DF vs. Dahae for Wonder – Game of War

It appears DF will once again challenge the entire kingdom of Dahae for control of wonder.

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For now we are holding with 5 hours left.


First rally against DF was mostly ranged as they reinforced with strat ranged and infantry. However, they quickly reinforced with strat cavalry to counter before rally hit. We called out to cancel but time was too short between scout report and message in alliance chat sent.


Wonder battle lesson #1: watch for wonder reinforcement swap or send even amount of troop type.

Rally 2 was full core relic March and they pulled out of wonder. We are now holding and waiting…

3 hours left… quiet… too quiet.


DF finally awakens to set rally with one hour remaining. BG the OG sets:


Versus our Hero Mopar Lar:


Result of first wonder defense:


Our reinforcements:


Several more rallies ensued from BG the OG to no avail.

Next up 1 Bloody IKA:


Result of those rally defenses:



The battle rages on:


One hero remains:



War for K98 Wonder – Game of War

MGd’s second attempt ever to take an outlander wonder.




Troops in the Wonder.



Our rally leader’s hero.  Before March he changed last accessory to legendary war drum.



K98 hero in their wonder.



Back to the drawing board. Good effort boys!

I crunched some numbers from the report.  We sent 100% strategic t4 troops.  45% of which were infantry which was the primary strength of our hero.  The wonder had more ranged than any other troop type.  Had we sent and focused more on cavalry we may have had a better shot.

Also, looking at strat vs. normal troops of defenders.  Strategic troops died at 1% higher rate than normal troops but I’m unable to conclude at what rate strategic troops killed compared to normal.  The opposing kingdom used a mix of normal t4 and strategic.  The normal T4 likely acted as a meat shield for the strategic troops.



Twins Titans appear to have captured both wonders which isn’t possible per kvk rules, however they are actually two different alliances. Look closely at the tags…

Impressive group. Good luck in the tournament k98!

Return of the King

What a weekend we had in K94!  It all started Friday night… I got a pm from a fellow R4 saying “Fight for the Wonder tonight. Heads up…”  Great!  Really so soon?  We had talked about challenging the wonder but it was still in the planning stage.  However, I guess we learned that DahaeFighters were planning to take it as well.  As you may recall from previous posts. See Russians Take over. and Make Them an Offer.  There has long been a battle in K94 with DF vs. basically the entire kingdom.  Well, DF recently proposed rules for the kingdom as mentioned in “Make them an Offer” post.  This created a friendly alliance with Wonka alliance.  More on this in a moment,

The wonder opened Friday night and sure enough DF took the wonder.  Dreaded alliance battled them all night for control but neither side prevailed.  All night Friday through Saturday and into Sunday morning the battle for control of the Arid Labyrinth ensued.

Battle for Arid Labyrinth
Battle for Arid Labyrinth

However, DF continued to recapture wonder.  Sunday morning we awoke to see that DF had nearly satisfied the 6 hours it takes to complete the capturing of the wonder.  After some debate it was decided we would go to attempt to reset the wonder timer by rallying them out of it.  With Mopar Lar as rally leader we set off.  With our first attempt we prevailed in kicking DF out.

Mad Guardians - Arid Labyrinth
Mad Guardians – Arid Labyrinth
King Mopar Lar
King Mopar Lar

We prevailed at kicking DF out.  Now what?!  Are we going to try to hold this thing?  After 5 hours it looked like we might actually hold the thing.  However, Wonka player Kuwait Wulf at over 3 Billion power decides it’s time to “stop the war.”  So Wonka starts a rally.  We decide instantly we are not going to battle Wonka and DF for this thing.  Our mission was to see that DF does not capture Wonder as their practices of destroying their own kingdom, zeroing kingdom players, stealing resources and forcing many to quit should not be given the honor of controlling such a symbol of strength and power.

So before rally can hit we decide to relinquish control.

Now, DF is furious!  Their opportunity to retake the wonder was stolen by Wonka!  Their supposed ally!  So what do they do? They rally Wonka!  DF prevails as a result of a traitorous move by a Wonka player who removes his reinforcements just as rally is striking.  He then joins DF.

By this time it is well into Sunday night.  Some of our guys have been following this battle for the wonder for nearly 72 hours, myself included.  It looked as if DF would prevail.  We were satisfied however as we had successfully battle for the wonder and witnessed the powerful alliance between Wonka and DF rip apart.  We congratulated one another and I passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning I awake and log in to see some chatter in alliance chat from Mopar Lar saying Dreaded Red congratulated us for what we had done at the wonder.  Dreaded Red is the alliance leader of Dreaded Alliance. For the first several months of Dahae this King ruled Dahae with order, respect, and honor.  He was extremely powerful compared to the rest of the kingdom and could have chosen a more evil path.  However, he believes in honor and respect.

Well, it turns out Dreaded Red returned to Dahae to vanquish DF from the Arid Labyrinth.

Return of the King
Return of the King

After it was all finished, the response from DF can only be summed up simply by their current alliance profile.



One of the most interesting aspects of this wonder battle were all the relics used.   Take a look.


BongGirl aka BG the OG
BongGirl aka BG the OG





Crafting Core Equipment Part 2

Today I went ahead and crafted my first core piece as we are attempting to hold the wonder. Figured it might come in handy if I don’t let another half full rally strike a 300m player again. Ouch!


I suppose it could have been much worse…

Anyway, here is the Ferocious Scaramax core relic I crafted using a level 6 death, mortality, strife, and a level 5 war piece.


And here we are at the wonder.