Thank you for having me!

Hello everyone!

I have been invited by Darkthorne to make an occasional post here on his site, a great honor! (I apparently have QUITE the personality in game chats!) So I just thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.

I’m HarryCubed in game, I’ve been playing since Mid April, 2014, (#94 Dahae, Alliance MGd) and have a problem with getting obsessed with these types of games. I have spreadsheets, calculating just about anything that interests me at any given time, tracking stats, etc. My wife just looks at me and shakes her head, but she’s likely happy I’m not spending the time tracking her every move on my spreadsheets.

About me:

1) I’m a severe rule follower. If we agree as an alliance that XXX is the rule, no matter how stupid I think that rule might be, I’ll follow it and try to make sure others do as well.

2) I’m incredibly sarcastic. You might think YOU’RE pretty sarcastic, but no. Not close. You’d come in 3rd in a head to head sarcasm race with me. I’m also very modest. Probably the most modest person you’ll ever meet.

3) I try to be respectful in all things I do, real life or in game. I get that people spend money, and I’m not a fan of the “cheap shot” until I’m offered no alternative. (Tiling inside the kingdom is like killing civilians. I don’t like it. Outlanders, however, everyone is fair game.) Not a fan of cursing, or overly inappropriate chat, but occasionally, in the right crowd, I can approach that “line” you shouldn’t cross and tip toe along it.

4) I like to be entertaining. I can sustain myself on LOLs in chat alone. Whether you think I’m funny, or you think it’s funny that I THINK I’m funny, a LOL is appreciated!

5) I LOVE MATH, love the math of these games, will do endless experiments just to test things out, often coming back to the game an hour or 2 later forgetting I had to finish an inferno or something….

6) I’ve learned a lot about this game, but I still feel like I know so little. If I ever post something you think you can give me info about , please don’t hesitate. I LOVE more information to add to my already extremely time consuming hobby!

I’m not sure yet what my focus of my posts will be, I’ll take recommendations from anyone, but it’s Darkthorne’s great website, so I’ll take my direction from him.

Just a note about the weekend in #94 Dahae. We currently hold both OUR wonder, and the #56 Outlander wonder. I’m not sure if that’s the first time that’s happened (Probably not), or just the first time I’ve noticed it because our alliance is now a major player in the kingdom so I’m involved with it more, but it’s still pretty cool. Most, (all but one really) of the major alliances in Dahae are now working together for a better Dahae and it’s showing up in things like the dual wonder, the teamwork between alliances when they find a big enemy unshielded, etc. I’m proud to be a part of MY alliance, MGD, but also, proud to be working with so many other great players and great alliances for a better kingdom overall.

and finally,

7) I can talk. I can talk for so long I post my message and you have to scroll back 2 pages to see what I’m responding to. I can rant. I can go off on tangents. I can type fairly fast, but not as fast as I can think of what I want to say, so I will occasionally come across as disjointed, or scattered. I’m OK with that. If you heard me talk in real life, you’d see I type just like I talk.

Hopefully, I can entertain you a bit, educate you a bit, and make Darkthorne’s site just that tiny bit better with my presence.

For those of you that know me in game, you’ll understand this best:
You’re welcome.

Author: Darkthorne

I like to play and blog about games. I play a wide range of titles on various platforms i.e. PS4, PC, iOS, XBOX. MOBA, MMORPG, F2P, CCMOBA. Game of War, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Mobile Legends, and CoD WW2. I host live streams on Twitch at and Youtube at as "DarkthorneX". Thanks for visiting!

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