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REVEALED: Guide to Winning Game of War Kingdom and Inferno Events

In this article I give you a step-by-step guide to winning Game of War Events easily everyday!  Its as easy as 1-2-3. Do, Re, Me.  A, B, C. Let’s begin.

Today I decided I’d take a look at the Game of War Events to play.  The events include:

  • Kingdom Event
  • Inferno Solo Event
  • Alliance City Event
  • Alliance Event
  • Solo Event
  • World Boss Event

Win Game of War

Kingdom Event

Difficulty: Hard

Prize 1: 200,000,000 Points

Prize 2: 400,000,000 Points

Prize 3: 675,000,000 Points

Winning Game of War

How to Score Points:

Earn all the prizes in an Inferno Event!: 100,000,000 points

Increase Building Power: 5 points

Increase Dungeon Mastery Power: 10 points

Kill a Level 1 Monster: 1,000 points

Kill a Level 2 Monster: 2,500 points

Kill a Level 3 Monster: 6,250 points

Kill a Level 4 Monster: 12,500 points

Kill a Level 5 Monster: 20,000 points

Kill a Level 6 Monster: 37,500 points

Earn Points for Every 10 days(s) in Speedups Used: 1 point.

The Breakdown to Win Kingdom Event

Prize 3:

One or a combination of the following:

  • 6.75 Infernos
  • 135,000,000 Building Power
  • 67,500,000 Dungeon Mastery Power
  • 675,000 Level 1 Monsters
  • 270,000 Level 2 Monsters
  • 108,000 Level 3 Monsters
  • 54,000 Level 4 Monsters
  • 33,750 Level 5 Monsters
  • 18,000 Level 6 Monsters
  • 6,750,000,000 Days of Speed

From the looks of the above I’m going to say the 6.75 Infernos is probably our easiest path to completing the Kingdom Event.

Inferno Event

Winning Game of War

Prize 1: 1,900 points

Prize 2: 4,900 points

Prize 3: 19,900 points

How to Score Points:

Winning Game of War

Spend 1 USD cent in the Gold Store: 1 point.

Prize 1: $19.00

Prize 2: $49.00

Prize 3: $199.00

Ok, once you have spent $199.00 in the Gold Store you have successfully completed 1 Inferno.  However, you need 6.75 total Infernos completed to win the Top Prize of Kingdom Event, but you must complete the Inferno to get any points so we need 7.

So, $199 x 7 = $1393.00 to win the Kingdom Event today.

Lets avoid this Inferno, its too rich for my blood.

New Inferno Begins

Prize 1: 55,658,000

Prize 2: 135,751,000

Prize 3: 266,179,000

How to Score Points

  • Upgrade your Stronghold to Level 22: 266,179,000
  • Increase Building Power: 10 points
  • Increase Dungeon Mastery Power: 100 points
  • Increase Research Power: 5 points
  • Train Troops: 1, 2, 5, 15 points (Tier 1, 2, 3, 4)

We could just upgrade to Level 22 and be done.  Let’s take a look at the requirements:

Upgrade to Stronghold 22

Academy 21

Walls 21

Master’s Hammer: 3,000

Wood: 6,050,000,000

Stone: 5,960,000,000

Ore: 6,005,900,000

Food: 14,950,000,000

Time: 6000 days Original

Real Time: 3614 days

I need to equip my Architect Gear and Reskill to lower the time, but I’m holding heroes and unshielded.  Hmm.  Not a good time to try this.

Let’s say, we did it.  2,000 days speed ups it what it took and the above materials.  One Inferno Down.  However, I likely had to buy a pack to get the speed ups, resources, and Master’s Hammers to Upgrade to Stronghold 22.  Lets find a pack that fits.  I found one for $49.99 that has 7,000 Hammers and the days of Speed Ups we need.  However, it doesn’t have enough Resources. It will take at least two of these to get the Resources we need.

For illustration purposes lets say we knew this Inferno was coming up.  So, we bought a $199 worth of packs in the last Inferno.  We now have 2 packs worth of Speed Ups, Resources, Hammers which is plenty.  In fact its:

  • Days of Speed: 20,000
  • Resources: 40 B Food, 20 B Wood, Ore, Stone
  • Hammers: 30,000

So, we finished the last Inferno from spending 19,900 cents in the Gold Store.  We upgraded to Stronghold 22 and have completed this Inferno.  It’s just that easy… So, we have two Inferno down, five more to go.  Let’s take a look at the Solo Event while we wait for the next Inferno Event.

Solo Event

Game of War Winning

Difficult: Easy

Prize 1: 185,000

Prize 2: 300,000

Prize 3: 490,000

How to Score Points

Winning Game of War

Upgrade your Stronghold to Level 23: 350,000 points

Earn all the prizes in an Inferno Event: 200,000 points

OK, we have finished two Inferno Events so we are at 400,000 of 490,000 points.  Sweet! We are well on our way to WINNING GAME OF WAR!  Now we just need 90,000 points more!  We will need to complete one more Inferno or Upgrade to Stronghold 23.  However, Upgrading to Stronghold 23 is going to be a bit too much for this Solo Event so our better option is to get an Inferno done.

Twenty minutes remain on this Solo Event, also 20 minutes until a new Inferno comes up.  Well, our only option to win this Solo Event is to Upgrade to Stronghold 23.

Unfortunately it requires the following:

Stronghold 23 Requirements

  • Forge Lv. 22
  • Walls Lv. 22
  • Master’s Hammer 17,950
  • Wood: 9,075,000,000
  • Stone: 8,940,000,000
  • Ore: 9,008,850,000
  • Food: 22,425,000,000

We have yet to Upgrade to Forge Lv. 22 and Walls Lv. 22 because we just completed Stronghold 22.  OK. Let’s admit defeat in this “EASY” Solo and see what the next Solo Event requires.  So much planning is involved when you decide to set out to complete all the Events in Game of War.  But once you have your planning done IT’S SO EASY A CAVE MAN COULD DO IT!

I’ll be waiting 20 Minutes for this to Inferno to complete.  I’ll go ahead and publish this Guide for you all working hard to get these Events done today.  This is valuable information for winning Game of War!  Good Luck! Be Right Back!  While you wait please read other Guides on completing Inferno’s by StlDoc.

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