VIP Prestige 977 – Game of War Fire Age

VIP 375 400 Game of War

VIP in Game of War Fire Age boosts the stats of your empire, hero, monsters, and more.  It also provides utility advantages like faster construction time, march speed, resource cost reduction and more.

VIP Prestige Level 977 – Current Maximum

The main advantage of VIP 977 over previous levels is “VIP Scout Mythical Creature Troops on the Wonder”.

Other advantages include nearly 33% increase in stats for the following:

Mythical Creature Attack: +15,000%
Mythical Creature Health: +8,500%
Mythical Creature Defense: +6,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: +13,500%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus: +30KT%
 Troop, Wild, Strategic Attack Bonus: +160MT^4
Super Troop Attack Bonus: +30.5KT%
Rally Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Mobile Trap Health: +1.52BT^4%
Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts (Level 976) Open All Mega Gifts (ty!)

VIP 977, mentioned previously, is about 33% increase in Mythical Creature stats over VIP 976. But a slight increase for troop attack and health.

VIP Prestige Level 976

VIP Prestige Level 976 in Game of War Fire Age provides you with Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts.

375 and Beyond Benefits

I’ve left VIP 375 here to compare stats of VIP from just 3 months ago. You should notice insane increases in Troop Attack and Troop Health compared to 977.

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Will this upgrade help you greatly? Usually VIP is not that great of an increase. However, if you fight at the Wonder or Super Wonder you will need them to be at least as strong as your opponent.

Have you ideas on how Game of War Fire Age can improve? Please visit our post on improvements for the game.

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2 thoughts on “VIP Prestige 977 – Game of War Fire Age”

  1. F this game. They killed it and its now all about spending spending. We had GOW for almost 3 years and only had tier 4 troops. In the last 8 months we now have lvl 14 troops. All strategy has been taken away

    1. Very good point. The pace now is such that to stick to your budget, you need a second game or hobby to fall back on once you’ve used it up. Shield and forget about GoW until your budget allows you to come back. The releases are relatively cheap to obtain, but require to purchase every couple days. If you can wait a week or two, you can get everything at once in a 20 pack or so, but the next day you are required to purchase again to maintain that level.

      Its a game few can afford to play every day. I believe the intention is download Final Fantasy, Mobile Strike and GoW. Flip around each one depending on the kill event scheduled, etc. That’s my solution to maintaining a presence in GoW.

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