More Tier 2 Fun “Rope a Dope”

Today during our kvk kill event I ported my SH 14, 8M, T2 to a hive and also ported my main 134M T4 strat SH 21 over just out of screenshot view of the SH14. I immediately sent 200k T4 reinforcements to the SH14 and waited. It took about an hour of scouting and sending some marches out into the enemy hive to get a couple curious outlanders to attack. Below are reports of the results:





I was able to kill nearly 200k T3 without a single troop killed in my stronghold or hospital beds filled.

T2 vs. T3

Tonight I embarked on a new journey. My Strat T2/SH 14 set sail to the outlander’s kingdom. Below are reports from my first two defenses:





I was victorious in both defenses against T3/Strat T3 marches.

Prospects are looking very good! 5m points and only around 500k were needed for gold in the 4 day KvK kill event. With three days to go I imagine I’ll score quite a bit more.

I’ll post more details at the conclusion of the event.