VIP 21 March into Battle!

VIP 21

VIP 21 Adds Significant Boosts!

About a month ago I wrote about VIP 20 “The Crown Jewel”.  I asked the question, “Is this the last we seen of VIP levels?”  Well, no, no its not.  We now have VIP 21 and it is pretty amazing!

VIP Prestige 21 Rewards

  • 25% Core High Range Boost – Increase the higher potential range of the stats on Core Gear by 25%!.  This will stack with the Core High Range Boost you can gain from your Hero Skills and Level-22 Forge, which will allow you vastly increase the possible stats you can obtain from Core Gear.  There is some discrepancy as to whether this a straight 25% added to say 200% Ranged attack therefore, 225% after VIP 21, or if it boosts 25% of 200% or 250% after VIP 21.  I can’t imagine it is the latter and will update this when I’m able to craft with VIP 21 to see.  If you beat me to it let me know in the comments please!
  • Free March Preset Use – activate your March Presets for free.  If you no longer wish to receive March Preset Confirmation popups, you can now disable this feature under More > Options.
  • Reduce Master’s Hammers: +150.  This will continue to be an added benefit as we continue upgrading our buildings to a planned level of Stronghold 25 providing significant long term savings.
  • Another 5% to Troop Health, Troop Defense, and Troop Attack.  This is fairly straight forward.  Its more strength on top of the 25% Boost to Cores!
  • 10% more to Enemy Troop Health Debuff, Enemy Troop Defense Debuff, and Enemy Troop Attack Debuff.

The cost of VIP 21 is around 80 million VIP Points if you have VIP 20 already.  A pack is available if you unlock it which contains 5 million gold and 25 million VIP Points.  So, you can get 3 of those after buying the first and you are VIP 21 for $400 dollars!

If you have this unlocked and have crafted cores using it please let us know how significant of a boost it has provided you for Core sets such as Poseidon or Hades.

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  1. I had a Hades core I crafted at level 20 I took a screenshot of the stats. Subsequently crafted the Hades core at level 21. There’s a noticeable difference in available boosts

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