VIP 20! The Crown Jewel!

VIP 20 Crown Jewel

VIP 20! Where Do We Go From Here?!

The Crown Jewel has been released in Game of War and wow its a dandy!  Say goodbye to Help Alliances.  VIP 20 gives you automatic 25 helps.  Also, save thousands of gold with free gem removals.  For all details of VIP 20 see below:

Prestige VIP 20

  • Automatic Alliance Helps: +25*
  • Reduce Master’s Hammers: +50*
  • Permanent VIP*
  • Free Gem Removal*
  • Base Specialized Bonus Free Reset
  • Free Hero Resurection
  • Autocomplete VIP Quests
  • Open All – Alliance Gifts
  • Embassy Defense Bonus: +10%
  • Master Combine
  • Rally Attack Bonus: 10%
  • Use All Resources
  • Open All – All Crafting Material and Gem Chests
  • Free Equip Hero Preset
  • Combine Items to Target Level
  • Hero XP Modifier: +10%
  • Open All – Specific Chests
  • Instant Construction Speed Up: 45 min
  • Food Production: 40%
  • Wood Production: 40%
  • Stone Production: 40%
  • Ore Production: 40%
  • Silver Production: 40%
  • VIP in Profile and Chat
  • VIP Quests Bonus: +16 Quests
  • Daily Quest Bonus: +16 Quests
  • Alliance Quest Bonus: +16 Quests
  • March Speed: +30%
  • Crafting Speed: +14%
  • Autocomplete Daily Quests
  • VIP Daily Streaks Bar Unlock
  • Autocomplete Alliance Quests
  • Troop Attack Bonus: +45%
  • Troop Health Bonus: +45%
  • Troop Defense Bonus: +45%
  • Core/Relic Duration: +10%
  • Core/Relic Crafting Cost Reduction: +6.5%
  • Training Resource Cost Reduction: +6%
  • Rally March Speed: +17.5%
  • War March Speed: +17.5%
  • Enemy Troop Defense, Health, Attack Debuff: +40%
  • Research Resource Cost Reduction: +2%

VIP 20 requires 60 million VIP points to go from Prestige VIP 19 to VIP 20.

Is this it for Prestige VIP?

Well, Game of War is calling this the Crown Jewel.

VIP 20 Crown Jewel
VIP 20 Crown Jewel

I would assume that this is it…for now.  We could see a new level of VIP altogether.  SUPER DUPER PRESTIGE VIP!

Honestly, I see this happening.  It will cost 1 million gold to unlock it and 100 m gold to achieve the first level.  We know from looking at the history of Game of War that there is absolutely no end game.  A player will never say, “Wow, I finally beat Game of War and maxed out my account!  Now, I can go play Clash Royale for awhile and come back when they release the new expansion pack next year Game of War – Interstellar Space Age”

And do we honestly want this? Sure, at times they come at us with too much, too fast, but if all we ever got was one update a year that required purchase like an expansion pack, I think many of us would have become bored and quit long ago.

When you think about the time you spend in game chatting it up with friends what else are you doing with the majority of your time?  I doubt its fighting.  I bet you 50k Amazon Coins you are building, and helping fellow Alliance mates build.  So, lets take a moment to thank Machine Zone for continuing to release new content at a furious pace!

Thanks Machine Zone!

Build on friends!

If you plan to unlock this Prestige 20 and need some more packs, don’t pay iTunes $100+/pack.  Save hundreds using Amazon Coins!  When you purchase using the link provided you help keep this project alive and help me destroy my enemies!  If you are my enemy you help me donate you troop kills!

I want to hear from you.  Talk to me GOOSE! Leave me a comment below and it will send directly to my pocket which contains my iPhone.  It will buzz a little bit and catch my attention.  Make my pocket BUZZ!

Have a great day!




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4 thoughts on “VIP 20! The Crown Jewel!”

  1. The day after I get kicked from a help alliance for being trolled by fake rallies MZ offers a solution?. Nice that a 7m power help alliance fairy doesn’t need to tell a 100b to shield so their help bots get out of sync anymore.

    1. VIP 20 is very nice for the loner Billionaires out there. I think its worth the gold. Think of all the days of speed ups you would have saved it you had received 25 helps on every research you didn’t receive 25 helps on in the past?

  2. Wow. Permanent VIP. now THERE’S a value. On my sh14. That’s been in my alliance getting gifts since February, I currently have over 10k days left on active VIP. Good thing I can get this thrown in with my VIP 20. I was worried that in about 30 years or so, I might have to tap out a few “30 day VIP” tiles. Whew!

    Great job dark! Got a little fun towards the end!
    Leg Humper

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