XxKuranxX and CoPoTo lose hero….




And Kuran loses another hero….


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6 thoughts on “XxKuranxX and CoPoTo lose hero….”

  1. I wonder how some of these legacy players like Kuran or even Dreaded feel about MZ’s change in the cost of power. What is the general attitude about that in 94? Do people like having easier access to power to level the playing field? Or is the game that much more punishing?

    1. Well, what I’ve witnessed is if cost of power is reduced then the disparity between the paying players and everybody else increases. The folks that buy their power love it because they can add power much faster now than those who slave away each day for resources and speed ups through farms and strategic playing of events. Rich get richer, poor definitely get poorer.

  2. You guys realize they lost them zeroing the guy not by mistake they knew it would happen was in those rally’s, that’s balls!! They ended up burning the guy and dropping him 1B!

    1. Yes, i was hoping someone would comment so I could further explain what was happening at the time. He was 1.8B power. The first few rallies would be total wipes. They may or may not have known this but they kept going until finally he burned and released the heroes. It was an awesome display of David vs. Goliath!

      1. The guy never got burned. He shielded. The guy who was getting rallied had monster gear on him. Looks like he was not online. He shielded as soon as he got on which was stupid anyway. He could have ported back to his kingdom unless they all are from same sever or switched his gear.

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