.

Without further ado, here are the combat benefits and percentage increase of each.

Special Auxiliary 150 Game of War GoW

Combat Benefits

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Special or Auxiliary Buildings Level 150: Analysis Conclusions

First, the above table shows us that we gain huge health boosts for rally leaders. However, defense is rather lacking. Also, attack gains considerable boosts as well. So, those solo attacks will sting even more now.

Rally health is now at incredible heights making it much more difficult for micro traps. It’s now more difficult to kill the incoming rally’s troops.

Please take a moment to comment in the section below how you’re progressing in the game. How have these new buildings affected your game play?

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Thank you and good luck!