Trinity: Tier 34 Troops, 3rd Hero Level 80, and Stronghold 625!

Tier 34 Troops, 3rd Hero level 80, and Stronghold 625 have arrived. Let’s take a look.

Soar to the top with Virtuous Combat Research!

The increased stats from research is significant of course. Also, we gain additional march benefits. So, its a double whammy for trap players.T14 Ascendant Troops and traps released in Game of War

Let’s take a closer look at the stat boost from this Trinity release.

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Benefits at T34, 3rd Hero Lv 80, Stronghold 625

Max March Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Rally Size: 25 M
Mythical Creature Solo Size: 2.5 M
Mega Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Trap Rally Size: 15 MT
Troop Solo Size: 1.2 MT
Trap Solo Size: 1.2 MT

Mythical Creature Benefits

If you’re like me right now, I’m looking at all those numbers and thinking, “Ok, but how much of a boost is this?”

T14 One shot Zero game of war

Boost %
Mythical Creature Attack 12 M
Mythical Creature Defense 600 K
Mythical Creature Health 6 M
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Beast Mythical Creature Attack 4 M
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Beast Mythical Creature Defense 500 K
Immortal Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Dragon Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Beast Mythical Creature Health 2.5 M
Mythical Creature Rally Attack 6 M
Mythical Creature Rally Health 6 M

Virtuous Combat Research Research Tree Help For Trap Players

So, most of us are playing defense or filling rallies.  What will it take to be safe from these new monsters with T34 maxed?

I strongly urge players to train the highest level of Mythical Creatures.  Also, Tier 3 troops and Tier 4 have the lowest costs to train without fear of being nerfed.

These troops are too easily debuffed. Tier 4 doubles the amount of additional defense.  Tier 5 doubles it again, however, as of this morning I found them too expensive to stack substantial amounts.

I opted for T4. The additional tier stats they enjoy plus the lower cost make these troops the mathematical winner for meat.

T3 as Second Meat Shield for Hospital Fodder

That being said, once you find you are safe, its ok to add a secondary meat shield of T3 or T2 for hospital fodder.

What I mean is, even when you are victorious in your defense, some troops will suffer wounds.  By using the T3 or T2 you save on healing costs.

Currently, healing Mythical Creatures is a terrible waste. We lack the research and skills to lower healing significantly.

Wall Traps

If you have this T3 second meat shield, then place T2 or T3 traps ahead of them.  Essentially, the more layers you have to your stronghold the better. The battle mechanic theory is turn-based.  So, the more turns you can create against the incoming rally the better.  You create turns by adding layer after layer of various tiers of troops and traps.  However, traps are only effective if they are in front of the troops they are protecting.  Clear as mud right? If you have further questions about combat mechanic theory, leave a comment and I’ll extrapolate.

Troop Counts and Setup for Trap Safety

As more test reports come in, I’ll update this with proper figures. Please comment below your findings.

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