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Ultimate Barbarian King

Machine Zone has released another gear set for us. Barbarian King Gear Set.

The Ultimate Barbarian King Set provides the following stats.  Brace yourselves, here comes a bunch of letters and numbers and stuff.

Ultimate Barbarian King Set Stats

Troop Attack 1.5 MTT%
Wonder and Rally Health 3 MTT%
Mobile Trap Health 1.5 MTT%
Defense Annihilation 1.5 MT%
Legion Defense Debuff 50 KT%
Unstoppable Attack 125 MT%
Troop Defense 1 MT%

Harbinger of Destruction Set Leveling Applies

Harbinger of Destruction Set Levels apply to this new Ultimate Barbarian King set. You can level it up. The in-game blog also reminds that you can improve this set to level 5 to obtain the following stats:

Level 5 Ultimate Barbarian Set Gear Stats

Troop Attack 500 KTT%
Legion Defense Debuff 25 KT%
Wonder and Rally Health 1 MTT%
Mobile Trap Health 500 KTT%

The gold packs have an assortment of ways to obtain this new set. Remember, play Game of War to your budget.  When you over spend you become bitter.  When you become bitter the game ceases to be enjoyment and rather an addiction.

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If you need help with GoW addiction and someone to help you set up a budget and plan when to spend, please contact me on Line App: darkthorne.

Have you quit or thinking of quitting Game of War?

Read one players heartfelt farewell letter to Mz and his gaming friends.

Game of War Upgrading Strategy

Game of War has changed quickly over the past months. If you are just beginning on your journey or returning from a break, you should understand the new pace of content release and adjust your purchasing strategy accordingly.

In the beginning of Game of War, few packs at all were needed to advance your stronghold. However, presently, its impossible to advance your stronghold without some kind of purchase.  Timing of that purchase is essential if you are budgeting for Game of War.

When asked by players, should I buy this pack Dark? Well, the time of day matters, also whether you have time to enjoy the benefits of that pack upgrade before something new drops.

Timing of Pack Purchasing

Everyday new packs roll out.  The creators usually release them at 5 PM PDT, 8 PM EST, Europe you’re on your own LOL.  I guess around Midnight. So, if you ask me shortly before new packs drop, then my answer is generally no.  Wait for new packs to drop and along with it new content. You have about a 50% chance that new content is coming each day now.

That being said, if you purchase the pack will you use it enough before new content drops? If you buy and can’t play for a few days, then that pack becomes basically worthless.  You will need another pack to be safe that contains the previous 3 days drops.

Does this make sense? Hit me on Line if you have questions or in the comments below.

Again, be safe, have FUN!

-Darkthorne MGd Alliance, Kingdom 346. 🙂


Good luck and stay safe.

Please leave us comments with your experience with this new set.



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10 thoughts on “Ultimate Barbarian King Gear Set – Game of War”

  1. When I put this new gear in a preset the Set Details button remains greyed out. When I equip Ultimate Barbarian King and look at the Hero Profile page my gear set leveling (5000) does not show. I am stymied

      1. All pieces are the light blue background. If you go to the Gear Workshop. The gear set leveling for Harbingers and Barbarian King set are grouped together.

        1. A friend helped me. I had one piece that was Exalted. All the rest were Ultimate. As soon as I changed the weapon to Ultimate. Set Leveling and 7 piece both showed up.

  2. Like always awesome info. Some say they know but i saw the person claiming to know to trap burn today over and over. Just glad someone with knowledge is back.

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